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    Druid or rogue - Wpvp and ganking

    I am also Factoring in balance since all specs get prowl and being nelf, shadow meld too.

    I don't have much experience with either of them so good defensive and escape capabilities is quite useful for me.

    Last I really actually played rogue in cata just using a shadow dance /ambush spam macro. Also then I played feral as well and enjoyed it but not sure if they are still awesome in mop.

    Balance, have almost no experience but I know what it feels like to get hit by 300k star surges.

    Also heard that pvp gear is useless in world zones is this true? Should I just grind lfr for gear.

    Both classes are cool though don't mind either...
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    rogue, has more lockdown abilities, has 2 guaranteed escapes (vanish and prep) and is OP in high end pve gear. The class is less mobile tho.

    druid: balance is shit to gank with, ganking is mostly 1v1 and balance are one of the worst 1v1'ers.
    feral has amazing dmg and offheals, you also have a higher chance of chasing down people who run away, which is harder for rogue.

    TBH if you want to gank people and make them be like dafuq happened, I'd go rogue, for more diversity go druid.

    PvP gear is better than LFR gear, PvE gear only gets better at ~540 ilvl (LFR is 528).

    Good luck killing dem pve nubs!

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