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    Bicycle Seat Fell Off...What Now?

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    get a new seat

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    Time to head off to the LBS to grab a new saddle. I'm not sure if you'll need to do anything about the post from the mounting, but you can ask them and they should be able to help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hastings View Post
    Diamondback Mountain Bike, not sure exactly how many years old, but I've had the thing for at least 5-8 years or so.
    Looks from the pictures to be wear & tear on that part. These things aren't made to last forever, they wear out and it sounds like that's what happened here.
    If the bike (or bike seat) is under warranty you might be able to trade it in, otherwise just buy a new seat. Unless you want to try repairing the old one, or refabricating a new part on your own. Probably a lot more straightforward to just buy a new seat.

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    just gonna have to sit on it without a seat like grandma used to do it
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    Google bike stores in your area. Unlike most things these days the majority of bike stores are just as happy to sell the part and fix it for you as sell you a new one. The toughest parts getting it there.

    P.S. Could take a while so you may want to bring a book or find a place to get lunch while ya wait. Good luck.

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    From the photos the saddle looks fine, it's part of the seat post which has failed. Replacing the seat post is really easy but it's worth taking into a bike shop first - they may have the necessary replacement parts.

    DON'T just go out and buy a new saddle - that won't help without replacing the seat post.

    Replacing a seat post and saddle takes 10mins tops - I fitted a new dropper seat post and saddle on my mountain bike about 2yrs ago, and that included routing the cabling and fitting the controls for it.

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    Arm your self with a gorilla warfare machete and go to the manufacturers HQ demanding a refund.

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    Get an it!

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    get a new bracket, or a new seat, or a new post/seat/ choice is yours on how handy you are.

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    duct tape? If it's good enough for NASA it's good enough for your bike
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    Buy a roll of Duct Tape problem fixed.

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    As a side note, seat posts come in several different diameters. The number should be stamped near the end of it...knowing the size will make finding a new one a little easier. (If I had to guess it is probably 30.9 mm - any decent bike shop should have an affordable post in this size in stock)

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    Wish I had seen this sooner.

    There is nothing wrong with your saddle (the seat). If you are otherwise happy with it then keep it. Just replace the seat post as the one you have is now broken. Seat posts come in different diameters so you'll need the right one for your bike.

    If you post a picture of your bike I can probably track down the diameter of the seat post for you. Or you can take it in to a local bike shop and have them measure it for you. Should be an easy and inexpensive fix.

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