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    Resto Raid Frames

    Hey guys I Just switched from boomkin to resto for my guild....Now I am using Grid2...and looking for a good profile string or something I could just use...Could also use this thread for other resto druids setups..cause I havnt seen to many..or any good ones streaming
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    every healer is going to tell you something different because it very personal what you do and do not like. In mu opinion the vohdo addon is the best healing raid frames set up out there. It is completely customizable, has enough key/mouse click combinations for every spell you need, tells you debuffs you need to be aware of, you can also personalize debuffs you want to look at as well, keeps track of your hots and how many ticks you have left on them, has a tank frame where you can set your tanks apart from the rest of your raid, has a automatic buff button you can click to give MOW to someone who was rezed, and you can save multiple profiles that you can switch between in case you want to have different set ups for different fights.

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    While Vuhdo is the best raid frames addon for druids out there, Grid can be customized to be just as good. It's a lot more work but you can have everything there as well.

    What exactly you want to see at which position is entirely personal preferrence. Generally you want to see all your hots, raid markers, defensive CDs and important/dispellable debuffs. Additional helpful things include an absorb display, incoming heals, other hots, positional information, AoE healing target advice, role etc.

    Just put in what you want/need and make sure it doesn't clutter your screen too much.

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