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  • Seasons of War (Original)

    46 10.24%
  • The Dark Portal (Burning Crusade)

    43 9.58%
  • Arthas, My Son (Wrath of the Lich King)

    286 63.70%
  • Xaxas (Cataclysm)

    37 8.24%
  • Why do we Fight (Mists of Pandaria)

    37 8.24%
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    Wrath > Cata >>>> MoP > BC > Vanilla

    MoP, BC and Vanilla cinematics are pretty close together for me. Vanilla was just a showcase of a couple of iconic (mostly through that video :P) classes/races, Illidan's Cinematic was nice because I recognized a few characters in it, and MoP was nice because of the Pandaren Monk and Ally/Horde team up slapstick.

    But nothing sent chills down my spine like the moment when Arthas created Sindragosa or Deathwing took off and started searing the planet. They are pretty close actually, but because my WotlK nostalgia is bigger than the Cata one I give the WotlK one the preference.

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    The simplicity of the Wrath trailer was brilliant. The music was probably what did it for me. I remember chills going down my spine when you saw Arthas' foot, and the haunting boy's voice in the background.

    Though, I might be a bit biased. It was the first WoW cinematic I watched actually in-game. Ooohh, memories! xD
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    Original > Bc > Wotlk > Mist >Cata.
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    For me it's

    Vanilla > Wrath > BC > MOP > Cata

    Since dwarves are my favorite wow race, the part where the dwarf shows up in the Vanilla cinematic is my favorite part of all wow cinematics! xD The rest of the Vanilla cinematic is pretty awesome too (especially the initial speech)

    Wrath cinematic is awesome, but honestly I hate the part where Sindragosa shows up, and just roars everywhere. It just sounds like a such a cliché... (big bad dragon threatening to kill everyone typical thingy)

    This is probably why I dislike Cata cinematic too, because of the big dragon cliché and because of Deathwing's lame deep voice, though the part where you hear Stormwind's theme is pretty sweet

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    Cataclysm one,absolutely no doubt if you ask me.WOTLK was a great introduction to the expansion and its brilliantly done, there isn't really anything there so special,or something that would "give me chills" imho.A pity though Cata didn't live up to its cinematic.
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    I feel as though they got better as they went on, but I also like the ones that showcase races and classes.
    So mine would be:

    1. Original
    2. MoP
    3. Cata
    4. WotLK
    5. TBC

    Original is still favorite, MoP, WotLK and Cata are all pretty close. TBC pulling up the rear because I just hate that Blood Elf Mana Wyrm Sequence. It's too long.:\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ansatsuken View Post
    The Wrathgate is a cutscene, not a cinematic.

    You should be more careful about using the proper terminology if you're going to criticize someone else for doing the same thing. Food for thought.
    Actually it's still technically a cinematic. All cut-scenes are cinematics but not all cinematics are cut-scenes.

    On Topic:

    My order: Wrath>BC>MOP>Cata>Classic

    Title should read "Greatest Opening Cinematic in WoW"
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    Definitely the cutscene after you press the button after Immerseus. So exciting!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darksoldierr View Post
    The music in Wrath cinematic makes it the best easilly.

    ^^ So much this!

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    Wrath, nothing come even close to that, it's so much artistic depth inside it. Music similar to w3 tft when arthas put crown of ner'zhul, irony between what Terenas say and what happen on the screen... It's just simply best blizz cinematic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valyrian Stormclaw View Post
    Which do you think is the absolute greatest, most awesome, truly mind-boggling World of Warcraft Cinematic of all time?

    Original Cinematic: Seasons of War -
    The Burning Crusade: The Dark Portal -
    Wrath of the Lich King: Arthas, My Son -
    Cataclsym: Xaxas -
    Mists of Pandaria: Why do we Fight -
    1. Wrath
    2. Mists of Pandaria
    3. As sad as it is..I watched the cinimatic at blizzcon so.. cataclysm(it was awsome ;P)
    4.Seasons of War.
    5. Burning Crusade.

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    Mists one was incredibly cliche and stupid to me. I don't like it at all.

    Obviously end of LK cinematic was greatest.

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    I just gotta go with the Wrath of the Lich King cinematic. It gives me chills even to this day.

    Then Cataclysm. You can say what you want about the expansion, but I think the cinematic was amazing.

    Then MoP. Interesting, but it felt a bit.. stagnant?

    Then TBC. It's a lot like classic WoW's cinematic, where a lot is shown, but nothing important actually happens. Illidan elevated it above classic.

    Classic. Same as TBC, but at least TBC had something worthwhile at the end.
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    My obvious preference is Wrath - Vanilla - TBC - Cata - MoP. But what's interesting to me, upon rewatching them all, is how the cinematics do such a good job at summing up their respective expansions, for better or worse.

    Vanilla: No real central story, but huge scope, lots of conflict, and pretty environments.
    TBC: Like Vanilla but refined, with two new races, and a blink-or-you-miss-it appearance by Illidan.
    Wrath: gorgeous to look at, story filled, and Arthas is front and central through it all.
    Cata: Big, loud, and dumb.
    MoP: Long but pointless Horde/Alliance fight, comic tone, lack of narrative pull, and full of asian cliches.

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    Wrath of the Lich King sucked, it missed a huge opportunity to maybe get a flashback to that promised cinematic confrontation between Arthas and Illidan which they didn't have time to complete in WC3.

    Everyone went apeshit over it because it made allusions between the abuse of power of the LK and what his father taught him, which was pretty piss poor writing, as we already knew what Arthas had done and that he abused his power to no end and killed his own father.
    Half the cinematic we stared at a freaking dragon coming out of the ice.

    Pandaria could have been legendary if they hadn't introduced the whole kung fu bullshit scene.

    Cataclysm was cool but fell short in its climax.

    BC was cool.

    Season of War forever remains best.

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    WotLK >>>>>>>>>>> Vanilla > TBC > MoP > Cata.

    There's nothing that vested my interested in the game more than the WotLK expansion, and I think it's the cinematic and thematic feel that really kicked off that overly-delighted wonder. It wasn't the first cinematic I'd seen for the game, but it was definitely my number-one. I'm starting to wonder if Blizz can ever truly recapture my interest in the series quite like that installment did.

    Everything else pretty much falls in line from there. Vanilla cinematic was the first I'd seen, and by the gods, it was the badass dwarf that convinced me to want to play the game in the first place. This was around mid-TBC, so I quickly followed up with that cinematic and felt even more impressed by the tone of that expansion.

    Cata was just... meh. Overall it just felt very bland and generic. MoP was just that little bit better by being the prettiest cinematic to look at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by I make people mad View Post
    What is this? This isn't even a competition I pick Arthas :P
    Arthas 4ver so doubt !!!

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    Arthas, My Son (Wrath of the Lich King) best cinematic for the best expansion (so far atleast )
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    Pandaria could have been the best, if they did not make it so much of a "comedy" tbh, but i vote for Arthas one
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