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    Minimum gear for SoO


    I was curious on what you guys think would be the minimum ilvl requirement to progress in SoO?

    Most of our rooster, just rerolled, and we only have 2 or 3 people with ilvl around 540. Most of us are around 505-515.
    And we are having trouble meeting the DPS requirements.

    Is it feasible to progress with an raid average of about 520?

    The tanks are only at about 510ilvl (still with some blues)
    Healers are about 512.

    We are not "scrubs" but also far away from hardcore raiders (6/13 heroic ToT before nerf, and rerolls)

    Yesterday we downed Immersus (second try)
    But got stuck on Protectors (tank damage, and adds DPS was what got us)

    Switched to flex, killed first 2 bosses. Got stuck on Norushen. Us tanks were having huge problems surviving in our special phase (me as warrior with 509 ilvl especially) our protpally did a little better with his selfhealing. But still.
    We where flexing with 13 people.

    Any tips at all is helpfull - Unless "Clear ToT" we are already doing that.

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    Right first of all.
    Tanks do NOT enter special phase at all during flex, it's a waste.

    flex is tuned at roughly 515-522 ilevel(ROUGHLY)
    Normal is tuned at maybe 530ish(Not sure)

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    would say it's lower than that.
    More like 502 for flex, for the first wing. Won't be stomping through it, but a normal progressing raid then.
    We first go into normal on sunday, so don't know that for sure, but unless it's a lot harder than flexi asume 520 is a fine lvl to enter that. Would be strange to require full upgrades/gear from previous raid for the first bosses in the new.

    You really shouldn't take a lot of damage from the tank-phase. Is an interrupt, and a sidestep. Just manage them and you barely take any damage at all. I died first time when i entered there, from standing in the aoe, and then panicking, running the moment i saw his next ability, not being able to interrupt it when i found out what it was. That killed me. It was very pretty XD
    After that i tried with interrupt/sidestepping, and hardly took any damage. You should be more than capable of dealing with that at your ilvl. Just takes a bit of practise, since it's rather unforgiving to fucking up.
    Or do as kharil suggested and don't enter at all, if it gives too much trouble.
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    Well for narushen there are basically two abilities that hurt a lot. On is that frontal cone attack (smash something) and other is that interuptable one (make sure to be able to determine which one is interuptable and which arent). The two that left are basically soak, use a cd if needed. Of course you can run out of that circular ground effect, but I found it to not be doing that much damage and I wasn't loosing focus on interrupting. Thou my ilevel is higher, but I doubt that it has that much impact on surviving that tank trial.

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    Skill matters a lot. Good players will clear first wing in ilvl 515, bad raiders will need some more time in ilvl 530.

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    I'm at iLevel 531 because my belt is still 496, but I felt after doing the first four bosses, that the first 6 or so bosses on Normal can easily be done in a 520+ team, although on Nuroshen you might hit the berserk timer, as our DeadlyBossMods added two minutes to the timer, so it was a shock to us when we just wiped randomly.

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    That's from Normal mode PoV (didn't do flex)
    In Normal Nuroshen is a DPS race brickwall with his tight enrage. I'd say 522 ilv more or less is minimum for most people. If you have high ilv DPS you need to purify them quick and stick them to the boss for max DPS.
    As for tanks - all bosses in SoO hit quite hard, even Imerseus. Nuroshen required from me constant CD useage, and I'm 538 ilv brewmaster. Nothing I couldn't do with 15-20ilvs less I think, but still a lot od dmg...

    As for the tank trial. With such low gear - you must interrupt Hurl Corruption - it'll wreck you otherwise (DBM yells "DESTRUCTION!" at you)
    You must avoid Titanic Smash and Burst of Corruption at all cost. And there's not much for Piercing Corruption, you just have to survive it (prolly CD/Active mitigate it).
    I'm not sure what healing attacks you have as a warrior (except for 2nd wind) - but this trial do require some good selfheal - so take any talent that will benefit selfheals the most. And just survive it - this is just a thing you have to learn.

    In normal realm tank swap at 4 stacks, more will prolly kill you.

    As for protectors.. I dunno we 2 shot it on our first try, first wipe was mostly because of me who was failing at avoiding He's Gouge and then picking him up :P But when I passed calling out timers to someone else there were no problems to down them. Actually easier than explaining the tacts o-O'
    Bosses don't hit that hard there (I felt Imerseus hit harder), just have 1 tank on Rook, 1 on He, separate them. Have He's tank to kite him whenever he casts his poison puddle on the floor, and to turn his back on He whenever he casts gauge (to not get incapitated). Use minor CDs for Instant poison.
    Rook tanking is easier - just face him away from the raid.
    Your healers need to be quick to dispel!! If they let the debuff spread on the raid, it's a wipe most likely. They have 3 secs to dispell it or it starts to get nasty.
    DPS just spread out and move out of shit.

    Go with Rook>He>Sun order for Desperate Measures.
    Rook's Measures:
    We did it with Rook's tank picking up Gloom, and He's tank picking up Misery (along He) and slowly kiting them around to not get wrecked. If they start to hit too hard just CD or big CD it.
    Go with Sorrow>Gloom>Misery
    Stack on Inferno Strike cast by Sorrow (that's why you kill it first). After that just finish the rest.
    Fir He's measures we just passed the debuff to He's tank straight away and let him (me) tank it untill it's dead. Save minor CD for when the add starts hitting hard.
    For Sun's measures.. Just stack under bubble and AoE.. We didn't have problems with Rook during that time (though adds did die very fast)

    Make sure they all die together and loot..

    If you get wrecked on this fight I'd look into your playstyle more than gear at the start though. They don't do anything super damaging or unpredictable, work on better CD rotation.
    Or your healers that just need to up their game..
    Or DPS that needs to learn to avoid shit..

    But protectors is more of a human error fight than a true gear check.. Nuroshen is a gear check >.>'
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