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    Which is the best PvP spec for Pala?

    So guys,i just got a Paladin 90 lvl and want to make him OP at pvp.I want enemies to say "damn will you die already?" but i want to do a little dmg also.I am listening your opinions

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    Ret is completely overshadowed by warrior this season. Holy paladin is alright

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    Ret is doable (hunter-ret-dpriest or enha-ret-something, etc). Prot is a no go.

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    Ty guys.But would i be able to do damage with holy spec? i mean,damage of at least a minimum scale

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    Healers can't really do damage anymore, except monks or druids during heart of the wild. I mean you can put a little out, but I don't think there's a single spec in the game that will actually die do it. Besides that, holy paladins don't seem particularly tanky to me. I'm pretty sure a decent mage or rogue (probably among others) can solo them. Regardless, it is by far the most viable spec for paladins in rated pvp (as is usually the case).

    Based on your first post though I'm assuming you're just looking to pass some time in random battlegrounds, and prot sounds like your best fit. Just to be clear: tanks aren't a real arena role and they're no longer viable even for rated battlegrounds, but if you aren't taking the game seriously you can still be that annoying sponge in random battlegrounds. You won't be immortal but you'll be among the hardest targets to take down, and while the damage isn't great I'm sure it can still kill things here and there. I've never played a tank spec in pvp before because it always seemed like a scummy thing to do, but to be quite honest if I could play something that would annoy fotm warriors right now I'd definitely give it a shot.

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    When it comes to pvp, ret has better survivability than prot.

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    Warriors are strong.

    Warrior/Hpally/X is a viable comp, certainly more viable than Ret/x/x

    Hpally gets my vote.

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    Holy Paladin if you want to annoy Warriors and melees:P They can't do any damage to you. Holy is very tanky spec, with great survivability and dmg is ... Well, I'm a bit confused here. I always thought holy pala dmg is like non existing. But few days ago i saw a lvl 90 afk Alliance Mage in Stranglethorn vale and then Tauren Holy Paladin appeared and kill her pretty fast, like with 12 or 15 Denounces. It completely supprised me how a healer can do such a good dmg in 20 or 25 seconds to a Mage with 400k + health and with ZERO PvP power added to his dmg. She was afk, but anyway ...
    If you really want to play an immortal class in PvP you should role Blood DK or a Guardian Druid ...

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