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    Is a Blizzcon virtual ticket worth it? Your thoughts.

    Blizzcon is getting close. I'm thinking of buying a virtual ticket. Anyone who has bought one before can say what they think about it? Was it worth it or a waste of money?

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    I think it is. I bought one! I can't wait to watch and get meh pets

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    The Feats of Strength only is worth the 20 euros i spent on it =)
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    1. Do you care for anything beyond the opening ceremony?
    2. Do you have an internet connection strong enough to benefit from the higher quality streaming available?
    3. Do you have time to put aside to watch panels, contests, tournaments, etc?

    Ask yourselves those things. If you only want to watch the opening ceremony, you will be able to do so for free on the BlizzCon website. If you do have the time and internet connection to watch the rest of the event reliably, then I'd say take the dive. It's very high quality with almost no lag, and it gives you the ability to flip through all of the simultaneously panels at the click of a button. It's very handy, and I found it to be a pleasant experience. Plus, the little virtual goodies didn't hurt.

    I bought one last year and didn't regret it. I'm getting it again this year.

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    Hell yeah it's worth it just to watch blizzcon! The extra stuff for in-game is nice, but the money is worth the watch.

    At least to me it is, other people may say otherwise.

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    I think it's worth it! We do a little viewing party at our house and our friends come over for whichever parts they're most interested in. Some come for WoW, some come for Starcraft... makes for a good time.

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    I bought one for the last two and this one.

    I enjoy watching it and experiencing it first hand, but that's my preference, everyone's different.

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    Are you interested in the side-rewards or not?
    I'm personally not getting it since I'm not that interested in the side rewards, the opening ceremony is free anyway, and the rest will be viewable in other ways (most likely the whole thing is gonna be up on YouTube right away and there will be transcripts on fan sites).
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    i do think they are a little expensive for what it is, but im still gonna buy one.
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    kinda, but im an avid collector of murlocs.

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    100% worth it you get to see all the new stuff and get in game shit.

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    It's the next best thing to being there I guess. Actually for me it's a lot better than being there because I'm not really interested in spending two days crammed into crowded rooms with a lot of sweaty teenagers. I really like going to conventions like Blizzcon, ComicCon, or WorldCon (science fiction) but with the travel costs and the crowds I think I prefer this now. We have friends over, lay out some food and have a nice private party.

    It's all good.
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    Only if you want extra stuff you get in game, someone will stream it online for free like always.
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    Honestly no, unless you want murloc. Everything of importance will be uploaded here almost instantly

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    Nope, i would pay to go to a con to hang out with freinds. Not to watch one streamed all billy no mates style just to get info seconds before its put up online anyway.

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    Yup! If you want control over which panels you want to watch, and see it as its happening in HD quality. Then yes definitely, We have bought one every Blizzcon its been available and never regretted it, the ingame goodies are a bonus!

    Plus me and my Hubby make a weekend of it, lock ourselves in the house (lol) and will be snuggling on the sofa watching on our new telly Comfort galore!

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    I get one each Blizzcon since I can't afford the X-hundred dollars it would cost me to fly west and shack up in a hotel for a few days.

    I love it though. Usually I sit at work and watch on one monitor while I work on the other, but this year I'm just taking a half day and drinking some beers while watching. Definitely the next best thing to being there.

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    It's usually available for several weeks afterwards on demand in case you can't be around for the live panel broadcasts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wromthrax View Post
    Only if you want extra stuff you get in game, someone will stream it online for free like always.
    Don't even bother with streams, wait a day longer and you can skip all the boring shit on youtube.

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    I got it one year and TBH, found most of the stuff I watched just boring. Unless you're really into all of the panel discussions and stuff, it's not worth the money. IMO, YMMV.
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