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    So, I have never transmogged ANYTHING... so what would be good

    for a DPS monk to go and get from Molten Core?

    LOL, I don't even know how to transmog.... just looking to try things in WoW that I have never done before.

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    Check out wowroleplaygear.com. They have galleries with lots of sets sorted by armor class. I can also recommend worldofwardrobes.com if you want to browse items by colour, armour type etc.
    And if you haven't already download Atlasloot or MogIt addons.

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    this thread might be of interest for you


    full of monk transmogs and ideas
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    How you transmog:
    Go to any big city.
    Talk to guard, ask him about Transmogrification.
    You will get marker on map and minimap where the NPC is.
    Go there.
    Talk to NPC.
    A window will appear that looks just like your character screen.
    There will be arrows next to your items, when you click that arrow a grid will appear with transmogs you can choose from.
    Any gear you have in your bags or bank that you can use (Leather ONLY for Monks) will be shown.
    As a monk, you can transmog melee weapons into any other (the restriction is you cant mog polearm/staff into any other kind of weapon, just to polearm/staff respectively). So you can have Sword but you can mog it into a Fist. You can't mog legendaries or into their looks.

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    It's completeley subjective... you should just go for the items you like the look of...

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    Thanks.... will go check that addon.

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