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    Iron Juggernaut Bug?

    My 25M guild was doing Iron Juggernaut and when I was not tanking the boss I was trying to soak mines. I would talk up close and even have the green arrow light up, so I knew I was in range. But when I click on the arrow, nothing would happen. The mine would not explode. We were able to finish the encounter by having DPS soak with CDs. I was wondering if anyone has had this experience and know if it's an addon. I tried reloading UI after the first wipe but nothing changed. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Are you 100% sure that you were right-clicking the mines? I only ask because I was having the same problem as you when I was left-clicking them. I thought it was bugged at first.

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    I had the issue a few times last night, But it usually corrected itself if I shifted my position and clicked it again. It's not too big a deal if you have people willing to soak them, most classes can soak with a Cooldown, and even I could soak one without a cooldown sitting in Bear form.
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    Yeah. I guess I will try again next week. Hope it wasn't something silly like left clicking instead of right. Both should work though. Just thinking heroic we are nearly half way through in 3 hours.

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