View Poll Results: Race you can't play as (say gender if gender specific )

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  • Orc

    51 32.08%
  • Troll

    41 25.79%
  • Tauren

    42 26.42%
  • Forsaken

    36 22.64%
  • Goblin

    49 30.82%
  • Blood elf

    24 15.09%
  • Pandaren

    41 25.79%
  • Human

    31 19.50%
  • Night elf

    30 18.87%
  • Dwarf

    53 33.33%
  • Gnome

    76 47.80%
  • Draenei

    38 23.90%
  • Worgen

    44 27.67%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Male everything with the exception of Tauren. I play females of every race - some have less "good" options than others but all are playable just fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    dwarf female. they look ugly and their voices are even worse.
    I like Dwarf females. I just have a hard time focusing on their faces if my camera's on that side during a running animation.
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    Female worgen, they look like rabid chihuahuas.

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    Blood Elf females because their voice is extremely obnoxious and they're overplayed

    Worgen Females because they're ugly and obnoxious
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    Tauren, Dwarf or Worgen female.

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    Male and Female Humans: Two reasons, firstly they're models really show their age making them almost not fit into the newer game areas. Secoundly I'm a human in real life and would never consider playing one in a fantasy enviroment, kinda defeats the pourpose.

    Male and Female Dwarves: They aren't that bad, but i personally wouldn't play them for the same reason i wouldn't play Gnomes. They are too similar to humans. These two races are pulled in some cases from popular mythology and culture and i'd rather play races that are blizzards creation rather then things pulled from real life mythology.

    Night Elf Males: Awkward casting animations and they "waddle" when they run (run like they have a stick up their butt).

    Male and Female Gnomes: See Dwarves.

    Draenei Male: Ugh, i don't like them, to top it off they waddle when they run

    Worgen Female: The injustice that is the alpha to beta build change to their models is enough, their heads are too small for their bodies and their sniff spam just frusterates the crap out of me (males sniff spam as well but they have other redeeming factors).


    Orc Males: Overdone with everyone, outdated models but their casting animations are a redeeming factor. Somewhat.

    Male and Female Blood Elves: Males because they waddle when they run and they are overplayed. Females because they are overdone and overplayed and alot of the most arrogant people in game play female blood elf.

    Male and Female Goblins: I just hate their culture and outlook, their animations and models aren't that bad in general.

    Pandaren Males: They waddle AND bounce when they run. They are a tad too fat. Female Pandaren are what you do right to implement a fat player race, males are not.

    And female pandaren are my favorite race/gender combination.
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    I would like to say Orcs and Night elves for both genders, but I do actually have one orc male and two nelf females among my many alts, so... ok, orc female and nelf male, just can't stand the aesthetics of either. Don't particularly like UD female or worgens (both), either, but I don't completely refuse to play them, just don't have them as number one choice (alliance druids are a nightmare for me to choose a race for, urgh - only positive is I don't have to see them much).

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    Damn how people can don't like female draenei voice..That russian accent is so awseome imo Better one is only Tyrande voice.

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    I refuse to play anything but female dwarf Characters. Across China/Taiwan/US servers I have well over 15 characters at mixed max levels (when it was relevant).

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    The number one spot is shared between Dwarf and Tauren female. They both gross me out an equal amount. I actually did level a dwarf female DK to 85 once but that turned out to be a big waste of money as a forced myself to do a race change later down the line.

    I don't particularly like worgens either; I feel that they don't do it for me with any class combination and I want to play more races similar to the human physic.
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    Troll female is entirely unplayable to me. Can't stand them or how they look or their animations.

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    I cant play the short races.
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    worgen - some weird animations (looks sloppy)
    draenei (male) - feels like pumped-up-anabolic-too-big-to-move-arms-while-running
    trolls - god i never liked em...

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    I can't play those creatures with a rubber tail, and goat feet.

    I also can't play Goblins, they run with their arms all flailing and shit; looks hideous.

    My favorite races are Gnomes and Blood Elves.

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    There is no way in hell I could stand playing any of these races, any gender. They are just ugly and uninteresting, not what I am looking for in a fantasy game.

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    Tauren, Goblins, Gnomes

    Really only due to their sizes. Tauren are too big, goblins and gnomes way too small. The regular sized Races I really don't have a problem with.
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    Goblin, Gnome, Orc, Pandaren - both genders.
    Worgen - female (because I don't like rabid chihauas).
    Night elf - male (because they look like apes, and their selection of faces doesn't help them much).
    Human - male (same as night elf, though I did manage to find an acceptable face)
    Tauren - male (I hate their scratching idle animation, it annoyed me the first time I saw it, so I changed my only Horde character to a tauren female since they look much better).
    Draenei - male (they're not bad, it's just something about their walking that annoys me).

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    Forsaken... Anything. I generally dislike the race (especially their leader,) and the protruding cartoony bones and spikey fingers and toes just ruin their armor. They look especially terrible in plate.

    I also don't care too much for the blobby/short races (Gnomes, Goblins, Pandaren...) Armor detail just gets lost on them.
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    Gnome. I used to have a gnome mage and lock and changed them both to human. I found myself constantly keeping the camera zoomed in and I just had the strange urge to keyboard turn, lol. I can't do it. The movements are too subtle I think.

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