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    Mythic mode

    10-25M Normal (Flex)
    10-25M Heroic (Flex)
    20M Mythic

    Main page of MMO is deceiving, this is not a HARDER Difficulty, it will be the same difficulty of current heroic modes.

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    20 man MYTHIC raid size

    Holy shit. Did NOT see that coming.

    This is huge, since the majority of raiding guilds are 10 man now, this now means they'll need to double their normal raid groups to raid at the top level, how do you feel about this?

    To clarify for those not watching - the new raids work like this:

    LFR now is 25 man
    In WoD it's 25, but will use the flex tech to scale between 10-25 if people leave early

    Flex now is 10-25
    In WoD it's now called normal and works as it does now

    Normal now is 10 or 25
    In WoD it's called heroic and uses the flex technology to scale between 10-25

    Heroic now is 10 or 25
    In WoD it's called Mythic and is locked at 20 people.


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    Nice to see lfr still here
    There was no such thing as "ability bloat" just l2fp.

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    Holy fucking shit.

    This will be interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    Holy shit. Did NOT see that coming.
    The people who want to force larger raid sizes got their way then ^^

    Getting my popcorn...

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    Elaborate for those of us without wallets.

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    So after world first guilds kill heroic then they have to drop/gain 5/10 players to do Mythic?

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    desperate to get "the main theard" for Mythic mode eh? Lame shit as u just reserve it and didnt write shit... mofo!

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    Not quite sure how I feel about having to recruit 10 more players to experience the high level raiding content
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    mythic=new heroic

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    No one did and we'll have to see if heroics will still be tuned like now bar the entry level bosses and what the tunning will be in mythic

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    "Paragon: recruiting 10 new finnish speaking players for next expansion"

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    This was totally unexpected..

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    Bye 10M Raiding, Mythic the new Heroic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seanothan View Post
    Elaborate for those of us without wallets.
    Heroic raiding will be 20 man only :P

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    A lot of pissed off 10 heroic guilds. As a 25 though, I'm more interested in how we will have to downsize.

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    No more 10 vs 25 bullshit. Thank god.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GamerLCD View Post
    So after world first guilds kill heroic then they have to drop 5 players to do Mythic?
    No, they could do 20 player flex heroic. It scales between 10-25 for heroic, then mythic is 20.

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