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    Tiny... for some odd reason I cannot use him.
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    Absolutely, I can't play for Titan

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    can somone tell me about dota

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    I dont like Meepo and I tried playing as Dark Seer but I literally lost almost every game. It felt like he was underpowered or I had a wrong build idk. But dark seer was fun to play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by khalilinfo7 View Post
    can somone tell me about dota
    It's a BaaaaAaaaad game

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    17% winrate out of 15 matches with Arc Warden.

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    worst - probably earth spirit.... and I never played meepo.

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    Meepo. Hard to control

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    Arc warden, io or earth spirit are my worst
    Not sure why I’m bad at aw even thou I do fairly well as Meepo or other hero’s that you have micro manage other units

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    Meepo is just an APM, micro monster, it's a bit too much for me

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    my wrost hero is kkr

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zuenna View Post
    Meepo is just an APM, micro monster, it's a bit too much for me
    I know what you mean, but even so you can still do a decent job with him if u focus on the right items. For me one of the hardest ever is invoker. It has the most potential out of all the heroes but is so brutally hard to play for me.

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    actually i dnt like even amrish puri

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    Somehow it's Antimage... I feel like I play him well but I'm 0-12 with him or something like that.

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