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    Arakkoa would be really cool, birdlike people would be something completely new since all the current races are mammalian. Of course their playable model would have to be completely redone, just like the goblins, worgen, and draenei were (blood elves too, although theirs was just a peachy colored night elf and was technically a high elf,) so saying that they are too ugly doesn't make much sense because other previously unplayable race's models were ugly and they all look fine as playable characters.

    You could customize their feather patterns like hairstyles, some would have short little feathers that would look better on melee classes, while there would also be longer feathers like the ones on the current models. They could have scraggly, styled, smooth, etc feathers, customizable beaks, and there would be lots of color options. The playable models might be more upright and not have the crazy fingers (at least not while standing normally, maybe as an idle animation) and would probably be around the size of a male orc or just a bit bigger.

    The Raven Lord doesn't make sense as a racial mount, since it's a creature who's worshiped as a god. I think a basilisk or warp stalker would make a better racial mount since they are normal animals that are running around everywhere in Terokkar Forest where most of the arakkoas are.

    Vrykul though, I'd rather not see as a playable race. They are really cool and have more lore behind them than arakkoa, and their architecture is nice looking, but there are already a lot of playable races similar to humans and having another one, even if they are on the Horde, would just seem boring when there are plenty of nonhuman-looking races to choose from (or create)
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    I would love to play as Arakkoa, a birdlike race would bring something unique to the table.

    While I wouldn't necessary roll a Vrykul, I can definitely see the appeal in playing them and have no qualms with them becoming a playable race.

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    I highly dislike this, first of all, a race starting on a higher level than others would be picked for this reason over aesthetic preferences, then, Vrykul are insanely tall and it would need to be scaled down a lot to correspond to the standards, why wouldn't it keep this size ? Well simply because it would be ridiculous and also because your character is a hero in an hero who built his strength in an hostile world, not a titanic force of nature.

    For arakkoa, it also sounds ridiculous to me since they have no face at all, so there's not a lot of imaginable personnalisation options aside from the color and the character would lack of charisma. Not to mention their skeleton is too different and exotic so armors pieces would have trouble to fit them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricirich91 View Post

    General highlights:

    - Horde side
    ...This makes no sense. It would be like the Gronn joining the alliance. Vrykul should be alliance, just like if they wanted the precursor races, the mechagnomes and earthen should also be alliance.

    Arakkoa, though, should definitely be a playable alliance race. When Arakkoa are are introduced, the Horde should get either Ogres or Mok'Nathal (Rexxar's race). The argument against Mok'Nathal is that they are too similar to orcs, which is fair. Then again there are a whole bunch of human-ish looking races, so having a second one resemble orcs isn't a big deal IMO.

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    vrykul nad birds as new races?! no way
    ogres to horde and mechanical gnomes to ally

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    I love these concepts. But I'm no sure about Arakkoa being a playable race. Vrykul as a neutral race would be awesome though, instead of just being for the Horde.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyromelter View Post
    ...This makes no sense. It would be like the Gronn joining the alliance. Vrykul should be alliance, just like if they wanted the precursor races, the mechagnomes and earthen should also be alliance.
    While I agree Vrykul is more Alliance than Horde material, your arguments state that either Night Elves should be horde or Trolls should be Alliance...

    And we don't want either to happen!!!!
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