View Poll Results: Why don't you tank SoO LFR?

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  • My toon(s) can't have a tank spec

    57 8.32%
  • My toon(s) could have a tank spec, but both specs are used already

    24 3.50%
  • I don't want the responsibility

    59 8.61%
  • I don't have the gear

    21 3.07%
  • I find tanking boring

    28 4.09%
  • I don't know the tactics well enough yet

    42 6.13%
  • Tanks get too much abuse

    215 31.39%
  • I don't need anything from LFR

    66 9.64%
  • I'd rather do normals / flex

    94 13.72%
  • Something else (specified in reply)

    79 11.53%
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    Im kinda leaning towards the abuse option mainly for the sole fact that whenever I do lfr the other tank is a guy in DPS gear and tank spec who refuses to listen to my advice or look up anything about the fights. I mean come on. If you wanna do the fight, just in general, you should atleast have look up a tactic online or read the dungeon journal.

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    I don't like the pressure of being a tank personally, tried it for some time, but I was nervous about my performance, and it didn't help that you just had to wait an extra 2 seconds before someone lashed out at you. I feel much better playing DPS, and it's much more fun, which means I also do a pretty good job at it.

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    I have 4 level 90 chars right now, one of them has a tanking specc. I haven't really tanked LFR yet, apart from first wing in ToT. I mostly tank HCs and so on.

    The main reason for me is not feeling as secure with the role as I would like. I've played the game since 2006 and have mostly played DPS-classes. I feel very comfortable DPSing (no matter what class), and I recently made a healing-char, which I've been playing and enjoying quite a lot, and done LFR with. Tanking however is the one thing I don't feel very comfortable with yet. It's not like I'm a bad tank or anything like that, my heroics are pretty smooth for the most part, and I consider myself a decent tank. But a combination of different tactics/having to pinpoint the differences and the responsibility is what puts me on the fence about tanking in LFR. It's a lot of "taunt after X stacks"-tactics and a lot of things that need to work smooth. I did some LFR-tanking with a friend in Cata, and I liked that more, because it was easy to talk over vent about who's doing what, when and where, and so on. The tactics might be simple on paper, but also the knowledge that if I screw up, that's my spot in the raid. People in general are very impatient with tanks in groups, and if you do a mistake, that's your head on a plate.

    I might add that tanking new things is really scary to me for some reason, but as soon as I have tanked an encounter once, it feels much better, and that feeling goes away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lavinath View Post
    Im kinda leaning towards the abuse option mainly for the sole fact that whenever I do lfr the other tank is a guy in DPS gear and tank spec who refuses to listen to my advice or look up anything about the fights
    Is he, by chance, a prot pally in haste gear? If so, he's doing it right.

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    The reason I don't do it is because if the co-tank is bad and/or stupid it is a nightmare.
    The only time in recent memory that I've tanked LFR I did it with a friend.

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    Where's "I haven't leveled a tank"? "I don't have a tank spec" can apply to warriors, DK's, monks, druids, and pallies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by taheen74 View Post
    Where's "I haven't leveled a tank"? "I don't have a tank spec" can apply to warriors, DK's, monks, druids, and pallies.
    "My toon(s) can't have a tank spec" is the option for you.
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    As a tank it's relatively easy to get into flex/normal groups so I don't have to bother with LFR.

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    you can get decent enough ilvl from ordos/celestials/535 timeless gear. that gets you into flex.

    maybe you do lfr once or twice for a weapon, but even then you don't want to and try to avoid it.

    want the lfr queues to vanish? put unobtainable pets/mounts in the cta bag. you'd get an extra several thousand tanks queuing if they could get murky and everything else. tanks that overgear lfr and would make it a lot more bearable.

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    Just not been bothered to run LFR anywhere near as much since I finished the raid quest portions of the Legendary in Throne of Thunder. I have run each LFR wing of SoO once, not even finished the final wing (only Garrosh), got a few repeats on a couple bosses. Just keep finding better things to play atm than the 45min+ wait to run LFR even as DPS. I know Prot would be faster, but the spec isn't as geared (537 Ret vs 501 Prot), and just not interested in learning the fights to the extent that a tank needs to.
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    Rather play flex with my guild to be honest.

    The choice is between 24 other people I have no connection to. 1-5 don't know how to play their class but think they do and don't accept suggestions. 10 are willing to take directions but are distracted, drunk, high, on the phone or don't/can't pay attention to obvious mechanics. 5 are there just to get a piece of loot and are just enduring the run until X boss. 5-10 are geared enough or out gear LFR and are trying to rush to through the place as quickly as possible, and make it known to everyone that they are too good for LFR.

    Verses 9-12 people I've known and been guilded with for 4+ years.

    No contest.

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    So another thread update ...

    623 votes total.
    54 have toons with no tank spec; 20 could have a tank spec but don't. That leaves 549 tanks voting.

    Of those 549, 54 don't want the responsibility, 183 don't like the abuse they see, 86 would rather avoid LFR and do flex / normal instead, 39 don't feel they know the tactics well enough ..
    Only 76 voted "Something else", so may be tanking LFR .. that's dropped to 13.7%
    In other words 1 in 7 tank LFR; and 65% don't want to tank LFR. 4% find tanking boring, and another 4% are under geared. The remaining 12% or so just don't need anything.

    The number of LFR tanks could increase by 400% or more if the player population cleaned itself up, purely from the existing tanks.

    [edit] These stats have remained fairly consistent throughout the voting history, so I'm confident they're fairly accurate.
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    I choose "other" as I do tank LFR....but only because my son & me are still completing the cloaks. As soon as we're done, I'm not doing it again.

    A horrid combination of:

    Too much abuse (Make 1 simple mistake = 1 hour of abuse) Although, that's not JUST tanks....LFR is just a cesspool
    DPS standing around doing nothing, or auto-attacking the boss for 10k

    Means I don't want to do it, I just want to get the dam stones we need

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    For the first time in my years of WoW, I am leveling a tank. Should hit 80 today, maybe 82 or so if I don't get distracted by RL and go do something else. I probably will at least try tanking LFR when I hit 90.
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    I don't on my main because he outgears it by a mile, and I don't on my alt tank because there are not enough people left in lfr with enough brains to complete it without massive headache, even when they are explicitly told what needs to be done. Even if they do what needs to be done, there is no guarantee to not hit enrage timer.

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    The last LFR I tanked I had an offtank who didn't taunt, even after spamming him with whispers and raid warnings. We eventually wiped, not surprisingly and the raid chat was full of messages along the lines of
    "OMG worst tanks ever!"
    "L2P TANKS!"
    "Why are all the tanks so awful?"

    Well screw that. I did everything right and I get blamed? I have no interest in dealing with that shit.
    I don't think this matters nearly as much as you think it does.

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    i could on my main tank 566 for the lols, but i just dont because i dont need the gear, and most people in LFR are just generally bad.

    they wont listen, and they are in their own private litle word thinking they know best.

    i will find the horrors of tanking lfr soon enough as im trying to gear up my dk tank, but the sooner i can jump into the flex, the better.

    yea...i like lvling what can i say..

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    LFR, to me, is kinda of like single player raiding. I wanna get in, do my job, and move along. Queuing as a tank suddenly requires I coordinate, and often teach another player, how we're going to tackle the boss. Add to that the marking, ready checks, and crap like that and it just moves too far for my taste from 'tanking', which I enjoy, to herding/babysitting strangers.

    Both of my tanking toons are exclusively flex+ now.

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    LFR is a very toxic environment thanks to anonymity. And since tanks usually have most to do in LFR, it's easy to spot when they fail and that will make Jimmy the Mage who spams Fireball all day and gets away with it rage at them for being bad and how they should learn to play and stuff.
    Guess what they are in LFR for, little Jimmy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revolutions View Post
    because pulling 200k dps is more fun than tanking.
    Beacuse pulling 200k dps as a tank and beating you is more fun. C Wat I did thur

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