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    10mins usually.

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    Tues/Wed/Thurs 4 hours a night, with usually a 2-5minute break halfway through.

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    Depends on raid time. Our particular raid only does 3 hours so there is no actual break in the middle of the raid time, but ive seen anywhere from 5 minutes to long 15 minutes break (only seen 15 minutes if raid time excedes 3 hours though).

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    5h raid 5 days in week. Random breaks called by RL. 5-10 min 3-6 times in raid depends on day. Mostly 1h in total per raid day.

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    My guild raid 4 days a wekk 19:30-23:30/24, we got 10 minutes break at 22.

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    No breaks in most raids (3 x 3 hours / week). But you can fast take a drink between bosses or after a wipe. If most of the raiders ask for a break or we kill bosses faster than normal we get a break for 5 min.

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    Usually a 7 minute break halfway thru our 3 hour raid. If someone needs a quick bio they can just ask for a rezz instead of running back as long as it doesn't become a consistent thing to do out of laziness.

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    We just randomly afk.
    You can have 1-3 people go afk while clearing trash if people just communicate so we still have enough tanks/healers and dps there to not to wipe.
    We rarely take any normal breaks. I think it only happens if we are wiping 2hours+ on the same boss or something.

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    10 minutes, if the raid is going really good only 5 minutes so we don't lose much time.

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    4 x 4h from 7:30 till 11:30. One 10 min break around 10pm.

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    Monday 2100-2330 (2.5 hours)
    Wednesday 2130-2200 (2.5 hours)
    Friday 2200-0100 (3 hours)

    Roughly half-way in we have 10 minutes in every raid, but that's it.

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    We have no real dedicated breaks, but generally when someone says BRB toilet, we have a quick 3-5 minute break for everyone to do their shizzle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemposs View Post
    NO BREAKS! Breaks are for the weak, true WoW hardcores have shitbuckets. There is only raiding, god is dead, atheist are dead, there is only PIXELS...

    OT: I've yet to do organized raiding in MoP. Used to be 5 min breaks 2-3 times back in cata.

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    Well I'm not raiding at the minute but used to raid 3 hours 3-4 times per week, we used to take a 10 minute break at the half way mark, but if anyone needed to go to the bathroom in between that was fine as long as they were only a couple of minutes whilst we were doing trash or running back and we'd often use that break to watch a strategy video if we were struggling on something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lemposs View Post
    NO BREAKS! Breaks are for the weak, true WoW hardcores have shitbuckets. There is only raiding, god is dead, atheist are dead, there is only PIXELS...
    I wanna be on your boat.
    Quote Originally Posted by Orlong View Post
    I dont care if they are allowed to donate, but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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    My guild does 10 mins once (Possibly twice) in a 4 hr raid.

    But the problem with 10 minutes is I find it is too long for a drink/bio break (5 mins max needed) and too short to cook something...

    Is the 10 minute break culture entirely developed around smokers ?

    One thing I'm not a fan of is forging/gemming upgrades mid raid.. particularly on farm bosses.

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    6 hours a week of raiding which is 3 hours a few days a week. We take 5 minute breaks at the top of the hour.

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    5-7 Minutes, just enough to brew some green tea.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sillistrar View Post
    Also, I love your short-temper. Did you know that people like you are the most fun to mess with? Not that I'm doing it. Yet.
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    Is that a like a charge within a charge? :P

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    Silvermoon, let's be honest.
    We raid 3 hours for three nights. We have no breaks, but its often that someone afk's to go use the bathroom.

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    5min according to the DBM timer, though I don't think they have ever been shorter than 15min

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