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    - stat squish
    - the new race models
    - more 5 man content, keep challenge mode and give better incentive to do them
    - keep flex
    - a new secondary profession/timesink
    - normal scenarios for leveling content, not to get useless gear at max level
    - a 5 - 10 man mount for guilds tied to a new guild level achievement, like a zeppelin or a mini airship with vendors and flags. Should require a lot of effort and gold to get

    I think we'll get all of that except the guild mount and leveling scenarios, so i'm pretty damn hyped atm =)

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    I want rep tabards back and to be able to dye my armor.

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    A few things i'd like :

    Brawlers guild (Not updated but new stuff)

    More timeless isle type things instead of dailies

    More transmorg items from achievement, rep factions etc

    Most importantly character model updates

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    - New player models
    - Bigger Banks
    - 10 Level xpac instead of 5
    - Return of 10m / 25m separate lockouts (Killed 25man guilds imo)
    - Revamp LFR or remove it.
    - Item Level Squish
    - I'd like to see pure DPS class specs to seem a lot more different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayuwan View Post
    - New player models
    - Bigger Banks
    - 10 Level xpac instead of 5
    - Return of 10m / 25m separate lockouts (Killed 25man guilds imo)
    - Revamp LFR or remove it.
    It takes more/as much time to get 5 levels as it does 10. The difference is less dings. Still same time investment(if not more).

    What killed 25 man Guilds is the fact that players did not enjoy 25 man raiding by and large. It was a headache for the organizers, except on the few servers where the World-class guilds congregated, to deal with operations aspects of raiding. 25 people does not automatically mean 25 *good* people, it means 25 people. Skill level and dedication level widely varied per person. If anything, drop 10 and 25 man and make it all Flex with difficulty and ilvl scaling depending on the number of players. Problem solved. Less lockouts altogether. Longer content life.

    Why does LFR need to be "Revamped" or "Removed"? Other than the typical "I don't like it because I want a organized easy loot bag every week without having to carry the intended audience.", I mean.
    Quote Originally Posted by melodramocracy View Post
    Gold and the 'need' for it in-game is easily one of the most overblown mindsets in this community.

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    -10 lvl xpansion, just feels better imo
    -The talent systems is cool, but it would need a little more rework tbh, 15lvl caps are too much.
    -The leveling should not be as linear as in Pandalandia, annoyed when doing the same q:s in the same order...
    -Nothing to do with Klaxxi... those insects
    -Flying possible after lvl'ing first toon to max, just to make alts lvl faster and smoother.

    -And yeah, forgot, NO item squish
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roosky View Post
    Me personally I would love them to go back to there being no lockout for 10 and 25 like back in WoTLK, but this will probably never happen, I would like if they completely got rid of PvP power and scrapped base resil and a number squish to make pvp feel more like it was in BC.
    I agree, trash PvP power and return Resil to it's original form (And bring back things like Viper Sting, Mana Burn and Mana Drain).

    For those who don't know, or remember:
    Resil used to reduce damage taken form crits, damage done by damage-over time effects, reduce the chance to be crit and reduced the effect of mana drains.

    PvP back in BC was a little more strategic then "My CDs are up, CC and blow them up!" since filling health pools took more than a couple casts. Which I hope will return after the item squish, however people these days seem to like mongo mode and killing others within seconds.. not much fun there.

    Also, something I'd like to see changed, if they do an item squish... return critical strike bonuses back to the way they used to be. No more double damage/healing on crit, but back to 150% damage/healing. This will remove the insane burstiness of the game in it's current state, but will only work if there is a proper item squish.
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    I want more flexibility in how I play my character and class. Played some other games and some Rift and Diablo 3. The level of customization is much higher and feels good. Something like Rift would probably be overkill with different talent trees to combine and all but Diablo 3 has a very simple way of customization which I think could be transfered into WoW. Every class already has some signature skills and they could use the glyphs to change how these skills work big time like in Diablo 3 and use the talent tree to give you some passives that boost certain things for your playstyle.

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    -Player Housing (I can dream.)
    -Flex/LFR being "fused" into just one format
    -Updated Race Models
    -More focus on Sandbox style adventuring (Timeless Isle yo.)
    -Less focus on ladders for PvP rewards
    -Other capital cities being /useful/

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    - PvP system totally revamped. Level of pvp items = level of pve items of the same tier, giving the ability to play both with only one set of items. No more base resilience. No more pvp power (meh). Silence removed as a spell from game, all CC sharing the same DR and pvp balanced around sustained damage, not cc+burst shit.
    - Character model updates, all in one shot. Not one race per patch moneygrabbing shit, as greedy blizzard fuckers are planning to do.
    - Glyph system revamped, hopefully with something really changing gameplay based on glyphs installed in the end. Something like D3 rune system.
    - Hearthstone integration into wow (hell yeah why not), with super rare loot cards and stuff.
    - Player housing (remember, its not only War, its also a Craft. Craft is underrepresented as a game system for years).
    - Definitely moar bank and bag space. Stop that lazy bullshit about having to choose what to keep being a part of gameplay. It is bullshit. Share please a little more memory to us. If 15 bucks per month is too low price to do that, please make a premium option of adding more space for real money. It is in no way hard to do that. The pet-like tab for tabards, account-shared. The pet-like tab for heirlooms, account-shared. The pet-like tab for items that change your character model for a short time, account-shared. Three "wardrobe"-like tabs for actual gear sets, something like was made in Rift. Another bank styled as "wardrobe" for transmog items. Devs, do your job, stop being lazy.
    - End of the "hybrid tax" shit. Balance damage around actual skill of the player, not artificial class/spec limitations pulled out of GC's ass. The fact that I'm playing a shadowpriest should not make me automatically sit in the middle of the pack.
    - Complete rework (mop-warlock style) of Rogues (all specs), Hunters (all specs), Shaman (ele). Rework active mitigation of Guardian druids. Nerf prot palas, god damn it.

    Eh, maybe that's all I want.
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    There is no good solution for he hybrid tax. Either we homogenize and give pure Dps the same utility or take away utility from everyone. Classes would lose their identity either way. Just roll a Mage next time expac, they consistently are in top Dps

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    -Ilvl/stat squish
    -removal of Determination/LuckoftheDraw(if players are bad, they need to be removed until they improve)
    -more 5mans
    -Hard 5mans, not excessively strong trash like TBC and CM, but the difficult bosses and some marginal cc/focus on pulls
    -LFR drops the lowest item level, so it is teals for "the content". This would mean the removal of tier/trinkets as well
    -similar legendary quest, but with some a tusk raid requirements. Like for 5.0 only normal/heroic Sha dropped the item, but digits from LFR
    -fix VP, make it a catchup for normal raiders, not normal mode for LfR

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    post release 5-man dungeons again.

    cheap free unlimited shared-among-all-character storage of transmog items, vanity toys, tabards

    new races (naga? ogres? ethereals? furbolg? anything but Highelves)

    redesign of the Hit/Expertise cap so that getting a single piece of new gear does not precipitate an entire reforge/regem cascade

    racials no longer causing dps and pvp disparities. more flavor, less dps!

    Challenge mode 5-dungeons that actually drop useful pre-raid gear and that can never be over-geared (because they normalize the ilvl of your gear) so elite raiders can't just solo them.

    - - - Updated - - -

    auction house reform:
    *Search by stat
    *Search by weapon category (1h maces/sword/axes all in one search)
    *Purchase orders option (Want to buy X item for Y gold, the Auction house takes your gold on deposit and any other player can fill the purchase order with 12-48 hrs)
    *semi-automated reposting of failed auctions (no more mailbox shuttling)
    *combined auction houses for grossly underpopulated realms
    *auctionable commodittees futures market and hedge market.

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    i want content outside of raiding tuned for ppl with raidgear. It saddens me to see all these features that have come out, brawlers/hc scenario/flex/timeless isle farming/barrens/thunderisle/daily factions.. yet none of them give rewards that improve my main toon in any way..

    since blizz seem to have no problem with releasing raids with now 4 difficulties, my wish whould be to have something similar for scenarios/5mans/daily quests (i cant have been the only 1 who laughed when xuen presented me with a challenge to duel some noob npc during the august celestial dailys) and since the name heroic is already taken for 5mans and scenarios and still feels like its tuned to be solocontent i guess we will ahve to call this something else mby veteran mode.

    im glad for how challengemode turned out and i hope they continue with that in next exp but.. there is next to no replayability with challengemodes because the rewards are only cosmetic shit..
    so for next expansion id like there to be a reward at the end and depending on what medal u got (bronze/silver/gold) it has higher ilvl.
    Lets say a gold run yields a random stat item equal to a warforged normal (warforged so even ppl who have cleared all of normal raids can still get upgrades from challengemode). Silver yields a warforged flex item and bronze yeilds a warforged lfr item.
    This way challengemode could work as an alternative way of progression for ppl who rly dont like to do lfr. and to prevent hardcore ppl from gearing up to fast it can be a only once a day reward (or mby once a week with a guaranteed drop).

    This could also be done with Scenario thou it will need to be tuned alot harder or if kept as it was this expansion have very rare droprate or lower ilvl rewards.

    Remove any pve dps gains from racials, i hate having to choose between a nice looking race and a race with good racials.

    Something that have really been bugging me is the lack of danger when you level. I want elite quests back in the world, i want mobs with abilities (like the raremobs in pandaria), i want quests that have me actually using my cc abilities. The grindfest that is now gets monotome rly fast, soemthing dangerous once in a while (optional so ppl arent forced to do it) to whake you up whould be a welcome change. The ordos sanctuary is a good example of how it could be tuned. a Skilled palyer can solo stuff there easily, and noobs could group up for it. its a win win.

    And lastly, i think it sucked that blizz spoiled the siege of ogrimmar as the last raidinstance before the expansion was even released.. and the sha aswell for that matter, could have been an intresting story to figure out where the sha is coming from.. and it whould have been so much more fun if that guy at blizzcon simply had said "the endboss is yet to be revealed" or something.. the conspirasy ppl whould ahve gone nuts

    so features i want:
    -Veteran mode for Scenarios, 5man dungeons and daily quests. tuned for ppl who like a challenge, tuned for ppl who do normal/heroic raids.
    -Challengemodes with rewards to make it something every1 can do off raidhours to improve their character, the more skilled they are the better the reward
    -Scenarios tuned harder (preferably so you actually put your cc spells out on your bars again)
    -Bring back elitequests in the world
    -That blizz doesnt spoil the expansion by explaining every little mystery before its released. Let players discover it for themselves.
    - Remove pve dps gains from racials or give all races something similarly powerful like was done with professions

    edit: since blizz seems to love how timeless isle worked out another change id like for next expansion is that they make it so rares dont die within 20seconds of spawning, either give them a yell like dreadship razuvious 3min prior to them spawning/being attackable, or give them alot more hp.
    the hp could differ from server to server but im thinking that around 1-2 billion whould have been ok on my server (trust me, ive seen the dreadship dying in 15seconds, and it takes 10times that time to get from 1 end to the other on the island). Or simply have the mobe increase with 5M hp per person attacking, so its its 200 ppl there (like at dreadship/houlon) the mob get 1 billion more hp.
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    nerf catchup mechanics

    keep them for ALTS only

    there you go, the one complaint (alts) is taken care of, and new players see all da content without unsubbing/resubbing every content patch and skipping everything

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    Support specs designed in addition to 4th specs. Pures will no longer exist as they will either have a Tanking spec or a Healer spec as well as a Support spec potentially. Major class/spec revamps throughout to accommodate this.

    Balance Gameplay numbers on PvP levels, then balance PvE around those numbers. Tools will be redistributed and CDs, both offensive and defensive, will be toned down. Arena will remain 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5. Rated Battlegrounds will be changed to allow for solo-queuing that match groups up against groups, similar to MOBA MM systems which place a greater emphasis on stacks vs stacks. Random Battlegrounds will also now scale all players up or down to the set ilvl limit to ensure that there is a relatively equal playing field. Only PvP set bonuses will apply. This is to ensure that people do not go back and farm older tier sets with particularly exploitable set bonuses.

    Basically, I want PvP to not be a pointless side-game and for something new in PvE to take away from the staleness.
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    Got a few things;

    -No new races, models preferably but if not models then neither.
    -I'm not really one for pvp but the base resil everyone gets now.
    -Player housing would be interesting or maybe guild halls could be cool.
    -Pre-expansion content like a dungeon(cata), world boss(BC) and hell maybe something like the scourge invasion.
    -Maybe the flow of quests through BC content made a bit better in some places.
    -Maybe a few glyph changes to make them more interesting.
    -Did I mention model updates?

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