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    Lava Lash / Enhancement Question

    I've been playing enhancement for a while and though I am comfortable with it I don't consider myself an expert in it by any means. So I was looking over the tool tips for various abilities and the one for Lava Lash caught my attention. It mentions that you charge your off-hand weapon with lava and use it for 300% weapon dmg. Now I have seen on several sites that it is best to put your higher dps weapon in your main hand but it seems to me (and I'm probably missing something here) that if you put your higher dps weapon in your offhand with flametongue on it your going to get a higher amount of dps from Lava Lash. Of course, all this is based on my having 2 different level weapons. If you similar ilvl weapons the question is moot. Thoughts?

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    Best weapon in main hand.
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    Best weapon main hand. Always.

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    MH weapond damage impact your
    -SS/SB MH hit

    OH weapond impact your
    -SS/SB OH hits

    FT doest not get modif buy your Weapond DPS its gt modif by your Ap and Weapond baise speed

    Weapond in OH do 50% less damage then weapond in MH so
    -66% of you Autoatacks SS/SB damage come from MH 33% come form OH

    so its better to have better weapond in MH then is OH becous more damage come from MH

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    Alright, makes sense. Thanks for the replies and explanations.

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