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    Looks like someone just copy pasted a thread from 4chan

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    Quote Originally Posted by LairenyX View Post
    Instead of worrying about making epic raid that no one experienced and adding a LFR version that is DETRIMENTAL to your experience, spend the time making epic raid to making epic 15 man dungeons with the difficulty and gear spread out of UBRS, Scholo, and Strath, and have nice collectable gear like the old 8 piece set that take you a long time to collect.
    The EPIC 15 man dungeon to which you're referring is called a flexible raid. Dungeons are 5-man. Even if you call a 15-man instance a dungeon it's still a raid. The whole point of a dungeon is a tighter-knit experience in which every member is fully accountable. Unfortunately watering those down the way they did in MoP to the point where they can be soloed or two-manned in the current expansion's gear defeats that point. Scaling them up to require 15 players would also defeat that point. I just want good five man dungeons that require a little thought and co-operation back. I don't know where you got the impression that everyone wants 15-man instances. If you want that then run a 15-man flex raid.
    Quote Originally Posted by CandyCotton Marshmallows View Post
    People need to get over the gear color (and themselves). It doesn't matter, and it shouldn't matter what other players have either. Worry about your damn self. Live your life by that. If you want to concern yourself with someone else, then worry about HELPING them, not putting them down or making sure you stand out as better than them.
    Maybe the game would be better with more low DPS nice guys and fewer high DPS jerks? -- Ghostcrawler, Twitter, 6/29/13

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jokerfiend View Post
    Your lying if you NEVER wiped in Scholomance or Stratholme. ESPECIALLY, if you were doing the timed run. Only like 10% of the player base made it into BWL, and killed Razorgore. Which means, unless you farmed MC and ZG, like people in BC farmed Karazhan, UBRS remained relevant and difficult for the MAJORITY of the player base.
    When it comes to Scholomance and Stratholme, you missed the part "when you could raid them". 45 min Strath UD was a 5 man run that was introduced in very late patches, which introduced 0.5 set. and removed the ability to raid those 2.
    The only difficult part about Scholo was doing 5-paladin run for the charger quest.

    And I never said UBRS was easy.

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