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    Heroic Garrosh Videos, Darkmoon Faire Updates, Blue Tweets, Poll: Profession Alts

    New Diablo III Console Avatar Outfits, The Orchestral Compositions of Aural Axiom, Wizard 3D Fan Art

    Heroic Garrosh Hellscream Videos
    Method and Stars have released their videos for Garrosh Hellscream.

    Heroic Garrosh 10 (West) Defeated
    Paragon managed to defeat Garrosh this weekend as well, with an item level of 565 and only one healer!

    Patch 5.4 - Darkmoon Faire Updates
    The Darkmoon Faire is back today and with it comes Moonfang, a new boss. Moonfang has a low respawn time, can tag be tagged by anyone, and will give you an extra 10 tickets on your first kill. Be sure to enable the WoWDB addon to help us get drop rates faster!

    Level Type Slot Name
    20Companion Pets Moon Moon
    90Quest Moonfang's Pelt
    1Consumable Moonfang's Paw
    1Consumable Moonfang Shroud
    20Consumable Shimmering Moonstone

    Blue Tweets
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    So you seem really set on balancing tank damage but ignore the huge healing output differences in 25m heroic content.
    Source? Meters are a terrible way to assess healer potency. They work reasonably well for assessing tank DPS. (Source)

    k what's with the warlock hate after patch release? nerfing 1 class to keep others in check is lame. buff mage huntard instead
    We'd have to buff a lot of classes and then likely buff the encounters as well to compensate for all the higher damage. (Source)

    There's so much focus on getting singletarget dps within 1%, but AoE/cleave feels like there are 50% differences..
    I don't think ST at 1% differences and AE at 50% differences are true and they're certainly not goals. (Source)
    Keep in mind AE varies enormously depending upon duration, number of targets and proximity of targets. (Source)
    ST is more a function of ramp up time and duration (whether sustained or burst matters more on that fight). (Source)

    Hundreds of constant minor tweaks erode class diversity. Ppl would complain less frequently if you changed less.
    Do you think that's true or do you think they would just feel ignored since long-standing problems would go untreated? (Source)

    I would like to see healing go back to making smart choices and acting upon them. I don't want the game to heal for me.
    We agree in general, but how do you solve something like e.g. Atonement or Binding Heal glyph? (Source)
    By making them poor. Any spell for which the game chooses the targets for you should lose to smart player decisions
    Yeah, we think that is a good direction. We'd just need to make sure each healer had a "dumb (but smart!)" alternative. (Source)
    I'm not sure casting PW:S on the whole raid or spamming Holy Light/Rejuv were "smart player decisions".
    It's hard to imagine AE heals that aren't smart heals unless they are like HRain (area based) or PoH (goofy party based). (Source)

    "...why play a non dot?" why make a dot spec if multidotting is always going to hold back it's single target dmg?
    Class diversity? Why make a non dot spec if your ST damage is always going to hold back your AE? (Source)
    At least players no longer say "I don't care about AE because that's just for trash." (Source)

    If a tooltip is starting to get complex, I think it means that ability has too many jobs to do & needs rethinking.
    We agree. That is just one of the risk of having too many spells of the design "X replaces Y but with Z extra effect." (Source)

    sorry meant that most players just want to feel their dps is competitive but not the hardcore min/max definition
    I used to think that, but I think today a lot of players look at highest possible DPS even though it barely affects them. (Source)
    (And when I say "a lot" it still probably isn't that many total, but more than it used to be.) (Source)

    The overall problem is you're not even trying to achieve class balance. When you do, then we can have a meaningful discussion.
    We aren't trying to have all classes tie in all situations, no. (Source)

    Monk (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    BrM nerf = fine, the way you doing it = terrible. You are nerfing our already "bad" 2p as well. Any compensation to our 2p?
    The alternative is to nerf monks and then buff WW damage, but that carries a lot more bug risk. (Source)
    I think it's hard to justify Brewmaster damage being so much higher than other tanks though. (Source)

    exactly what aspect of revival prior to the 30% nerf broke the game?
    The cast time. (Source)

    Priest (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    What happened to "take dmg done into calculation for healer balance"? And agree about all smartheals, they need to be limited.
    Do you meant Atonement damage done? It's really fine and Atonement healing is fine too. (Source)
    The deal IMO is that Disc can shift so effortlessly into that role whenever you don't need a lot of healing. (Source)

    Warlock (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    - In all fairness and honesty, PvE Warlocks probably wouldn't be hurt too terribly with another nerf or two. - A PvE Warlock
    We worry the Affliction nerf isn't large enough, but we'll see how it goes. We try and err on the side of not over-nerfing. (Source)

    So are you gonna talk about the agony 15% stealth nerf? or is that going to be what must not be named?
    It's not intended as a stealth nerf. The hotfix notes just haven't caught up yet. Affliction DPS was still too high. (Source)
    Call it w.e you want. In most players eyes, it's a blatant nerf. Did you honestly think players wouldn't notice?
    If they didn't, they would when the hotfix notes went out for the day. Stealth nerfs serve no purpose; players will figure it out. (Source)

    yet that becomes a basis for damage too high, I think youre over nerfing here.
    What current fight would you consider warlocks to be weak on? (Source)

    Warrior (Forums / Skills / Talent Calculator)
    So warriors socket straight crit as arms or fury, yet you took away their static crit buff...why?
    The intent of group buffs is that individuals can make the group stronger, not that individuals can be very self sufficient. (Source)

    What about rage from damage taken? what was the reasoning for removing that?
    For tanks, it made offtanking rough. For PvP, it made not getting attacked rough. For PvE DPS it meant standing in fires. (Source)
    We tried to capture some of the feel with Berserker Stance, which isn't quite there yet, but is pretty close. (Source)

    Do you —master of all UIs— think that the profession panel could display the breakdown of ingredients? #craftingnoodlecarts
    Could the profession UI suck less? Absolutely. What do you mean by breakdown specifically? (Source)

    Wondered if you've ever considered account-wide professions? With alts so prevalent is the 2 per char limit still useful?
    Would love to see more discussion on this topic from players. Alts are cool, but alts just to get around the prof limit bug me. (Source)

    Poll: Alts for Professions
    One of this week's Blue Tweets talked about creating alts just to have access to more professions. Have you created alts that are mostly just to have access to more professions?

    Poll #2: Alts for Professions
    Ghostcrawler posed a followup question about how much fun having the profession alts is. Useful feedback is always welcome in the comments!

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    Oh god. Moon Moon. YES.

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    Cool new stuff!

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    My alts all originated just from my old altoholism. I wanted to try other classes, and on the way I'd try out new profs/races to go with them. Now that I have to focus on just getting by on my main in MoP, my alts are basically just for profs, but they're not even max-level so it's not like I have free access to all the top-shelf prof perks.

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    I've maxed out on all professions on my alts so I don't have to pay much stuff on AH and its good way of making money, making bit of everything that people want.

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    Before anyone complains about stars releasing their video first because they feel like it's disrespect it's really not lol. Method had every chance to release the video, but due to their ego they decided they wanted to stay on "top" for awhile and not show any of their strat that they used. Shame on them for not thinking that through and allowing stars to show theirs first.

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    If they limit the account to 2 prof's only max I will be so pissed lol. I like alts with their own prof's, adds character and personality rather than drone 1 drone 2 drone 3 etc.

    I like the Moonfang boss & makes me wonder if the Darkmoon Isle is near Gilneas / Silverpine.

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    Is the idea not to find people to trade with who have other proffs than you? It is a MMO no a single player heh? I have made one alt just to get the carpet mount / engine mount though for collection and made some for huge profits such as JC/Mining at beginning of Expan.

    Main = JC/BS
    Alt = Miner / Herb (gold farming)

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    I hate leveling alts. I shouldn't need full alchemist alt support just to craft anything worthwhile with Engineering because all the new patterns cost exorbitant amounts of living steel.

    It's the one-sided nature of the "dependency" that gets to me. And before people start barking "Professions always require other professions to get by! That's just the way it is!" First, that hasn't really been true since vanilla WoW, and second, it only affects a handful of professions now. If people want some "grand scheme" of interdependency where no profession can exist without another, then maybe they should start gunning for a situation in which that actually exists, instead of one where a scant few production professions unilaterally rely on OTHER production professions to make... anything.

    You want TRUE interdependency? Well, Engineers and blacksmiths relies on alchemists to make things now, right? Maybe Alchemists should rely on jewelcrafting to make all their flasks. Maybe scribes should require leatherworkers to make the vellum for their enchants. Maybe leatherworkers should go back to requiring limited-charge salt shakers made by engineers to produce high-end skins. Priests should need special enchanted spellthreads only craftable by enchanters, and jewelcrafters should need their tools to be crafted by blacksmiths. THAT'S "interwoven profession design." Not "Engineers and Blacksmiths can't make anything worthwhile without alchemists."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wells View Post
    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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    I have levelled alts to get every profession in the game. I'm almost maxed out with LW and need to start JC which will be my last one. That will of course mean levelling yet another char. Would love to Blizz do something about this. levelling professions and it taking so long I can understand, but having to level another alt to go a long with that? Yuk yuk yuk.

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    I have one alt that I play nearly every week and another one that I play for a few weeks every expansion.

    And then theres all the other ones that allow me to have every profession, multiple scribes (for more darkmoon cards at the beginning of expansions) and one of each alchemy-spec

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    Treckie's clutch bubble <3

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    They could solve many of these issues by allowing a third profession, so for example I have a BS/JC, I could grab Mining as well and not have to be at the mercy of the AH or level a "mule" to mine for me. The professions system in general needs some major work, not just because of how it pays to have alts that exist only to handle professions but also with the fact that while leveling 90% of what you can craft is completely worthless. All of the low level mats and gear are artificial grinds and gating, and nothing more. Hell even some of the for instance level 85 BS recipes are junk compared to what you can already get via quests, so even that turns out to just be time wasters on the path to the real goal.

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    The only alts I've made for no other purpose but to avoid the 2 profession limit is in the case of creating certain things on servers that I'm new to and aren't sold on the AH for a price that's reasonable for a fresh player. Things like glyphs and enchanting rods.

    Honestly, if players are considering it a better use of their time to level up an alt, grind up their profession and create everything themselves rather than engage in trade; then it would seem more likely that the games commerce portion needs to be reformatted rather than it's trade portion.

    Essentially, the poll doesn't address the cause just a symptom.

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    If Blizzard doesnt like the idea of one person being self sufficient profession-wise through alts, then it shouldnt have added the achievement "Master of All" that is awarded when you level all primary professions to max level.

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    If your on a low pop server, having a few alts with professions is definitely a huge help. Im on a low pop server as an Engineer, and i have been unable to find anyone to transmute Living Steel for me. Everyone is still using their cooldown for themselves (understandable). Also if they do sell prices are severely inflated due to the lop pop nature of the server. This is where I wish I had an alchemist on the server as well, time to level a DK for Professions.

    Pocketful- 110 Priest- Savant - US Proudmoore

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    It's basically a must to have a max enchanter and jewelcrafter at least for my alts.

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    Professions should've never been mandatory. Just an alternative means to gain.

    Blacksmithing/tailoring/leatherworking for gear.
    Jewelcrafting for gems.
    Inscription for glyphs.
    Enchanting for reforging/itemupgrade/transmog
    Cooking for raid buffs.
    Alchemy and Engineering for raid cooldowns (bloodlust, etc) and class cooldowns/buffs (water walking/breathing, slowfall, etc)
    Gathering, Fishing, and Archaeology for people who don't like killing for drops.

    (sure the professions can do other thing, but I'm just saying what their purpose should be)

    An immediate necessary measure is to add a reasonable way to acquire solid/meta gems (like in BC and LK) and primary glyphs without professions.
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    Do I create alts to level professions? No. Do I have every profession because I create so many alts? Yes.

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    you level a different class, and grab professions that make sense for what you want to do. between my 9 characters 85+ I happen to have all the profs except for Potion mastery and Goblin Engineering, the only prof that doesn't fit with a character theme is my mage's skinning, which I took because I initially wanted to level only killing beasts and humanoids.

    I'm skeptical that they could actually make 2 profs per account, how would they determine? Is it going to be a blue post saying hey, the first character you log in on after xx/xx/xxxx is the one who all your characters will have that profession, because there are a significant # of players who don't keep up with those announcements.

    Lastly, it bothers Blues because they think some people only level alts to get professions? well, it bothers me that they care why people level alts and yet don't make end game more interesting

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