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    New to MM PvP, got a few questions :)

    Hello all,

    I'm no stranger to hunter pvp, but I've been always playing BM, ever since cata. Recently (today ) I respec'd to MM and I must say I'm having so much fun with my hunter now!

    But I've got a few questions, because I'm still new to MM, and sometimes I'm a little lost at spell priorities.

    1 - Should I hardcast aimed, or just wait for the proc?
    2 - Chimera shot on cooldown?
    3 - Glaive toss on cooldown?
    4 - How do I open on enemy in MM spec?

    Thank you!

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    I've been playing MM since early 5.2 so i know a bit about the spec but I'm far from a "pro MM" in terms of rating. This is just the information i've gathered and my experiences with Marksmanship

    Give a quick read through our talents/passives etc.. before reading my comment. It'll help make more sense of things
    1 - Still not 100% on this question yet. I can tell you what i know, and what i've found from asking other 2k+ MM's
    a. If you can (especially if you're running glyph of AS), open with aimed shot
    > 100% crit chance on targets with 80% HP or higher
    > Some are deadset on not ever using AS on plate/mail but i still hit 40k+ on them, so if i can still get it off i do
    b. When running RBG's, pick up glyph of AS
    > Being able to hit cloth for 100k with an AS followed by a Chim hitting for similar damage will put tons of pressure on enemy heals
    > Being able to be mobile while casting AS allows you to kite and make yourself less of a target
    c. Keeping your 15% haste buff up with 2 steady shots helps a bit with the long casting times on AS

    2 - Getting your Chim's off right when they come off CD is huge.
    a. It hits as hard as an AS, apply's piercing shots and does some magic damage as well
    b. + that roughly 2.5% heal every 10 seconds can stack pretty well with our other healing glyphs/Animal Bond

    3 - Glaive Toss should be second priority behind Chim in a general rotation
    a. i found keeping our +600 PvPpower bonus up we get from our arcane shots before casting my Glaive's, AS procs and Chim's to help with some extra burst

    4 - Opening as MM - Kinda went over it a bit in the first section. Generally you want to always open with an AS if you can safely get one off
    a. I almost always go with an AS + Chim combo as an opener
    > it's devastating on cloth/leather
    > sometimes can take a pretty solid chunk out of mail/plate as well

    This is just my rationale for using glyph of AS in RBG settings - If i'm sitting at 25% crit, and my aimed shots are going to 100% crit on targets above 80% HP, then 1/4 of my teams quick switches are going to start with 2 instant 80K + crits. To me and some other hunters i've talked to it's a must but it doesn't shine as well in an arena setting

    This is all i can give off the top of my head right now. I'm on 0 hours of sleep so forgive my grammar/spelling if i've missed any.

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    MM atm is fun and good at some parts but in arena with 1800+ rating , u will have hard time trying to finish ur enemy , specially most enemies will kite u when they r low hp and u cant do anything about it ww monks !!!! . better to go BM at high rating since ur pet can easily chase those ppl behind pillars and finish them off

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    Dadori is spot on, especially in 2's. Even more so as healer/dps. Maybe running with a holy paladin for freedom would help a lot but I've tried them both and being able to dish out most of your damage while being LoS'd is a huge plus. I would recommend keybinding assist, passive, and mend pet though for sure. As for 3's I'm running KFC and MM does just fine lol

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