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    Cooldown addon or similar

    If you watch this video you can see on the left where his DOTs are (it seems that it tracks the DOTs on the target), and as the timer goes down it goes from green, to yellow, then red. I was wondering what addon or cooldown text addon, or what that can do that? OmniCC does not at all. It might be an addon that isn't even a cooldown addon, because it seems the whole green, yellow, and red would only seem to work on DOTs (and only make sense), because cooldown addons are only yellow then red when almost up (which makes more sense). Anyway, does anyone know at all, of what addon or whatever it might be?

    Here is the video, and where it starts, remember you're looking at the left of the screen where you'll see his priest DOTs on the target.

    Go to 10:07 where it'll start and you can see it.

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    Video doesn't buffer for me, but what you describe is something weakauras can do.

    It can be configured to work with any CD, Debuff, buff, spell, DoT, etc etc that you program it to.

    It can even alert you of boss warnings with an icon and it can change the color/design of the icon depending on how much time it is left for it to activate/finish/last etc.

    This is what my Monk Shuffle weakaura looks like. It can be changed to look like this for any buff/debuff/DoT/CD etc.

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    Well hopefully some of you can watch the video, but I'm pretty sure it's not WeakAuras, because the dude has multiple debuff DOTs on the target, and if you can watch the video it shows the targets name above the DOTs that show the cooldown on the target. They are icons instead of bars if that helps. Practically from what you can tell from the image it seems like one thing and you can configure all sorts of whitelisted debuffs/buffs and when you put them on the target (since in the video it's target only) they just stack on each other. I know all these addons like WeakAuras are similar and such, but I don't think that the addon is that. The closest I could get to what you see in the video is Raven. For all I know it's that addon you see in the video, but all I'm missing is the right and exact cooldown counter addon, where at a certain percentage the cooldown on the target is green, then it gets to like 60% then turns yellow, then 90% then red. Kinda like every other cooldown addon, but it doesn't have the ability to have green as a color, and have the ability to have the colors change at a certain percentage.

    I know it seems I am making a big deal over nothing lol, but if somehow I could find out that addon, that would be great, because I love his setup.

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    You might be looking for AffDots. More specifically, AffDots-Preist.
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