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    [H] Shattered Oath 13/14 N SoO (11/13 H ToT) 10-man LF DPS & Healer

    Hello, we here at Shattered Oath (Emerald Dream US) would like to extend a warm welcome to all you would-be applicants reading this.

    Who we are: We are a semi-hardcore guild that likes to have fun and poke fun. We have over 6 years of raiding history, starting from MC and going all the way to heroic ToT. Currently, we are 9/14 normal SoO, with 11/13 H ToT, and plan to push the progression further.

    What we need:`

    One (1) DPS:

    - Preferably Warlock/S. Priest/Hunter
    - Any other ranged would work as well.
    - We are already fairly melee heavy, but we won't turn down a good melee.

    One (1) Healer:

    -Priest/MW monk/Paladin preferred

    Keep in mind that we have a high number of plate-wearers and people on the vanq token.

    However, if you're not listed here, feel free to apply anyways. We're always on the lookout for skilled members.

    What we expect: We expect you to be a skilled player with extensive knowledge of your spec. You should know what the proper gemming/enchants/reforgings are, how your class plays, and how the bosses work. We also expect that you arrive to raids punctually and prepared fully repaired with food and flasks.

    When we raid:

    T/W/Tr/Sun 7:30-10:30 CST

    We expect all raiders to be able to regularly make all raid times. So if you can't make, for example, any Thursdays, please don't apply.

    Interested?: If you are interested or have further questions, feel free to add Btag: Zython#1341 (be sure to say you're interested or have questions in the friend request). We will be more than happy to help you make sure that Shattered Oath is the right guild for you!

    Hope to see you soon!
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