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    LFR is mandatory but thats because its all me my brother and our friends can do atm

    Back in the day during wrath with multiple raid lock outs in Nax then ulduar and totc we ran off raid nights with a few groups it was not mandatory but its something we agreed to do for fun. Rather enjoyed those nights tbh.

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    no requirement, encouraged to though. Although most of us don't need flex gear anymore. I run it to clear maybe 1 or 2 bosses that I need a piece off of and that is about it. We do organize flex runs weekly just for fun on our alts or something, but nothing is required. I think I ran LFR once, and galakras was a I stopped. No point if I can do it in flex with an organized group.

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    It's not mandatory at all. People will happily jump to the occasion with their alts when someone says they could still use the one or the other trinket upgrade or a set token or something, but that's all fairly spontaneously done. I haven't done much flex myself because I'm a bit stressed for time.

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    Well... If you have holes in your gear you should feel bad if the rest does flex&lfr to fill their own and outgear you in the process.

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    We're 7/14 Heroic. We are not required to do Flex, but if someone puts one together and you're online anyway, it's highly encouraged to join. We wouldn't expect people to do it if you weren't going to be online anyway though.

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    We have a guild-run Flex, but it is in no way mandatory. People are encouraged to come if they need gear or anything, and to help pull the lesser-geared members through.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qwerty006 View Post
    LFR? I doubt anyone goes there on his main.
    I do!

    I just need a Dark Shaman kill to get into the third wing, not been able to kill him for two weeks.
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    I'm not in a raiding guild atm but I don't see that problem in require your guild members to try to get as good gear as possible. Of course you can't force anyone but those that try harder should get rewarded imo.

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    We have a flex raid every Thursday night but it is not mandatory at all, many of us bring alts and run with friends from around the server and just swap to mains if there is something they need off the boss (Tier, Trinkets etc.)

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    None are mandatory, but nearly everyone in my guild wants to minmax so we run flex together on an off-day and mostly team up for LFR (at least the parts we could use gear from).

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    my guild replaced one of the raid evenings with flex.. yeh..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Netherspark View Post
    I'm curious, how many of your raid leaders insist that you clear Flex and/or LFR each week for extra gear to use in normal mode?

    My guild makes Flex a requirement, and organizes weekly runs of it on top of our 3 day a week normal schedule. LFR is also encouraged but is not mandatory. Because of this I'm already getting sick of Siege of Orgrimmar and we're only a couple of weeks in to the patch...
    It was required early, but there are not many upgrades left any more.

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    None, but if I was a GM I would emphasize doing flex for more confusing fights such as Spoils, Paragon, etc. Maybe not require it, but I would greatly prefer raiders to get a first taste before getting to raid.

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    no it's not mandatory but frowned upon if u still need gear from it and don't try ur best.

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    My monk is the only person in my guild so no (granted this is "bank alt")

    My other guild does not require it, but there's a general understanding that people want to do as good as they can and that if they need flex, they will do flex.

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    The problem is not guild making you run flex.

    The problem is, as a player, I'm forcing MYSELF to do it. Because I want the best dps output possible. I just have to run this shit content. I don't have any choice about it. Thankfully I doesn't need anything more in this shithole.

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    We came in with almost all T15 heroic gear so LFR defiantly not but flex is optional and usually filled out by bored alts on the weekend. Ran it on my monk a few times to try for a few early 540's but now I've started doing it on my DK instead.

    Considering I tanked Flex2 at i48X you can pretty much bring in any of your 90's that have roamed Timeless Isle for a day or two. I think it's a great avenue for alt runs and groups that can't make it through Normal or have fluctuating raid attendance. Making it mandatory for a Normal+ group seems silly though at this point.

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    Heroic guild so LFR is pointless and Flex is almost-so.

    Neither are mandatory since we consider burnout more of a threat than gear, which is usually only a crutch for when we play poorly, but if people choose to do it and can get upgrades then kudos to them.

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    I wouldn't dream of making anything mandatory for my guildies.

    We've done flexi a shitload, and barely touched normals this time out. Up til now we've been doing 25 man flexi, but from next week we'll be splitting into two smaller groups because of hardware issues and having too many to take to the 25 man version.

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    no, if they did i would make them paying my wow bill mandatory

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