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    [A] Trial and Error - Reroll Guild

    Trial and Error is a social reroll based upon the ideas of founding new friendships, giving players a new home, and creating wonderful memories during our adventures. The idea for this reroll is to start a new character from scratch and as a community hit level 90 to do current and future content. There will be no level caps or race restrictions for this reroll. We want everyone to level at their own pace, and enjoy the leveling process, rather than dreading it as a "grind”.

    This guild is being built from scratch. At this point we are starting recruitment to get a good feel for how many members will be rolling with us. We are willing to accept any form of player, from casual to pvper to the most hardcore of raiders. While we are willing to accept any player, we encourage every member to devote time and effort into making this an amazing guild and overall pleasing experience.

    Information & Details:
    Guild Name: Trial and Error
    Faction: Alliance
    Realm: Sargeras
    Website: Trial-and-Error.us
    Projected Start Date: To Be Determined

    Raiding Information
    Our goal is to do 10-man raiding. Depending on how many members we get, we may be running two 10-man groups. Aside from 10-man raiding, we will also be doing flex raids as well, to ensure that everyone in the guild who wants to raid will have the chance to raid. Our projected raid times are expected to be 8:30-11:30pm CST.

    Rules and Regulations:
    The character you plan on playing must not be leveled prior to the start date & time. You are encouraged to create your character ahead of time and place it the guild prior to the reroll date.

    Character transfers will only be allowed for bringing over BoA/Gold. Out side of those parameters we will not allow any transfers prior to a sizable amount of members hitting 90. The focus of the guild is to REROLL!

    We will not allow any Death Knights in the guild until someone from the reroll group has hit level 55.

    We are allowing members to level to 20, but please do not go past level 20! If you go past level 20 you will be asked to delete and remake your character! We are doing this to allow the members to become active in guild-chat, mumble, and on the website. As well as work on your professions and any other ordeals.

    How do I sign up?
    To apply for the reroll, please send in an application at Trial-and-Error.us. All contact will be done via the guild site. We will send out a mass message to all guild members on the site regarding reroll date, time, and other information.

    What if I want to be an Officer?
    We will be looking to recruit several people to hold these positions. The number of officers/raid leaders needed will depend on the amount of interest in the guild. Once we have things running more smoothly there will be an officer/raid leader application available for anyone interested in taking on the role(s).

    If you have any questions or concerns please send a pm to Breaks or Siegfried on the guild website

    From the Leadership of Trial and Error we appreciate your interest and hope to see you in-game!

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    good luck to you guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ech0 View Post
    good luck to you guys!
    Many thanks kind sir or madam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TAE-Siegfried View Post
    Many thanks kind sir or madam!
    Quite welcome Sir Siegfried!

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    Come one and all, there are good times to be had!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrexis View Post
    Come one and all, there are good times to be had!
    For sure my friend!

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    Hello there guildmates!

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    Starting tomorrow at 5pm Server!

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    Starting today at 5pm server (cst)!!!! Starting today at 5pm server (cst)!!!! Starting today at 5pm server (cst)!!!!

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    We have rolled out! You may contact Siegfried or Breaks in-game or on the forums!

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    There has been an great turnout thus far, hoping for some new members today too!

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    Reroll has been great thus far! Could always use more members though!

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    Still recruiting guys n gals!

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