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    there was allready a thread about this

    posted my ideas.

    Warlock shoudl get two demonology specs, one with strong demons and one whre he becomes a demon (tank).
    Warrior should get a range spec
    Paladin and Priest should get a holy dmg range spec
    shaman should get earth as a tank
    mage should be able to heal with time control
    monk needs a range dps spec
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    Core behind any spec is that it can't ignore all the other abilities from other specs. Although admittedly feral/guardian mostly do that so who knows.

    Rogue: Swashbuckler - 2H sword and dual wield tank

    Warlock: Summoner - another pet spec but continuously tapping into a nether portal. Demonology pushed more into "turning into a demon"/tank spec.

    Hunter: Pet becomes a viable tank, becomes you? Hunter becomes the pet. Or melee spec. No idea.

    Shaman: Like everyone else, a 2H rockbiter/earth based tanking class..

    Warrior: Commander - had same idea right down to the name. Battlefield leader, commands 2 pets who follow their orders. Acquires followers by duelling NPCs

    Priest: Cleanser - Holy DPS with a nifty angel pet.

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    Death knight - Spell DPS (Frost and Shadow)
    Mage - Healing (Arcane - themed on time manipulation)
    Monk - Spell DPS (Crane-named Stance)
    Shaman - Tank (Earth based)
    Priest & Paladin - Holy Spell DPS
    Warrior - Dual Shield Tank

    I think Paladins and Dks having Spell DPS specs would help with the INT plate problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alanar View Post
    That is.. awesome! I really like the priest one

    Paladin not so much.. just cus that would just make him into a Death knight..
    Cheers. However, the Dark Paladin spec may be more like a Shadow priest version of Dark, not the Fallen type aka Death Knight. Lorewise, it may be the guy who goes beyond the moral guidance of Paladins in order to smite his/her opponents. Similar to how Greyguard works in DnD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightrianna View Post
    Warlock: Anima-based spec
    Mage:Chrono ( fully time based spec)

    this is a very good idea
    Thanks. In fact, I base those ideas on the concept of what I believe each class would focus their research as of this "generation". Warlocks may look into the "dark-side" of titan magic, the sacrificial magic as it was called in the green fire questline. Keep in mind that it heavily resembles that crimson blizz store helmet that had some relation to warlocks.

    As for Mage and Time. I believe that it is the only signature that this class holds dear at the moment and things should be focused around developing that in order to provide a decent identity.
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