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    Disc Help!!!


    Let me first start off by saying that I know this is a common post, however; I have always been a holy player, and I up until recently have only been a 10 man raider. I never quite grasped the concept of attonment when it first came around, and honestly never really cared because holy was in a decent place at the time (this was ICC-DS).

    I switched from my priest being my long time main, to my bear druid at he start of this xpac. Fast forward almost a year later I am back to my priest, healing once again. I am in a 25 man raiding guild who is progressed near the end of SoO at the moment. Below is a link to my character.

    I am much more geared than I was 2 weeks ago, however; I feel like I am missing something and not doing as well as I should ****Edit: I know the trinkets are terrible, just my luck.**** I know raid/epeen bot is somewhat skewed because people can alter/stack WoL meters in some ways and it can really drop your percentile, but there are a lot of fights list on there where I feel the 9th percentile is inexcusable. I don't feel like I will am holding up progression, but I have always before been in situations where I felt I performed well enough. Below is the epeen link.

    Last but certainly not least is WoL. I have analyzed meters for a long time, and I know there is a lot to learn about them. Below is a link to Tuesday and Wednesdays raid of which we cleared through 9/14. My hope is I am missing something drastic, and my numbers will improve, the other side of me says that I might just be under geared, and that is the root cause of my issues.

    Tues- - Immersus - Protectors

    Was holy for Norushen* - SoP - Galak -Jugs

    Wed- -Shaman -Naz -Malk

    Thanks for any help in advance, I know i might no find THEE answer, just hoping to find some point of improvement.
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    First of all, you're undergeared compared to most of the people you're competing against, so I wouldn't worry too much about percentiles right now.


    Drop the spirit enchants. Chest --> Glorious Stats, Legs --> Int/Crit. Without the meta, you'll want to keep the darkglow for now, for obvious reasons.

    Get Jade Spirit on that weapon, it is far superior to windsong.

    One of your rings isn't enchanted.

    Your trinkets are terribly weak.

    Try and do a run for Spirits of the Sun (ToES, you can get coin rolls from the palace of lei shen instance runs)
    Buy the DMF trinket, it's actually worth it.
    Go back and run ToT for HLG (coin rolls via timeless isle coins)

    You're going to want to work on getting your meta asap. It's going to be a big part of your gamplay, as during the meta proc you can get 2-3 shields out.


    Power Infusion is now the situation/weakest talent of that tier. Take Twist of Fate most of the time, and make sure to switch to low health adds to maintain a good uptime. I see 60-80% uptimes on it. It was buffed heavily in 5.4

    Prayer of Mending glyph is weak compared to other choices, I'd suggest a defensive such as Inner Sanctum or Fade

    WS is fairly week too.


    You need to use Inner Focus more. Like, on CD. It gives you either a party wide DA, or a strong single target DA for a tank, or paired with Spirit Shell, a super buffed SS.

    Track rapture, and make good use of PW: S. You're not even using enough to get your free PW: S per 12 seconds-- this should be happening at the very least.

    Your atonement usage is poor. Penance (offensive) should be on CD at all times, same with HF. Smite as filler when nothing else needs to be done.

    You need to be casting Archangel as soon as you get to 5 stacks of evangelism and it's off CD, it provides a boost to your through put.

    You are always using Halo even when other talents would server you better. As of 5.4 DR was removed from our level 90 talents. Divine Star greatly benefited for this, try using it whenever you'll be stacking often.

    You need to make better use of Spirit Shell. At the very least, cover the tanks and melee groups. Lead into your casts with borrow time from PW: S in order to gain a hasten PoH cast.

    Penance should be used offensively unless absolutely necessary (ie heavy tank damage fights due to grace).

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    (posted while the response above me was being posted)

    I raid 10 mans so I don't want to give any advice that won't translate well into a 25 man environment but I can offer some basic feedback.

    #1 your Archangel up time was very low. Even if your not going to use Atonement much as a heal getting a 5 stack archangel up on cool down or when you can predict burst damage. In my 10 man I use atonement a lot so I sometimes hold onto those stacks but I still tend to see my archangel up time more then double yours. Since you don't use atonement much you could be using those stacks much more often even if you do hold them a little for incoming damage situations.

    Also as mentioned above with Inner Focus, you can always macro it into Prayer of Healing so it uses it when it is available with one press of a button.
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    I tend to use Archangel plus Spirit Shell at once and then use PoH (with Inner Focus) while SS is active to spread shields around; you can get one Spirit Shell to every two Archangels.

    Personally I love Atonement healing, but I'm not sure that's the "intended" way the spec is to work. Disc has Atonement to facilitate getting Archangel stacks, so you can build those stacks without losing healing output, but a heavy reliance on Atonement is, I have a sneaking suspicion, not the designed playstyle. But it works and it's fun and I find it more efficient than using Disc to heal more conventionally. The trick is not getting tunnel vision and Smiting when you should be doing something else, like PoM, single target healing, using a tank CD, using Penance to heal rather than damage etc. (Smite HARDER! doesn't really work ). I wonder if the OP is trying to heal more conventionally hence the lower Atonement?

    Should Darkglow really be used instead of Lightweave in the absence of the LMG? Spirit procs for Disc seem a bit odd.

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    It depends, Shockeye. I used darkglow on most fights until I was able to get the LMG.

    I think it should stay for now, unless the OP is overly comfortable with his regen. With the changes to rapture, you're not getting 150% of your spirit back anymore, but instead, 100% the cost of the PW: S. This makes it a bit tougher, but not insanely tough. I just think at a lower gear level without the LMG, it might be safe t oerr on the side of caution until you're ready to switch to a throughput weave.

    I'm all for less spirit, more int procs.

    The OP's ilvl is 519, some of that is timeless gear. They're gearing for int/spirit still, but could probably drop some spirit --> int/crit gems, at least in the robes.

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    True. My Priest is only at 510 and really to anyone catching up right now gear is a real mixed bag so optimisation is tricky if not outright impossible. I've got some Timeless stuff and gear from pretty much all the MoP LFR raids and it's all very haphazard and still working on getting the meta (farming Wrathion rep is more than I can bear right now...).

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    Throughout ToT I had 5-8k crit (8k towards the end) but my mastery never could quite break 4k. The itemization scaling is just insane with SoO gear and honestly, even with the 4pc, you're still going to have 12k crit, plus with an amp trinket-- you'll be golden. I know some people want to run more than that, but most won't feel it's a quality of life issue having spi/mastery on their gear unless they're really min/maxing.

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    4pc yeah sure
    My main still only has one piece of T16 and we've been hitting SoO (flex) and a Celestial every week since 5.4 came out. I'm not holding my breath for tier sets on my alt any time soon!

    He's sitting at about 6800 Crit, 8900 Spirit and 2k Mastery in his mixed bag o' gear.
    Might take him out this weekend for some raiding to try and tighten that up.

    (My Priest, fwiw -

    OP - I don't mean to hijack your thread! I'm just looking for newb help too and this thread was here

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    Consider looking over this:

    It discusses the value of mastery with respect to crit. He doesn't look too bad otherwise, I mean, there is only so much you can do with the gear you have, you know? I've been there. The timeless isle gear itemization is poop.

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    Poop is an understatement. I wonder if the devs let their primary school-age children itemise the stuff.

    I've spent a chunk of time on H2P lately, haven't read that Crit:Mastery item yet, I'll give it a go-over. My understanding is that while Crit works very nicely with Disc, Mastery is not at all a bad choice either and have read reports of people trying both and seeing very little difference, but I'll give that spreadsheet a go and see what comes up.


    That spreadsheet is very handy! I've been using the same author's HealCalc, didn't know about this other tool.
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    Some info I'd seeking from it.

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    As far as the darkglow vs lightweave argument. I was able to swap after the meta. Held onto it longer than I should have after getting the meta and swapping from 10mHeroic to 25m Heroic. I don't miss it now. I used to be holy as well, so there are certain things I still hold onto and am hesitant changing. The biggest thing I can tell you, get to 35% crit (when your gear allows for, I understand at lower levels this is impossible, it's an end game goal) and to never ever stop casting. Always be doing something, as disc you have the luxury of doing that. Keep Rapture on cd best of your ability (yes even the best of people miss a few raptures). And as it was said before Spirit Shell the Tanks/Melee priority, and my preference is the healers after that (all depends on where the aoe is landing etc). Be liberal in your use of PW:S after you get your regen where it's up and going. Personally I am working on lowering my spirit to get max output stats and changing my playstyle from a high regen to a low regen.

    It just all takes time and patience to learn the finesse of disc, much like it takes time to learn the finesse of holy. They are two VERY different beasts. So don't be too hard on yourself. Look around at other priests and see what they're doing. You can do it, just have patience and willingness to learn from your mistakes. Even the best players have more to learn. Good luck.

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