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    The cata 5 mans and tier 11 raids were fantastic. As a normal raider, I found that although I had to grind valor in 5 mans, the difficulty was at least somewhat similar to a raid, at least while everyone was undergeared. Then they added ZG/ZA in 4.1 and made them give double freaking valor...essentially requiring you to queue for them only and ignore the rest of the 5 mans. They did made healing non-faceroll, which I loved. In WotLK I would just spam flash heal all day and in BC it was CoH (holy priest). 4.1 also made a lot of raiding guilds break up since they kind of teased us with firelands, only to pull the chair out from under us and delay it to 4.2, leading to the mother of all summer lulls.

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    Last patch was screwed by DS in pve and with pve items playing the most important roll in pvp, so for all of the playerbase the last 1 year went to crap.
    At least for me the start was awesome, pvp was kinda ok, but the 80-85 was kinda fun and the first raids were really fun. Didnt really like the lost of Barrenns
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    Cata was nothing but feces.

    Some people in the world are really into that stuff, but it's still FECES.

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    Let's see, from my casual point of view:
    4.0 - The new world to explore. The old world to re-discover. New races to play. Dungeons that actually filled me with a sense of accomplishment after doing 1 a day(I was tanking in LFD, so I had to lead 4 strangers, and we still managed). Epics regained their status! (considering Wotlk epic status, that was something) Dailies with every faction that made me go out into the world. Interesting raids for those that were raiding. Lots upon lots upon lots of system changes that are present until this day and were veeery needed in the game. Examples: scaling spells, removal of weapon training, cleaning some useless spells, revamping of some classes.
    4.1 - Right after the best patch so I had high expectations. Boy, did it not deliver. I after watching videos of new dungeons once, was able to NOT fail in them, however you can't carry whole team with 1 person. Difficulty went up, which I welcomed, but so did the length of dungeons too. In result, lots of people where quiting mid-instance and they would take forever to complete. Now for the worst part. Apart from 2 new, long and unforgiving for baddies dungeons and a handful of quests you had NOTHING to do the whole time. You cleared dailies in 4.0, you got the gear you wanted from 4.0 dungeons and now you were stuck with 2 dungeons for next months without any sign of hope. Lots of people left then, including some of my friends.
    4.2 - Good patch for raiders. They also added a new type of daily hub, that is changing the more dailies you have done. The idea was neat, however in reality it meant you were going to bother with 1-2 characters, because the amount of dailies piled up and was just too annoying to deal with. Again, as a casual, you were stuck with same 2 dungeons you were doing for past months and dailies that you had to re-do like 10 times before you could move on to new stuff. Quite draining.
    4.3 - Nice patch, but came way too late. Every friend of mine had by this time quit WoW and so did I for a while. It brought very useful features like: LFR and transmogrification, which I can't imagine the game now without. It also brought 3 new dungeons (good) that were giving better gear than before (good) but also were a ton easier than the 2 dungeons you were stuck with for past months(bad). I myself see this as a kind of degradation, since I didn't feel good about getting stronger gear with less effort than before. It also made the 4.1 dungeons feel completely useless, as you could get into new 4.3 ones without having to set a foot in 4.1 ones. Which meant that the last months you spent doing them were all... nothing. The LFR allowed me and countless other people see the content and actually participate in some quasi-raiding. Sadly, it also exposed us to the worst our community had to offer. Just like LFD but on a bigger scale. The effects of it still linger to this day.

    Summary: Cata had some good system changes that were very much needed in a dated game like WoW. However it failed to add meaningful things to do for people that weren't raiding. It felt like "bare-bones" expansion, as if they released it half-way done. Also, it started a sub loss snowball effect. Friends leave the game, then friends of the friends leave the game and so on. The game is supposed to be played with the others, not alone.
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    Cataclysm is ranked higher on my list than MoP at this point. I just had to see the last patch before making the final decision.

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    Because Cataclysm was crap. Blizzard went slackmode and thought they could get away with it.

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    You could have taken all the content in cata and put it into a new expansion + 1 patch, so little to do.

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    no new game play features were added at first. So I quit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ringpriest View Post
    Except that wasn't how it was seen. Vanilla and BC and Wrath were all seen pretty much equally up until Cata, with maybe Wrath seeming not quite as good as BC in a few ways. Cata was hated once the ZA patch came out, no one was complaining about Wrath - we were wishing for it back. And once MoP came out, while far from perfect or universally loved, it was far better than Cata - even most of the "Panda and Pokemon Haters Club" will agree with that. Now, a lot of people aren't liking what they've seen of WoD... your "pattern" is anything but.
    Except that really is how it was seen. Cata was hated by some during its own lifetime, but that wasn't until the very end (When people pretend it was all along), mainly due to Dragon Soul lasting for so long with no content.

    Vanilla was seen as far inferior to BC when it came out, and Wrath made BC look like a straight up bitch. And then everybody whined about Wrath and how "easy" it was, so Cata came out and people liked pretty much most of it (Sans the few that complained about 4.1) until Dragon Soul.
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    Cata was so bad that it made Wrath look good at a time when people utterly despised Wrath. ICC for over a year was preferable to bland zones, completely linear questing where you had to clear out each hub to advance, leveling that felt like a punishment you were forced to endure to play the game instead of the actual game itself, and goddamn Dragon Soul. There was almost no effort put into Cataclysm beyond the revamp of the old world, and that's not exactly a selling point for an expansion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronduwil View Post
    That was a tribute to Katamari Damacy. You should try that game some time. Lots of fun, and the best theme song ever:

    I Swear the entirety of Japan is on LSD 24/7 and i LOVE it.

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    The only good thing about Cata was Firelands and even that is a bit tainted with a rehashed raid boss (go figure blizz) the dungeons we're bad due to yet again rehashing old content za/zg,hey look black rock decent and another rehashed boss (Nefarian) and yet another Onyxia which makes 3 now of her and they even managed to out do themselves and put both of those rehashed bosses in the same fight.PvP is pretty much unspeakable and basically ran off the remaining good pvp'ers minus the ones getting rich by livestreaming and taking multitudes of kids money as "donations".They even managed to take what could had been the most epic boss in a epic fight and make it a laughingstock and i speak of none other than deathwing.So in a nutshell they gave us content that most of it was rehashed or just re-colored bosses we've already seen (Dragon Soul),ruined was was already a dying gaming aspect some called pvp but couldnt do so with a straight face and called it an expansion and took your money.

    Sounds like many plausible reasons to bash the shit garbage it was.
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    DS as raid and the way DW story was turned into a pile of shit.

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    tier 11 was great so were the dungeons right up until the nerfs rolled out, from then on it just went downhill

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    It feels like 90% of the people in this thread judge the whole expansion for the endpatch that was DS.

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    General rule of WoW is: You hate the current expansion. You still hate the previous expansion, its still fresh in your mind. The expansion before that was ok-ish. You love the expansion before that one. And you absolutely geekjizz on vanilla WoW.

    So basicly, nostalgia.

    In 1-2 years we have all forgotten Dragon Soul was way to long the only Raid available, as Siege of Orgrimar will probably follow the same path. People have already forgotten ICC took even longer (RS doesnt count), and we all dont have a clue how long everything took before that, so by rule we love it. Dragon Soul sucks, because everyone says it did.

    In the end, DS wasnt that bad, the encounters were all unique and fun. The only thing missing was a 9th proper encounter against Death Wing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novx View Post
    Tier 11 was great, tier 12 and 13 killed the expansion.
    Pretty much for me as well.

    Tier 11 was my favorite raiding tier in WoW history.

    But I really did not like Firelands that much and DS was not my favorite.

    I have a basic rule, if a Tier has been out longer than the number of bosses in the Tier it has been out to long.

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    Most people hate the expansion because of dragon soul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spiderdragon View Post
    Most people hate the expansion because of dragon soul.
    What was so bad about Dragon soul? Fights were pretty epic. Spine, Deathwing... Not on LFR ofc, but who judges raid content on LFR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malderon View Post
    What was so bad about Dragon soul? Fights were pretty epic. Spine, Deathwing... Not on LFR ofc, but who judges raid content on LFR?
    Well, to most people, including myself, those fights weren't epic. They were shit. Absolute shit. If you were to look at Spine purely for the theme and idea, then yeah, the idea of fighting on Deathwing's back to force him to land is great. However, it's just a boring add fight. On Heroic, most of it was easy (as long as you had the dps for tendons) until towards the end, where it was just a hectic nightmare.

    Madness was kind of similar too, in the sense that you're just fighting adds and repeating the same thing until the last phase. Just like Spine, it wasn't too challenging until the end, where it became pretty hectic, although not quite as bad as Spine. However, the worst part about Madness was that it was a pretty long fight. If you wipe at the end, you have to fight through 10 minutes of the easy stuff until you get to phase 2 again.

    Ultraxion was the laziest idea for a fight ever and the majority of other fights (except lootship imo) were any good.

    It's funny, as far as I remember, most people were pretty disappointed with Firelands, but they enjoyed Ragnaros. Once they had to play through Dragon Soul for a few months, Firelands seemed great by comparison.

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