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    giving us back readiness oh wait...

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    As everyone here already mentioned, OOC 7sec Disengage. I have a macro that yells "NOPE!" whenever i disengage in duels. Its hilarious to troll all the mellees and watch them rage. Also I love the t16 4p as survival. Nothing beats 14 explosive shots in a row <3

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    disengage OOC is a great implementation by blizz...I find it very useful if i'm jumping around on top of a mountain or cliff and i fall off like a goof.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vampz View Post
    inb4 "flying is a major part of the reason I have fun in wow!"
    Buy a fucking flight sim then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dphotog View Post
    giving us back readiness oh wait...
    Why the hell would you want Readiness back? IMO it was one of the other best changes in 5.4 taking it out.

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