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    Anyone else get crap stats from eternal burden?

    So I took an Albatross up to the Ordos temple and grabbed up the chest with the gauranteed Eternal Burden token and used it on my head piece, which was my lowest ilevel item (a heroic scenario cloth helm) and I ended up with a Helmet with +int, +stamina and +Mastery but no secondary stat which actually made it do slightly worse than the 524 helm I had on. I felt like I got boned. I had to shave a lot of haste/crit off my character to get the hit back that I lost on the 524 helm.

    Has anyone else had an item from eternal burden that had crappy stats on it? I think that if I am going to grind for 50,000 tokens then this Burden shouldn't short change me on stats randomly. I understand 496 gear being potentially crappy with 1 stat but those are easy to get.

    That, and the damned albatross needs to be untargetable once you are riding it to keep people from griefing you for shits and giggles.

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    I've had a few that were really nice on my alts (just timeless) and a few that kinda sucked...and a really bad tanking one of solid 1k parry on my main for his offspec that used a Burden.

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    It just sits wrong with me to work at getting 50,000 seals and having to roll the dice everytime I expend those seals and coming up craps. Its suppose to replace valor gear but at least with valor gear I knew the rewards for my efforts would be worth the grind.

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