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    Close RBG matches

    My guild does RBG's 3 times a week and there have been some epic last minute comebacks, as well as some total heartbreakers.
    The coordination and teamwork of a guild group, (without the risk of the one or 2 pug dbags that I hear about in OQ) has been great for our guild.
    We try to build an identity of never quitting and thats paid off quite a few times.
    I wanted to make a thread discussing close RBG matches that went either way.

    - Last night we were doing twin peaks, it was 0-0 and both fc's were near gy's. Our wednesday leader decided not to push when the 2nd stack enabled and the other team did (with rogue shroud). The pressure was too much and our fc dropped.
    Fast forward to 2 minutes left, we had our fc with a mw monk and the other 8 pushed for efc, as we crossed mid we saw they sent 4 to our efc. It was a race for the kill. We downed efc and our dk got the cap with about 100k health. Was good.

    - Next match EotS. We sent a rogue to mt, hunter and mage defending our towers, all else went mid. Since we capped our node a bit faster than they did, we were literally 1 point ahead. Our rogue wasnt able to get mt so he "dip-squaded" to help mid. Among all the chaos, he managed to grab the flag. New plan, defend our 2 nodes and dont cap flag. Our rogue was trying to line the enemies but apparently a shaman knocked him forward, then a dk gripped him onto cap. JERKS!
    So now we're like shit, get to mid. Which of course they had a druid waiting there already. He got the flag, and went back to mt.
    We sent like 5 there to try to pressure a cap but it didnt happen. Now we're like ok so even if they cap, we should still be 1 point ahead. The match stayed that way until it was 1581-1495 for us and they capped, (I think they were expecting 100 pts for the cap, not 85)
    So now its 1581 (us) - 1580 (them) and we're like nice gg guys. Them Bam match ends and Ally wins. I said its prob because 1600 ticked for both teams at the same time, but ally got last cap. Bit of a heartbreaker.

    There's my storytime for this morning, feel free to post your memorable close RBG matches.
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