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    Raid Breakpoints...

    "Right now boss abilities still have some breakpoints. Going from 14 to 15 adds a third target for a certain mechanic in SoO right now, but in the future it would have a scaling random chance to have a third target so that there isn't that breakpoint."

    I am totally stunned at how fucking moronic this is. So I guess some weeks you'll roll in with 12, get really unlucky and get a third add, making the encounter heroic level hard... some weeks you'll group with 18 and get really lucky and NOT get that third add, making it trivial. How the FUCK is an encounter supposed to be balanced with this kind of RNG to mechanics?

    So... fucking... horrible. GC needs to give his PhD back... oh wait, it's in oceanography and means nothing. What a joke.

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    They will most likely scale the health of the mobs to go with it obviously

    This will just reverse the moronic idea that going with 14 is easier than 15... while now going with 15 will be more predictable than 14.
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    Nerd rage over a small issue like this is unproductive when the game hasn't even been launched in beta yet or is any way fully fleshed out.

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    not everything is going to be just a % chance there is still breakpoints on some mechanics but in cases like that i am sure they will err on the side of adding a new player being less punishing.

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    I don't think this kind of response makes sense. I mean they only just announced a feature that they have been thinking about and haven't fleshed out the numbers.
    If I recall correctly the example they referenced was for a boss ability that hits 5 players in 25man and 2 players in 10man.
    So it would scale as 3 in 15man, 4 in 20man, therefor if you have a 12man group you'd get 2 and a 40% for a 3rd, at 13man it's 2 and a 60% chance for a 3rd.
    However I'd assume they'd tune this scaling on a ability by ability basis, which I think they do anyway, so I'll just trust them on this.

    This isn't really on topic, but I wonder why it scales 10-25, rather than 10-20 considering that mythic is 20man.
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