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    constructive criticism please

    Good morning, I've returned back to wow and I'm loving the disc priest healing. I want to get into flex raiding. 10-20 man. please take a look at my armory And me have it. I prefer atone healing with situational direct heals. I'm working on legendary meta and cloak now. thanks for the look.

    decedence hellscream

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    enchant your items

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    The above has everything you need to know and more.


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    the hell are you gemming for?

    Reforged out of mastery, yet have a int+mastery gem
    Reforged out of spirit for crit, only to regem spirit+crit
    i dont understand what you're aiming for at all with how you have gemmed or reforged, and like someone above said, enchant your items
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    after just seeing results of morality bukkake on garrosh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayp View Post
    the hell are you gemming for?
    (...) Reforged out of spirit for crit, only to regem spirit+crit
    I do that a lot.. Spirit+Crit on blues. Reforge out Spirit for Crit on every tier piece.

    Edit: @OP:
    Yellow Socket = +320 crit
    Blue Socket = +160 spirit + 160 crit
    Red socket = +80 int + 160 crit

    Enchant your gear.

    Since you don't have the Legendary Meta Gem, find out how much spirit is "ok" to not go OOM. Heavy atonement won't need a lot tbh.
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    Thanks for the replies all, ill look at my enchants and gemming, I do pretty good with mana in LFR and the little flex i have done.

    Ill check out that link!

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