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    Arms - help me understand simcraft

    Hey guys,

    so, i was looking at the rotation performed by simcraft for arm warrios and stopped at one line..


    so.. what i am wondering.. how in gods name do you get 25k + crit rating? I am at ilvl 552 now, with about 15k crit.. looked up some 578-580 warriors in the armory and they have about 22k (as fury, so with 2 weapons equipped having crit on them).
    since there is no trinket in soo that provides crit rating as proc (most of the time you would use galakras + thok, which both have no crit rating).. why is that line even in the simcraft rotation? am i missing something? wrong value at simcrafts side? i dont get it..

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    look at the last part...if recklessness is up

    I also believe the stat.crit>25000 would include the skeer's trinket effect.
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    Seems to me that the last part, recklessness, is irrelevant to the question asked since the expression is crit rating or recklessness.

    The result would be true for slam if the target was greater than 20% and crit rating > 25000, regardless of recklessness. The fact that both may be true is by the way.

    So, I don't know how that crit rating is possible, unless stat.crit is not crit rating? Nonetheless, it may be true that at that crit rating slam should be used.

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    The 25000 crit rating is obtainable with the Klaxxi trinket, which for Arms is part of the BiS list on single target. Collision and I have been trying some different ways of wording that line, and that was the one that was the simplest. In full BiS you'll need 9+ stacks of the Klaxxi trinket to reach a high enough amount of Crit for Slam to be better than OP.

    I don't think it's on the Simulationscraft site or the current available download, but there should be the same crit/reck part in the Execute line.

    If you have any other questions about the Sim-C profile or Priolist fell free to ask!
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    ok, so i did some research too.. didnt know klaxxi trinket was BiS for arms, I always took my fury gear and just unequipped 1 weapon well.. ok, you can get to that crit with full BiS + trinket.. but nothing you should really track right? I was just wondering cause I am rebuilding my interface and thought that would be worth a weakaura, but it isnt i think

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    The optimal breakpoint for when Slam/execute yields higher results than OP depends on the amount of crit you have, your AP, your weapon damage, your mastery, etc.
    In full BiS gear the amount of crit you need to reach that breakpoint is around 25k. If you don't have the full BiS list worth of gear it's gonna be hard to say when that breakpoint will be, but I can assure you this, you'll most likely get better results if you start to slam when you get 10+stacks of the Klaxxi trinket, or if you have recklessness up, and you won't waste any Taste for Blood stacks. I personally track it, and I would recommend that you should do so as well if you want to squeeze out the maximum amount of damage you can as Arms, but it won't be any huge increase over just continuing your normal rotation.
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