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    Hello Fellow Rogues!

    Hey guys! just stopping by to say hello im gonna be on here more now and i was wondering if you guys could take a look at my rogue and poke some pointers on some gear replaces or things i should look out for

    (cant post links yet I got it. -Kael)
    im about to start heroics tommorrow!
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    slightly better reforge/gemming

    Realistically, you're in good shape. Grab the 4p from flex if you have the chance to before hitting Heroics, but you've got the right idea. If you'd like log help, let us know how they're posted and someone will grab them for you (or you can put them up in ~8 posts).

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    I will have logs maybe today through thursday

    - - - Updated - - -

    i Have the logs from yesterdays heroic attempts we wiped a lot because of stupid reasons we are not even getting phase 1 down right its pretty frustrating tho

    US-Stormrage You had me at zug zug <<-guild name
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