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    Red face What makes Hunter special to you?

    What makes Hunter special to you?
    Maybe a ability or the lore, something else? Maybe a person? I don't know, you tell me.

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    Was the first character I ever made, and I chose it because it wields a bow and arrow and can control animals. That was fucking cool to me, and still is.

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    -Avoiding damage/aggro
    -Not complicated class to play with

    Most fun part for me is:

    -Can move and lose no dps!

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    Originally chose it cause it's the closest thing to an archer class but if they came out with another one that was petless I would change instantly.

    Now I just kind of stick with it cause the free movement feels good.

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    I like the mobility. Even in the days of Sniper Training, it was the most mobile ranged class by far. Still is. It's easily the best class to raidlead from, as well. /imo

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    Sentimental value, and what little utility and death voiding they have left. And being able to keep full rotation nowadays while being on the move.

    I miss corner pull, trapping, double trapping and that one Magister's Terrace hc at lvl 70 with no tank, but me and another BM hunter got us through it...
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    After hitting level 20 on a Mage, and coming to the conclusion that he looked FULGY with his Red Cloves, Purple Dress, Blue Cap. I deleted him and created a Hunter, and been a Hunter ever since.

    Now with the ability to do Full DPS while having AutoRun on. I love him even more. Doing laps around other Casters and Healers, taunting them with our Superior class. On Thoks fire phase, never having to deal with, "your standing on fire, move damnit!" made me happy.

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    We take on dragons with bows. Plus ... Rexxar.

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    Pay less gold in raids for repairs, thanks to FD. Can wear gun/bow. Mobile class. Cute pets <3 Good at soloing old content. And much more, also it was my first character and pretty much last, since release - only a hunter and i'm not bored with it

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    Hunter is special because of its ability to see and control the whole battlefield.
    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Its easy and fun to play.
    It can be almost any race.
    A ton of pet options.
    Not sharing weapon.
    Only sharing mail with 1 other class(1/3 of their specs).
    Has a ton of utility.
    No other classes compared in playstyle.
    Its way cooler than a paladin.

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    First character I made was a hunter and pets and being able to actually CHOSE your pet is badass.

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    First class i tried and enjoyed, so loads of memories / nostalgia
    very friendly for my low end laggy computer
    RANGED DPS I don't wanna stand NEAR that dragon!
    Pets, i love collecting (more like hoarding)
    The burst

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    Love animals irl love collecting pets as a hunter. Plus I liked the fact that hunters are relatively self sufficent
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    First class i ever played in WoW was a hunter. I loved the fact that i had a pet under my control.

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    Originally I made a hunter for the Pets and Anti-Rogue capabilities.

    While they can still mess with a rogue they have been SEVERELY nerfed from their prior position

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    For me it just felt right since the moment I started my hunter. A class with such great potential, both in pve and pvp.
    If you play good enough you can pretty much take out any class in pvp, and the same applies to soloing older raids etc.
    Not to mention the great mobility hunters have.

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    Bows, taming cool looking animals, and loving rangers-esque characters in RPGs

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    I can run through a cave aggro every mob and then just feign death.
    Never get lonely cause my faithful pet is always at my side.
    No one can steal my mining or herb nodes if I am in combat since my pet tanks while I gather the resource.

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