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    Least intrusive buff/bar mod out there?

    I've been using CT Mod for the past 7 years, but today being the second patch where it gets no update, it's become messed up on multiple fronts. Sadly, I must move away from this excellent mod.

    You could use it to add extra bars on your screen (up to 8 more), set key binds for each of them, it had a buff mod that gave you a window where all your buffs/debuffs would appear, and aside from that it had minor quality of life features, but it didn't change in any way the appearance of your bars or buttons.

    Can anyone recommend something like this? I don't want minimalism or pretty flashy things at all, just functionality and customization.

    Thank you!

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    Raven is great..
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    Hermes - Share cooldown status with raid/party.
    Skada: Survivability - Show when a character died during a specific attempt.
    AffDots - Track the potency of your DoTs on a target.

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    Not sure about intrusive as word in this context? but you can't go far wrong with Bartender, rebinding and full configuration of placement and sizing is very good. Plus you can even keep the original blizzard art if you so desire.

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    Thanks, these both look fantastic and I think they will do the job well. I didn't want to try Bartender back in the days because on every patch day I'd hear people complain how all their bars were messed up until they got an update, but I can deal with that I'm not a dedicated raider anymore, just playing casually.

    Thanks again.

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    If you want something pretty close to the default, but with a bit more in way of options.
    You could take a look at rActionBarStyler, rActionButtonStyler and rBuffStyler.
    Much of the configuration is done through lua though but isn't too in-depth, mainly changing some clearly described text/numbers.
    Though you may be more comfortable with in-game interfaces.

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