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  • The Burning Crusade

    377 24.98%
  • Wrath of the Lich King

    631 41.82%
  • Cataclysm

    56 3.71%
  • Mists of Pandaria

    445 29.49%
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    Bloodsail Admiral Kourvith's Avatar
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    TBC > WotLK > MoP > Cata. (started at Vanilla release btw)

    TBC for me is rose tinted glasses, but not because of nostalgia (I never liked nostalgia anyway). It's because of the overall theme. It feels like the most inspired expansion of all.

    The mix of outer space, flowing skies, huge demons, gloomy giant mushrooms, energy beams, big floral domes, having to fly into the void to find a dungeon entrance, roaring robots creating an earthquake each time they step into the ground, the bewitching and peaceful oriental music in Shattrah, demon meteors showering in the background, booming into your ears as they crashed onto the Shadowmoon Valley, Quel' Danas isle being built by the whole server among crazy improvized PvP ... and of course, a real sense of progression for your main, gated content that could be unlocked with a bit of guild commitment.

    All of this felt like a strange, beautiful dream, that I will never be able to get out of my head as much as other expansions.

    I would give anything to live such an experience again.
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    I would vote WotLK, Cata, TBC and MoP as last. The others were playable on my server MoP was not. I enjoyed 25 man raiding and WotLK was the last time I was able to do that so that's why I would vote it as my favorite.

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    WotLK > BC > Vanilla > MoP > Cata

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kourvith View Post
    All of this felt like a strange, beautiful dream, that I will never be able to get out of my head as much as other expansions.
    Yay, I'm not alone.

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    Winter is here.
    - WotLK
    - TBC
    - Cata
    - MoP

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunterman View Post
    I bet 99% of people that say 'TBC raids where the best' E.T.C did'nt even raid back then, or even play.
    so no one you know from TBC and still keep in touch with or raid with had a fun experience? I sure as hell did and I raided my heart out 3/4 times a week for 3.5 hours per evening.

    Quote Originally Posted by thunterman View Post
    For someone like me, that can spare a couple hours a day to do a raid, and not much else, it was AWEFULL. And no, i'm not "casual" I work full time.
    I work full time. I did my attunement with the guild I was GM of and fixed all my attunements on a saturday afternoon when I needed it. It was quick as hell. And it was fun to do it

    Quote Originally Posted by thunterman View Post
    TBC was only enjoyable for those that already had a guild, already had the gear, friends and groups to play with, If you didn;t have that already it was almost unbearable.
    Ah so you did not have a guild nor the gear and so you feel the raids you then most likely never been in, sucked?

    Dude I can imagine it sucking if you aren't able to do those things like raiding with a guild. I can honestly. For YOU it must have sucked. For people like me who had a very nice guild, it was THE expansion.

    So coming back to the first thing I quoted from you... how can you say 99% who think TBC was the best didn't play? Cause apparantly you did not really raid did you? You must have pugged =/= progress raiding with a proper guild and ergo not as fun.

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    Sadly, my time in Mists of Pandaria has been really scattered compared to other expansions. Since The Burning Crusade, I've always been in a strong solid guild, doing progress fairly early on, but this expansion I've been in and out of a few guilds, and never really gotten a ton down.

    While that has changed this patch, and I'm not heading back into Heroic Modes, I think Mists of Pandaria has done fairly well. There were, as with all expansions, a plethora of failures and problems, but overall I would rate the expansion fairly well.

    I think overall, World of Warcraft has gotten better thanks to Mists of Pandaria, and so I feel that is a success.

    Ranking: Mists of Pandaria > The Burning Crusade > Wrath of the Lich King > Cataclysm (Post Tier 11).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kourvith View Post
    I would give anything to live such an experience again.
    I wouldn't say it is impossible, but unlikely. Not because Blizzard aren't as good anymore, but simply because of the mix between Nostalgia & it being the first expansion.

    Besides, I loathed Zangarmarsh more then any other zone. Even Vash'jr is better then Zangarmarsh. That place just got me see depressed, and I've always hated the Naga.

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    TBC because of the progression model, although I realize it's not possible in today's WoW where skill and dedication differences are enormous.

    Cata is not even close to worst if we count the 1-60 revamp.

    MoP is very good. WotLK is probably my least favorite. The leveling was great, everything else was meh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kourvith View Post
    One of my favorite zones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VoodooGaming View Post
    I wouldn't say it is impossible, but unlikely. Not because Blizzard aren't as good anymore, but simply because of the mix between Nostalgia & it being the first expansion.
    I specifically mentionned it not being because of nostalgia, but because of the overall theme So it could be possible imho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cybran View Post
    TBC > Wrath >>>> Mop = Cata
    quoted for truth

    TBC was the best xpac for me. It actually developped a bit classic wow (unlike wotlk), it had the same kind of flavour (adventure), with an even more mysterious and marvellous approach. Although I would rank it below classic.
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    I really enjoyed MoP.

    Sure the grind at the start got a little tiresome, but the content was good and it didnt drag on. I think the tiers ended just before their used by dates. Class Balance is ok, theres a few outliers but overall its ok. PVP is a mess right now, but that doesnt effect me to much so it didnt sway my vote greatly.

    Ill say WotLK MoP=TBC Vanilla Cataclysm. TBC and MoP are pretty close for me, both had lots of stuff to do, TBC was a little bit grindy, but it was ok back then, it was the norm, I just think games have moved to far beyond that and going back to a grindy locked door style design after WotLK and Cata wasnt the right move. But as stated above, Class balance was shocking and it did have many faults. The raiding and content was excellent. For me its a very hard pick. Im tempted to say TBC over MoP but I dont know if its nostalgia.
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    I have to say that Wrath was by far (IMO) the best expansion, I had many memorable times in that expansion. I loved 90% of the zones, lore and raids. PvP isn't something Im into so cannot comment on that for now. The one thing I really remember.. was flying around Icecrown and storm peaks for the first time, beautiful zones. Dailies were not too harsh, dungeons were great and generally just an enjoyable time. Yes it had many flaws but still my favourite.

    I think that while TBC had what I wanted - the burning legion! Hard raid content and like one of the best raids ever in the shape of Kara. I think that using todays methods and design they could make a better legion expansion to steel my heart! I rate both MoP and TBC roughly the same as I feel MOP has produced some excellent game design. I must say that I hate daily quests but I loved! the isle of thunder. I love scenarios, raid design has been some of the best IMO and loved the story lines (Lore walker Cho take a bow son!).

    Can we just not mention Cata? the only 2 good things to come from that expansion was the cinematic and the submarine in Vash'jir!

    I think that regardless of title and story for next expansion - based on progress made in MoP I can only assume it will be fantastic providing they continue the regular patches/updates, get a good story telling character in it again and expand on player only space (the farm was farmtastic but should be expanded upon).

    Well done blizz! I am almost moist thinking of the announcements at blizzcon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by French Fries Yolo View Post
    I almost fell off my chair reading this, please tell me a its a typo.. oh well opinions are opinions

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    I'll rank it as Mists > Wrath > Cataclysm/TBC (kind of tied) > Classic.

    While I immensely enjoyed TBC when it was current, I enjoyed Cataclysm as well. I always found TBC to be incredibly overrated. Generally speaking, the expansions as a whole have become better and better, with the notable exception of Cataclysm, which is why I rank it below Wrath. But of course, there are individual parts that weren't always better.

    Mists, for example, failed with the initial model of dailies. The overwhelming amount of factions was fine, and I liked that. However, each faction had way too many dailies. I believe they got it right with the Dominance Offensive/Shieldwall and Sunreavers/Kirin Tor models. This is of course, subjective, there are those who feel differently.

    Overall, I'd say that if the next expansion is anything like Mists (while not making the same mistake with dailies overload), I'll stay happily subbed.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tya View Post
    As a warlock, allow me to be the first to say that I get tremendous amounts of joy from watching fear pathing take you to Africa.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drayarr View Post
    Twinking is like going back to school when you are 30, just to be smarter than the other kids.

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    Loved TBC, came late WOTLK but it was still damn fun. Cata was bad.

    MOP has great improvements in playability/mechanics/raids but really died off at the end, just don't like the thought patterns and design overall outside of RAIDING.

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    MoP > Rest
    my PSN ID - Kobold_Rider

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    MoP was gonna be my favorite but how terrible healing is this patch in 25 hc puts it below wrath

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    1. TBC
    2. MoP
    3. Cata
    4. WotLK

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    Cata > Mop

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