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    lesser players = lesser guild/progression
    Indeed. It is entirely rational for the better guilds to exclude lesser players. It's not due to the better guilds being bad people; it's ordinary, if skilled, people reacting rationally to the game design.
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    You do realize that siege has only been out for a little more than a month. That LFR if you stick around long enough you will eventually overpower the boss from the persistance buff. Flex and normal are supposed to last raiders who aren't supposed to be in the tier above the whole tier until the next expansion comes out. So really take a look at the end of the expansion those numbers will mean a lot more than they do now.

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    The charts posted on the frontpage show that although approximately 60% of the playerbase seems to raid (LFR included), it appears that only 2% of those are actually doing flex or normal-mode raiding.

    Back in TBC 2% was approximately the number of players that cleared Sunwell and in Vanilla this similarly was the number of players that cleared Naxx40. This was the elite of the elite, best of the best, in those days.

    It's rather odd to see that Flex and Normal mode raiding has become just as exclusive as cutting edge progress raiding was back in those days.

    It's also pretty obvious how people are very much not interested in organized raiding or raidshedules and that many people stopped normal mode raiding the moment LFR was added to the game.

    Perhaps Blizzard would be smart to recognize this and to start focussing on making LFR / queueable content more the main content and reward of the game than expecting people to commit to raidguilds and their shedules.

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    I'm about as far from 'elite' as you can get when it comes to WoW playing and I've killed Garrosh twice in Flex.

    So, I don't think the current situation is equivalent to BC times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pann View Post
    My thoughts exactly and since LFR pays for the production of the more difficult raids I would say that these downsides are a small price to pay.
    Yeah I think that's been a fair compromise ever since Wrath and the split between normal and heroic difficulty.

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    1-5% playerbase killing the end boss is extremely common, especially the final boss of an expansion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pann View Post
    What negative impact does LFR have on the harder difficulty settings?
    tl;dr from his answer: Less people are applying to guilds.

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