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    Quote Originally Posted by Chingylol View Post
    The feedback from the first connected realms for Bloodscalp and Boulderfist hasn't been positive for the players there. Go look at their WoW forums on the main site. The alliance cities are still empty.
    Well, yes. When you connect only two low-population servers known for having rather few Alliance you can probably expect things won't change much for them. Boulderfist and Bloodscalp are the testbed for the technology on live, they're not an example of how things are going to work out. Once Connected Realms is rolled out to more servers, we'll see how well it fixes stuff. Right now it's a proof of concept.

    Coincidentally, I was looking at the Boulderfist and Bloodscalp realm forums today. I didn't find a lot of feedback at all. Mostly people complaining about having to go through two maintenances in a row while Blizzard connected their realms. Let's wait until they expand the system to a level we can actually see any results before passing judgment in either direction, okay?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Etrigan View Post
    I agree, but they are making way too much money from server transfers & faction changes. It's like pocket money for them, but it's still a huge amount.

    I bet a days worth of paid character services paid for Hearthstone :P
    What if we... organized a mass boycott of server transfers and faction changes? Surely that would change the mighty Blizzard's mind? /sarcasm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert3620 View Post
    I think it's time Blizzard gave out free server transfers and faction changes as part of it's subscription. I think the service should be one free faction change or server transfer per toon per year. If you wished to do either more often then you would pay.

    Here's the main reasons I think this should be done:

    1. The game is almost ten years old. People should not be expected to be stuck on the same servers forever unless they pay or re roll. Things change and people should be able to move to other servers more freely.
    Why not? You make a "should" conclusion but have no support for it. Time isn't a sufficient reason because time isn't a negative factor.

    2. Dead servers. There is many many dead servers, there is no way a player could know or expect a server they play on would go dead. It's not there fault it has done so and this would give them the chance to escape the dead server. World of Warcraft is a mmo and on many of it's servers it's feeling less and less like that and more and more like a bad single player game.
    Connected Realms will fix it.

    3. Broken factions. There is servers where you have a near 100 to 1 faction balance. No one should be expected to pay to leave that. It's not a lot of fun to play on a server where your faction is out numbered in a huge manner.
    So the vastly outnumbered faction is going to transfer where? Yep, they're going to go to a realm where THEIR faction is dominant. What evidence do I have to support this? That's what's happening already. People are paying to transfer to the most populated, one-sided realms: Mal'Ganis, Illidan, Stormrage... Nobody is paying to transfer to Stonemaul: a low pop even-faction pvp server. There's no evidence to support that people are going to go there for free.

    4. People would come back to play. There is a decent amount of people that have left the game due to the fact either the server they play on is dead or the faction they belong to is dead. If you gave those people a chance to come back and play on a server that was better suited to them, they would take it and subs would increase.
    You have no evidence to support your conclusions that anyone would come back and play. You have no evidence to support your contention that a "decent amount of people" have left because of dead server or faction. You only make assumptions. Assumptions aren't good enough. You need empirical data.

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    One free character service every three months would be pretty awesome, in my opinion. I wouldn't think more than that is necessary, though.

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    I agree, all I can say about it, didn't even read it just read the title...........I agree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadmanWalking View Post
    Server fees keep gold sellers from moving their wares around easily, as do faction changes. If you ever log into a major city in FFXIV you would realise very quickly just how well Blizzard has kept gilseller population low, in the major cities of FFXIV you can't listen to guild chat because the gilseller spam is so fast you can't actually read anything.

    Also on PVP servers once alliance players decided that can't win unless they go horde its way to easy for them to leap to the winning side and you will have over night pvp server imbalances.
    That's also because most of the top PvE guilds are Horde. It's quite a change going from the faction that has a guild that wipes on LFR SoO trash to a 14/14 Heroic SoO World First Guild faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlarStormbringer View Post
    One free character service every three months would be pretty awesome, in my opinion. I wouldn't think more than that is necessary, though.
    I do think that this would be a valid idea it is nice and and balanced

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    CR will not and not address all the issues that giving free transfers and faction changes would. Put a cool down on it so it's not abused and that would solve the worry about people just server hopping to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert3620 View Post
    CR will not and not address all the issues that giving free transfers and faction changes would. Put a cool down on it so it's not abused and that would solve the worry about people just server hopping to do so.
    Or keep it as is.
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    It' time for Free Servers
    Free-To-Play is the future.

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    Free? What if there are people who have to do that for players and it's not automatic? Wasting company manpower then if they're supposed to do this for free.

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    Free transfers would only speed up the "broken" servers already and make the problem way more widespread.
    Solves nothing, only creating more problems.

    Dismissing the effect of combined realms with next to no experience of the first merge, let alone multiple.
    Your arguments are invalid, simple as that.

    An imbalance exists and continues to get worse with a paid-for service.
    There is no way that a free service would reverse that, only increase the problem.
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    I could not tell you how happy free faction changes would make me. I spent so much faction changing to follow my boyfriend and his stupid guild, just to have it fall apart before cata dropped, and with the boyfriend stopping WoW, I was left with a stupid faction I didn't want to be a part of.

    *IF* anything, allow people who faction change once, the option to change back in the future should they change their minds.

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    As far as connected realms and dead servers go, i think that connected realms will HELP lessen the problem - but it most definitely won't fix the issue.

    Nothing short of literal fusing of multiple dead servers would 100% fix dead servers - and even then, new dead servers can emerge.

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    Things like this are an area where Blizzard could certainly learn from other companies, and give perks / incentives to long term subscribers. Realm transfers might be slightly redundant with the x-server stuff they're doing, but for example:

    Maintain a 6 month sub = 1 free race change
    Maintain a 12 month sub = 2 race changes, 1 faction change.

    Things like that.
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    Ignore the trolls OP. If you want it, ask for it. But, you should probably know that they will never give away for free something they can make money on. Just not Blizz's style. They will nerf and merge to the ground, but will never remove a price tag. It would be nice if this worked out for you, but sadly, this topic has been done to death and usually ends up being a banquet for bastards, or as we like to call them "Blizzard's White Knights".

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    Rift has free transfers, once every 7 days per character. It is also pretty much instantaneous. Not to mention Rift is F2P. Not sure why WoW can't do it.

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    Without a doubt there is people that have quit due to dead servers, dead factions. This would be something Blizzard could use to help them get people back and maybe even a way for them to increase payed transfers. If a person were to get a free transfer to a different server they then may want to take alts with them and not wait for the next free transfer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbombard View Post
    Rift has free transfers, once every 7 days per character. It is also pretty much instantaneous. Not to mention Rift is F2P. Not sure why WoW can't do it.
    It's not that they can't do it. It's that they don't want to. Why should they? WoW doesn't need to. Rift needs to in order to provide more of an incentive for people to play their game. Same reason why newer businesses and companies offer big discounts and extra services - because they want to drum up business and will eat a little profit loss if it means making more money over the long haul.

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    Blizzard offers free transfers off of larger realms to help with the problems that are caused with mega servers. I think it's only fair they would offer them off of the smaller ones to fix the problems they has well. If the goal is to help provide the best playing experience for players then they should be doing that and allowing faction changes as well for free.

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