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    Snap AoE Threat?

    I'm having trouble in 25 man with quick AoE threat. Particularly, the very first wave of adds on Galakras. I have my str prepot up (also using str flask), I place down a DnD in the path of the mobs, Outbreak + Bloodboil twice, but they just ignore me and kill the feral druid. This is very frustrating. I tried using DRW, but the extra global it costs seems to make it even hard to grab that aggro. I guess I could glyph DRW, but I'd like to avoid that if possible. Does anyone have a better idea for how to grab aoe aggro quickly?

    (I was also having trouble on the heroic Immerseus adds)

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    In a 25 on galakras you really should be getting some thing like a misdirect barrage. Makes galakras adds cake.

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    I know it's probably a bit stupid at this point, but there's a lot to be said for dps actually being able to keep their collective cock in their pants for 2-3 seconds so you can pick the adds up. It sounds like your feral druid hasn't heard of 'dead dps = no dps'.

    Other than that (if you're not using RB) try the new festering blood glyph, it sounds like you're already doing the most you can to maximise your burst threat.

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    I've been using the DRW glyph for a while now (since heroic Horridon), because I felt it became a necessity in raids.

    Your dps won't always wait, even if you tell them to. Once in a while, they'll forget, and since our snap aggro isn't the best, that extra bit of threat helps a lot. Using Glyph of Festering Blood is a crime to me. It does help to pick up adds, but 90% of the time it has literally no use since you'll want your diseases up on everything anyway.

    You shouldn't care much about the little bit of damage you won't be doing. Tell yourself that thanks to you, everyone will be able to burst right on the spot and they'll be really happy about that.

    Also, strictly talking about 25m here, assuming you're not going full haste or crit, or whatever 10m build.
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    Drop Dnd, outbreak + blood boil spam. Mass grip them together and use your nameplates (threatplates) to focus any that got onto an overzealous melee. It also helps to keybind a skull and mark one in the pack. This will hopefully get them to at least focus on the designated target while cleaving the rest. This way you don't have 16 people all nuking and ripping different targets.

    After the initial pack things should be a cakewalk since your vengeance is rolling. If things are still an issue train your rogues to tricks to you on pulls and have hunters MD. It is lazyness on their part if they aren't already doing it.
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    We had some issues with the adds threat not working very well before they got a bit down the path (about to where the flame shooting thingys stop) but yea it's more or less impossible to get aggro on adds. Have your 2nd tank help and tell them to wait 2 seconds is most likely the best option.
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    Glyph of Festering Blood. That way if outbreak is on cd, you still get the extra damage from BB.

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    Or step up some yards and get some extra hits on them before you pull them back into the ice.. I usually just run up and hit them a few times before they even get to melee range, 'cause I was having the same problem of people not being able to control themselves

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    The days of frost tank snap aggro are truly gone, AOE threat is sorely suffering. "snap aggro" was used to describe what frrost DK tanks were capable of, so the reference made me sad. I haven't found a tank that does AE threat worse than us. What Ash says is really the only shot you have at controlling wide arrays of mobs at once. DRW glyph didnt help as much as I thought it would, and that's really sad since it DOUBLES your threat, which means my normal threat is so far behind other tanks and DPS that without the glyph I'm not really going to have a shot at getting aggro without a taunt.

    Glyph of festering blood is criminally terrible. Do not use it. Get Outbreak glyph and rolling blood talent. If you begin the fight without RP just Horn + DS then roll into outbreak>BB.
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    Try spamming some rune strikes, and don't forget to actually taunt and DG two of the mobs.

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    Just a quick note here because your question has mostly been answered already. Dancing Rune Weapon is not on the global cooldown.

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    There are some good points here, but there are 2 things I'd like to note, 1 ToT and MD should be up on you if you are supposed to pick up the ads first, besides the other tank. 2ndly the ads themselves don't start their threat table for a few seconds when they run up, so you can start by putting your outbreak on one, but don't BB until they stop running, that's when their threat table becomes active. I used to pop both BB's before that point, and then have nothing to nab them off of people besides taunts. Also drop your D&D on that spot where they stop, you'll get the hang of it after seeing where they stop a few times.

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    So glad I wasn't the only one having problems with AoE threat. I hadn't tanked on my DK since 5.0, so I figured it was something I was doing wrong since I'd had literally no issue whatsoever on my bear, monk, paladin, or warrior. But no matter what I did it didn't seem to work, or it would help ever so slightly but still not enough. I'm sure the fact that I'm still stuck with a heroic 5 man weapon (albeit upgraded) doesn't help at all, but my other tanks had similar weapons and did just fine. Was beginning to think the problem really was me but I was at a loss as to how there could be such a stark difference between my skill with a DK tank and everything else.

    Switching to the DRW glyph seems to have helped a bit, but geared DPS still pull off of me like I wasn't even in Blood Presence. Single target is no issue at all, but I can't hold AoE threat to save my soul. Once things start running all over the place, I'm screwed. Not only am I not getting vengeance procs from them, but I'm also spending all my time trying to get them back under control (an exercise in futility, I assure you). :/

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    One thing that may be worthwhile keeping in mind, is that since the game-wide buffs to tank threat that were introduced with 5.4, is that your Taunts are no longer simply just a Taunt. They also increase the amount of threat that you generate towards that target by 200% for 3 seconds, or roughly two GCDs. While it doesn't have a huge impact on AoE tanking for the most part, if you whack a target you've just taunted with a Rune Strike, you're less likely to lose it again quickly, as you're applying the equivalent of two RS attacks with a single GCD.

    This threat buff affects Death Grip as well as Dark Command.

    Just a tip.

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    Keep letting your druid die until they learn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThunderPussy View Post
    Keep letting your druid die until they learn.
    Unfortunately, that rarely works in my experience. They just end up calling you a terrible tank, not realizing or not wanting to admit that they're at fault. lol

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    Just glyph DRW simple as that. You want your DPS to be able to go to their max and the damage reduce from the glyph is pretty much nothing compared to letting your raid dps go nuts. People saying you should just let your feral die until he learns is a terrible way to tank imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dwarfdk View Post
    just let your feral die until he learns is a terrible way to tank imo
    Just like stated above it's a terrible way to tank, plus it just means you're wasting a b-rez every time you let that person die because "you're teaching them a lesson" and if that never gets through, then that's wasted rezzes that could be used on people who die getting knocked off towers, die to banner+random damage, and overall it's putting more strain on your raid because one person "needs a lesson taught". Upping your gameplay is kind of the way to go IMHO on this one, but hopefully you've gained a lot from the more constructive posts here.

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    no one should be getting knocked off towers lol

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    Thanks for the tips guys. After some experimentation, it seems that they don't actually have an aggro table until they go a bit down the hill (I was going all the way up to their spawn point and wasting my runes there). So once they're down the hill, all my runes are on cd and I'm shit outta luck lol. Turns out just waiting until they go down the hill a bit worked perfectly.

    While on the topic, will you do more damage/generate more threat by cycling through targets and heart striking? I remember I used to do this in Cata with a mouseover heart strike macro.

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