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    Holy stat prios

    So I swapped from Spirit>Haste>Mastery to Spirit>Mastery>Crit, I am debating going back to haste, what do some of you guys do and why?

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    For 10 man: spirit > haste cap for glyphed renew (4721) > crit > mastery

    For 25 man: spirit > mastery > crit > haste

    That's how I go best.

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    if you have the gear you should aim for the 13k haste breakpoint, maintain a min of 16-17k spi and rest mastery, only in pretty much BiS gear should you go for the 18k breakpoint but the 13k breakpoint should be more than reasonable in 560 ilvl

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    Depends on 10 or 25m personally i only like to reach the 12.5% haste then i go full mastery curreny on 16k spirit and 36% mastery i like to keep high mastery with some crit

    When i raided 10m i stayed with a mastery stacked then went back to 25m tried crit and mastery but i think mastery is still better.

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    depends on 10 or 25,

    for 25, you could probably take just about anything and still do fine, but haste has the strongest throughput and least overhealing at the cost of needing more spirit to support it compared to crit and mastery which at this point are both about even and both have their own overhealing issues and which makes you better on meters depends on healer comp and the fight (however, always remember that your 90 talent doesn't scale with haste so you don't really need too absurd of haste)

    for 10s, really high spirit and a high renew breakpoint, then crit just because renew is going to be quite a bit of your healing, making mastery significantly weaker

    it sounds like you mean 25s though, so try to keep at least enough haste that prayer of healing is at least around 2s imo (20% buffed, I think that's about 6k), but 90 talents are bigger parts of your healing in 25s, and pre-casting is more important, so you can drop more haste if you feel like it, but I'd at least try finding out whether or not you're able to pull better with different amounts of crit and mastery, but on this patch, it's really situational in practical situations, and I haven't talked too much to my friend about gearing for priests in heroic 25s lately

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    To further up what Ryklin said.

    Pre-casting is a very important Holy skill. When to start casting before big damage/have FDCL procs up, DI up... And again when NOT to be casting.

    I prefer to take Int and Int/mastery over more spirit/haste as Holy. I pre-cast PoH when I know I'll need it, and I'm very watchful of wasted PoM. I generally run 12-13k spirit as Holy and do well, but I'm 25m and rarely use Renew. For my LMG procs I'm using PoM, Lvl90 Talents, and sometimes glyphed binding heal if I have hero/lust up.

    You're going to at least hit the 2nd lightwell BP in the high 4ks (run over to Howtopriest for the table, or totemspot... iirc it's like 4721). After that, go wild with Int/mastery, mastery, and Int.

    Int is going to hit harder upfront, but mastery is better if you can't always be actively casting and aren't overhealign the nsot out of things. If you have 6 healers, int imho, will do you better. 6 healers and EoL do not play well together unless you enjoy being the overhealing master.

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    Renew isn't a requirement for 25, ignore haste. If you're 10, follow the haste breakpoints then Mastery > Crit. Spirit until you need it. Probably gonna average around 16-17K.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malania View Post
    Renew isn't a requirement for 25, ignore haste.
    Most people don't get haste for renew ticks in 25, it's for the lightwell/sanc bp.

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    Yeah I am 573 item level (working on 25 H Spoils) I am going to be going back to haste for the lw ticks+poh

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    yah, also remember for high burst fights that you can reforge to like a large amount of haste for going rambo on/off high throughput healing when needed, it costs more mana and is less viable than it was from BC to Cata due to priest mop 90 talents and was somewhat nerfed in cata due to the loss of the 5 second rule, but now, around the lightwell breakpoint is nice just because it allows better movement and more casts for stuff while not hampering mana issues too much (like seriously better movement, really low amounts of haste, you start to feel like you single-handedly wiped the raid because you canceled your massive prayer cast to move out of shit)

    I don't do 25s, but I'm going to assume running out of raid cooldowns on the mogu minibosses is hell, good luck with that

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