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    Well in case it helps anyone else out, here are some basics:

    I used a Strength Flask and food. My stats worked out to be 31.74% Haste, 33.13% Mastery, 8% hit, 7.5% Expertise, 12.76% crit, and 12458 Strength. I did end up over the hit cap by half a percent and can't get lower. I used Hit=Exp>Haste>Mastery>Crit for my gearing.

    I used Lei Shen's Final Orders and Spark of Zandalar for my trinkets. I stuck with Seal of Truth the entire time.

    I had about 45 minutes to work on Endless last night. I didn't find it to be terribly hard as someone who hasn't played Ret this expansion. It seems to be far more about movement and target selection than knowing your rotation perfectly. On the waves I did it right I would have up to 20 seconds left, and when I did it wrong I sure knew!

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    Again, I'm at wave 44 atm and haven't gone back in since the first week.

    Galakras trinket is not worth it. Better is the darkmoon faire trinket and even the primordius trinket is good. You want trinkets that will proc for you every wave. Fabled Feather is okay, but Relic is definitely going to be up for every wave, and though the primordius trinket isn't great for theoretical dps you're looking at 1m by 1m fights where you have no time to get the icd down for other trinkets. You will wipe minute by minute. Imagine not having your trinket procs for wave 10 within that 20 second window where you're doing 300-500% more damage than the other times. You need consistency to push higher waves. Galakras trinket is bad because the ideal spacing of cooldowns is already made. It doesn't effect holy avenger and that's our main cd. You don't want to screw with the timings much. You want consistency. Galakras trinket will punish you greatly on minute by minute wipe scenarios. Look for trinkets with 2+ procs per minute. Relic is definitely 1 bis.

    6%hit/exp I think is all that is required here, though I would have to look again. Personally, I did not min/max to that level. STR food is way better than haste food up until VERY high levels of gear, so no question when scaled down to 463 it's better. STR gems are king. STR meta, as the legendary does not work. Use a ToT weapon that you can use the extra socket on and gem it 160 STR.

    As far as secondary goes - the normal. Haste>Mastery>Crit. The more haste you have the higher uptime on Long Arm of the Law (mandatory).

    Long Arm of the Law
    Fist of Justice
    Doesn't matter
    Unbreakable Spirit (can ds out of a bad stun more times over a long period of time)
    Holy Avenger
    LH (Possibly swapping to execution sentence when ooc after wave 9.

    Glyph of Inquisition
    Glyph of Double Jeopardy
    Burden of Guilt glyph(Harsh Words possibly)

    I consider these mandatory and unchangeable besides possibly burden of guilt - harsh words. Burden is great for chasing down and slowing the runners as you won't lose dps to use a stun. It's actually unnecessary and a dps loss to ever use a stun. Harsh Words should really only be for oh shit moments when you can't get to your target before the timer expires AND you can't use normal spells - judgement will get you to your target fast especially with laotl and burden of guilt. I use burden myself for the extra no-cost control.

    You'll be using Judgement as your primary dps spell - Seal of Truth as your seal. Double Jeopardy+Laotl+burden of Guilt+Seal of truth application (and refresh) makes Judgement your most efficient spell to use - even before considering it pierces the shields of the frontal shield mobs because it actually hits from above. You can censure a target high and then refresh censures with judgement if your control is good enough. I feel this is necessary to get to high levels of PG, though not necessarily 30.

    I've written up my CD usage on this thread already so I won't bother doing it again, but if some particular wave is giving you trouble I can say more on how to execute it effectively.

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    Few things I haven't seen mentioned.
    You can ES ~1-2 secs before shield drops on shas for an extra gcd during your burst, but as for not having procs up in the 20 sec window, specifically on 10 you can hold off on attacking the sha until ~3 secs before shield drops as the procs will far outweigh the 10-15% of its health you chipped away, but only if they'll definitely be off cd by the time the shield's about to drop - mainly why I run with relic + talisman since they're both icd. Also to reiterate what Smitus said in the other thread, pop guardian at 11-12 secs on the shield so you can get its explosion damage in.

    I prefer to run with ES as the waves LH are amazing on aren't an issue anyway, but I'd say one of the most valuable things for pg is mouseovers, judge HoW ES, they're so useful for reducing the amount of target switching going on.

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    Dice, what is your cd usage?

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    Wings 4,6,8,10
    Guardian 5,10
    Berserk 7,9
    HA 10, however on 60 I didn't even get time to switch from DP and somehow killed it.

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    Thanks for the reply. I changed from Haste gemming to Strength gemming, and my stats went from:

    30.62% haste, 32.9% mastery, 8.03% hit, 7.49% expertise, 12.73% crit, and 12291 Strength to
    21.34% haste, 34.02% mastery, 6.54% hit, 5.78% expertise, 12.51% crit, and 15971 strength.

    I did notice the loss of haste, but I also felt as if I were hitting a lot harder. I made a minor gear change to reduce my hit as well.

    I considered my trinkets, and I switched from using Lei Shen's Final Orders and Spark of Zandalar to using the Gaze of the Twins over the spark. It's not an ideal switch, but the Gaze procs about 3x per minute, and the Spark typically procs at the end of every minute and is usually up for the dead space between waves more than anything.

    Previously I've had issues with waves, 4, 7, and 9. This weekend I got about 2 hours to try a few attempts. After wiping on 9, 19, and 19 I started picking up the Berserker and throwing LH in the NE corner. I kite the orbs into the 2 Saurok on the sides, and all my judgements onto the shield mogu. I went from having the most issues with 9 to sometimes finishing with 14+ seconds left. However, 3 times now I've wiped on wave 26, and I never had issues with 6 before. I have about 10-12 seconds of HA left at the start of the wave, and I think the issue is that I'm doing too much DPS to the one mystic that he is the heal target. I throw LH at the beginning in the middle, and start attacking the one mystic, when he's almost dead I run and finish the other side, then go to clean up the adds in the center. I'm also finding myself with the vermin in the center being at high HP at the end. I'd never had any wave 6 issues before, but 3 of 4 times I've crossed 20 I've failed on 6 for some reason. I think I'm almost there, 3 of my last 4 attempts I got to 26, and I feel like I'm being held up by dumb mistakes more than anything. If I get a few hours to try this weekend I should have it.

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    What I do is DS the adds in the middle once and then they're definitely the heal target, but you can also use landsharks to get them down faster after the mystics if you need it.

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    can't believe a tank survived 4h51'! just insane and priceless but impressive! i'll give it another shot when i drop down to 100th ^^

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    I just wanted to ask if these stats are good enough to get to wave 30. I main holy and have pretty bad ret gear. These stats are without flask or food but with inq up in proving grounds. My trinkets are Lei shen and brutal talisman of the shado pan. Any advice?

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    Dice, thanks for the advice there. One DS in the group of adds on wave 6 was all that I needed to get them to be the heal target. I didn't find the Landsharks to be necessary. I also would agree that mouseover macros were a big help. It took me a little bit to get it working right, but it did make a few waves a lot easier. I managed to get to 34 over the weekend on my 2nd attempt and I'm happy with that.

    Wuchie my stats were listed above. You seem to be closer to my stats when I was going for haste, but you have a lot less strength either way. It's not really about gear since it's scaled, but if you are wearing some non-ret gear I think that you'll find the penalty is noticeable. Even some 463 ret gear should be fine. It's more about itemization than iLevel. I too had never played Ret this expansion and didn't have great gear, but once scaled it worked out to be very similar to everyone else that I saw.

    Lei Shen's Final Orders is a good trinket and one that I used. The CD is short enough that it's up pretty much every wave. However the Brutal Talisman is not going to proc every wave for you, and you might want to look for something with a shorter CD if possible.

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    thx for the advice, i just noticed on wave 20 i have to get a lucky chain of crits or i wont get the sha down. Using gaok 31 sec left and AW+HA 21 secs left. Going to try gem a bit more strength to see if that helps.

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    you can use the darkmoon buff to help you there it stays in proving grounds! (up to 10% damage for free)
    and you don't need to go for 7.5% hit and exp, 6% is enough! i was able to get 35.3%haste, 12% crit, 33.5%mastery and 12997 strenght and 104% damage with what i came trought wave 49 so easily the first try
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