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    No, hunter pets are melee only. Locks can have a ranged pet or even none at all, but I think a melee pet is their highest damage option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ibbi View Post
    All melee classes require running around more often than ranged, so they don't count for "most laid back". Hunters, warlocks, and balance druids require more attention because of their complicated rotations.

    I'd say shadow priest, ele shaman or mage.
    what he said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    Only class in the game mobility wise to mechanics and maintaing dps is a hunter.

    You can't say ANY other class can do that. All other classes while moving is a dps loss 'cause their movement spell casts are always weaker moves.

    You also can't say any melee do, either because if the boss goes up in the air ect, they lose their "perfect" rotation.

    Hunters don't lose anything. LITERALLY.

    Wait, now that I think about it. Unless their pets attack from the ground (which I think they actually do) then they'd lose that.
    Pets don't attack from the ground plus pets can be pretty buggy. My pet constantly despawns on Immerseus.

    Hunters are also shitty multi-doters compared to every other ranged class.

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    I would say Hunter but they also aren't very flashy or exciting to play. Maybe that's just me being bored after 5+ years of being a hunter.

    If you want mobility and some excitement plus the ability to play a melee spec or a healer if you really want to down the track then your best bet is Elemental Shaman.

    Great DPS, can throw heals. Exciting cooldowns. Flashy animations shooting lightning from your hands.

    Pet AI can be a pain in the arse on Hunters, no self heals too. Boring animations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcindauh View Post
    Pets don't attack from the ground plus pets can be pretty buggy. My pet constantly despawns on Immerseus.

    Hunters are also shitty multi-doters compared to every other ranged class.
    Yes but hunter AoE is retardedly high if you're above the 2-3 mob range, and most multidots hit like marshmallows anyway.

    I think BM is overcomplicated (but I play it anyway). Probably one of those specs that I don't much like would be the ideal "laid back" DPS, like survival, or Destro, or Ele, or Arcane, etc.

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    Ele Shaman, spamming lightning bolt for 200k dps, reminds me of Arcane Mage days in Wrath all over again.

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    ele or hunter

    lol the one guy saying arcane mage...arcane in its purest form is easy as shit.....if you wanna sit at 0 mana n look retarded doing 0 dps lol
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    Wrath-era Arcane mage:

    But seriously, from my (limited) time in MoP, for ez dps you want hunter or mage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorkin View Post
    The Max DPS site is showing shadow priests at the bottom for all tiers of raiding. Are they that bad nowadays? Lock are around middle of the pack, hunters in SV and BM are looking good, and surprisingly frost mages are at the top? When did this happen?
    The Max dps site hasn't been accurate since like... 2.0
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    If you want "laid-back" Dps, you should roll a Melee class, since every melee is easier to play in a raid than any range (tunnel boss trololol).

    If you WANT to go range, stick to Mage, Hunter or Ele Shammy. Mages have 3 generally easy specs. Hunter have 2 faceroll specs and 1 that requires some attention (MM). Ele is very faceroll (although it requires 100% uptime from your end. If you see a bad Ele Shammy, it's 99% of the time because he's not spamming his buttons hard enough - aka downtime/delayed casts). All 3 have very good Dps while moving.

    Whoever told you to go Shadow Priest or Warlock, are clueless. Although every class is easy on single target, SPs and Warlocks require quite a bit more from your end, in watching procs and knowing when to re-apply dots, and is in every way, more complicated than the 3 classes I mentioned. That's only single target, the actual hard part is multidotting.

    If you want "relaxed" and "easy", you don't want to multidot. If you don't want to multidot, you don't roll specs where multidotting is expected/required, aka Shadow Priest, Warlock or Moonking.
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    Assassination rogues.
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    If you want an easier lazy class do not roll a Mage. Fire you can get by, but you need good gear to pull any decent numbers, but Frost and Arcane require you to pay attention. Hunters would probably be the best class to try.

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    Elemental Shaman, they have been quite OP this xpac, and you can go heal spec for quick LFR ques when trying to gear up quick at 90. Easy rotation that isn't hindered very much by movement.

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    BM Hunter and Frost Mage are currently the most fun for me. Hunter is definitely more mobile but has a couple more cooldowns to manage as well as focus. Mage is pretty much 4 button easy mode and frost never runs out of mana.

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    Hunter or Elemental Shaman. The people saying Shadow Priest are almost certainly high/drunk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by serenka View Post
    Hunter or rogue.
    When ever I look at rogues damage in recount most of it seems to be from auto attack and poison damage.
    It is mostly from AA and poison, but you do press more buttons than that- all buttons centered around letting you do as much poison and AA damage as possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorkin View Post
    Hunter it is then, thanks for the feedback. Now to pick a spec. I hope I still have my legacy bow somewhere.
    when you get to Pandaland, Survival is good for leveling due to the enormous amount of low health packs of mobs all closely ambling about (Multi-shot and move on)
    if you go BM, you should either get a worm or chimera for same reason
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    Ele Shaman by far. Single target prio list is so damn easy. Aoe=fire totem+mass chain lightning. Best Part is ascendence (looks awesome), spamming 1 button for 15 seconds=max dps (no joke). And your elemental doesnt need to be controlled, unlike hunter pets.

    Another bonus is, being a hybrid, u can stay Ele all the Time. Hunter will have to choose the "specc of the month" for max dps.

    €: lightning bolt can be cast while walking. anything else should be covered by spirit walkers grace.
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    Because hunters have good mobility they are often asked to handle/assist with various raid mechanics. Which kind of kills the laid back bit, but if your guild isn't going to ask you to do that stuff it is a very good choice. That said, they add more and more mechanics every raid tier and I doubt there is truly any truly laid back DPS class, but at least the hunter can maintain DPS while keeping an eye on x and y and while moving out of 3 kinds of shit on the ground.

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    probably a BrM, just stand there and get spammed heals cause people think your a tank so you can stand in all kinds of damage to get more vengeance to.. shits so cash
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