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    Lord no! My server is Anachronos-EU, I'm horde side and it's been dead since about 4.1, 4.2...I come back every few months because I do love the game, and it can be fun to knock out some LFR but there's nothing to stick around for as there's no social aspect at all. It's not likely to see much in the way of help either as it's flagged as a medium realm though I don't know how. I mean Alliance side is a bit more populated (though even they don't have all that many players from what I've seen), but yeah, even with that it is a dead realm.
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    Proodmoore-US. Yes. It's high-pop but PVE, so I can go anywhere and see activity at most hours of the day, the AH is busy and things sell quickly, our guild never has any real difficulty finding pugs on the rare occasion we need them and did I mention it's PVE? God I love being able to quest without being killed without warning or defense.
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    If they do nothing but fix realm population issues by the next expansion release, I'll be happy.

    The multitude of "PVP" realms with the 99:1 faction ratios (or really any outside of 60:40) are just stupid. They are PVE realms- world PVP is dead because most skilled players are on realms with zero chance at a meaningful, immersive PVP experience. All but one of the top 20 progression realms in the US range from 3:1 to 99.98:0.02 (Illidan "PVP" lolz) ratios in favor of one faction, and they are almost all PVP realms.

    I'm in medium pop ally dominated (2:1) PVE realm (Gnomeregan)- the biggest trolling realm in all of WoW. There are zero pugs anymore, very occasional guild recruiting, and trade chat is dominated by bacon, anal jokes, and constant insulting and baiting other players. On the plus side, there's plenty of stuff to do in the world besides sit in capital cities waiting in queues (plus <3 oQueue for alts), so you don't have to be assaulted by trade anymore.

    It's nearly impossible to get a pug group on my realm for even the first boss or two in SoO. First tier, you could *maybe* get a group through Spirit Kings through a few wipes, and Elegon was out of the question, as was anything in HoF and Terrace. I ran 14/16H in that tier, but the dearth of skilled players and alts is unbelievable (the guilds that kill heroic bosses on server have only a handful of players with even one alt they could run through normal). ToT, most groups fell apart at Horridon. We had 70+ guilds kill (any) bosses in each of the Cataclysm tiers. For SoO, so far it's 13, and it seems to be shared.

    MOP Murdered casual raiding on small and medium population realms because of the instance gating and the ridiculously overtuned difficulty of 10m normal mode Stone Guard, Elegon, Vizier, and Garalon, and again with Horridon, Council, and Megaera. Raid difficulty should scale up with each subsequent boss (Dragon Soul was well scaled in terms of increasing difficulty), and it seems to be tuned extremely well in Siege, but it's far too late now. Almost all the casual raiders have quit.
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    I'm on Mal'ganis It's a very VERY populated server however it is apparently one of the most hated because I've gotten random hate tells whenever I've ''phased'' to diff servers or people phasing to ours It's highly entertaining

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    I've got 90's on different realms and my happiness varies.

    The Scryers (my first realm) - It's good for rare farming (outside of T.I.) because it's very low pop, but aside from that, it's almost a ghost town. It's also an RP realm that thinks it should be a PVE realm. It would definitely benefit from virtual server merges with other medium pop RP realms.

    Mal'Ganis - It's great, if you're Horde. Most of my higher characters are here. Don't expect to find any rares out side of T.I. though. I also have a 90 Alliance there, rolled it because I wanted a challenge. Step one foot onto T.I. as Alliance and you get blown up faster than a Huolon spawn. I kid you not.

    Exodar - I have one 90 Alliance there. It's in the middle. Nothing exceptional about it. It's one of those servers where a virtual merger could go either way.

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    Shadowsong EU
    Been my Alliance home since 3.3. Much quieter now than back then, but it doesn't have many people trolling, it's generally a fairly nice place to be. Little to no PVP Front, and World Bosses only really die on Wednesdays and maybe Thursdays. However, I have found a Guild recently to play with, so I'm fairly happy. If I hadn't found them I would have moved to a new server. AH is fine, but not many PUGs happen.
    Also been here as Horde in 5.2. Horrible is my opinion. Trade, AH and such is dead, maybe one or two Nalak Groups at most per week. Had to move, was way too quiet for my liking.

    Zenedar EU
    No longer play here. Was quieter than Alliance Shadowsong, and decided to jump the ship before too late. Only played in 4.2 until 5.2/5.3

    Lightbringer EU
    My original Horde home in 2.3, prior to swapping to Alliance in 3.3. Pretty much dead nowadays, last time I checked it was almost hopeless.

    Tarren-Mill EU
    Moved my Horde here in 5.2/5.3 from Zenedar and Shadowsong, seems busy enough for my liking, with PUGs happening often. Can be immature at times, but expected given a higher population. Fairly happy, but not found a Guild to settle in.

    So hard to say. Shadowsong has people I like, but the Server is getting worse. Tarren-Mill is a decent Server, but has no community to me currently. Shadowsong Horde, Zenedar and Lightbringer are dead to me now, beyond memories.

    If my Guild on Shadowsong and a friend I play with a lot were willing to move to a busier Server, I would probably do it. Just would cost a lot to move six Characters :/

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    I'm on Illidan, that is all that needs to be said.

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    I used to really enjoy Moonguard, but over the years the RP has become really bad, especially on alliance side. Only reason I stay is because my Horde side RP PvP guild is still good. Despite this, I'm still very disappointed with the server now. Queues are now ridiculously long, took me an hour and a half to get into an LFR.

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    Mannoroth - a history of high pop and excellence has been in decline for a few years. Horde, which I have recently switched to for the majority of my play, barely has a pulse left. The faction imbalance is staggering and the economy on the Horde side is non existent. It needs a virtual realm like whoa.

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    Pretty much - Sen'Jin EU.
    It has been relatively low-pop since release and became even more quiet over the past few years.
    Exactly what I like about it.

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    I'm sick of my realm because it is full of a bunch of children and jobless welfare collecting deadbeats with 0 social skills. I fear it is like this on many realms though. It's really a trademark of the gaming community as a whole, with a few exceptions.

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    Alot of people aren't happy with their realm, which is a little disturbing if you look at the poll =/
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimlix View Post
    Alot of people aren't happy with their realm, which is a little disturbing if you look at the poll =/
    I think the largest problems with realms were lack of people to group with and a stagnant economy. Completely merged (even virtually realms) solves all of those problems, but it does ruin some fun for people who enjoy the quiet worlds. I totally understand it 'not being design intentions' but I am one of the people who would prefer to play on a basically dead server other than the fact that it's mostly impossible to make money.

    Can't have your cake and eat it to, but yeah.

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    My realm has been abandoned by nearly everyone I once knew... My friends have all left to go do stupid erp crap on Moon Guard, so I'm just sitting here all alone... unsubbing.
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    This goes to show why Blizzard really needs to be giving free server transfers and free faction changes. The game is old and people should not be tied to a certain server forever, things change and people may want to move, that shouldn't come at a cost to the player.

    The cross realm feature they are working on is both coming out too slow and it fails to address many issues, it is bound to fail. It does nothing about faction balance, a huge problem in the game right now. It also is the merging of dead realms with other dead realms, merging broken servers with other broken servers will not address the problems or fix them. Blizzard needs to let players fix the problem and give out free transfers and faction changes.

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    I came to the game in Wrath and my IRL friends brought me to Eitrigg-US. its a medium population server to which nothing happens on. I did meet 2 awesome people that i chat and pvp with on a regular basis however. I transferred one toon to [H] Kil'Jeaden and LOVE IT! My other 2 (active) 90's that remain on Eitrigg either run RBGs with the one group that runs regularly (Lol @ #1 on server, ~15oo) or arena with friends. K'J is a new addiction for me with the amount of open world PvP and groups running RBGs/Arena

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    original realm, no.. 3 transfers, 2 newly levelled 90s for money making stuff later, yes.

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    relatively satisfied with my realm. a lot of softies on the realm no one can take a joke but over all Its nice. Its like..............San Fransisco. My old realm would be like detroit

    stormreaver horde pretty nice suburb of a server.
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    nope, one of the lowest populations on EU and blizzard does nothing to fix it. AH is pretty much empty, good luck buying anything there, good luck selling anything, theres no one to buy it. you can sit in orgrimmar for 2hours and not see a single trade chat message.

    thats my main server, but i recently rerolled on Sylvanas, one of the highest pop EU servers, and its sooo good. basically abandoning my main until blizzard wakes up and does something about it, on sylvanas, i put something on the AH, and it sells in 10mins! can buy what ever i need, trade chat is active, plenty of pugs always going for flex and stuff. its amazing! sometimes at night theres like a 5min queue, but its not a big deal. cant wait for more CRZ and connected servers so all servers can be like this! its how WoW is meant to be!
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    A majority of the players is not happy with their realm.... why doesn't Blizzard just offer free transfers?

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