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    Quote Originally Posted by Strakha View Post
    pets had all kinds of unique things in vanilla.
    Might have worded it wrong but exactly what I meant!

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    Well, honestly no, exotic pets is what BM unique, like Explosive Shot for Survival and so on. The little uniqueness each spec have left should be kept like that tbh. Even although I ofc understand what you mean, suck to not have certain pets with the other specs, but I also don't want to lose that special bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkvoltinx View Post
    exotic pets is the only thing beastmaster has going for it. why the hell do you want that removed?
    Please re'read my OP again. You clearly didn't read it well enough.

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    Exotic pets and skins are fine but personally think Hero and battle rez should be available to the class as a whole instead of locked to a spec.
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    I play a hunter and I fully agree. I enjoy playing MM as my main spec and enjoy the play style a lot more but I feel like I need to be BM just so I can bring the pet Heroism or battle rez to a raid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strakha View Post
    pets had all kinds of unique things in vanilla.
    That's what he was saying. I too thought what you thought, but that's because he didn't use any punctuation or proper sentence structure, so it gave the opposite impression lol.

    I like BM hunters having unique pets, like we do now, perfectly fine. MM and SV have their own perks (Which I never understood. Silly hunters. BM for life!), and BM's main perk are exotic pets.

    I would actually like to see a major change in SV hunters, switching to melee weapons instead. Like Beastmasters in FFXI. Have a pet, dual wielding weapons, beating face. BM how it is, SV like that, and MM basically being the sniper spec, with no pet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradoxic View Post
    Please re'read my OP again. You clearly didn't read it well enough.
    i will once again say. WHY DO YOU WANT TO TAKE AWAY THE ONLY THING BEASTMASTER HAS GOING FOR IT? added special abilities wont do jack shit. you want to tame the coolest and exotic pets you go beastmaster. since that spec is all about mastering beasts and fighting along side them. MM is more of an archer and surv is about traps and range

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    Quote Originally Posted by wych View Post
    Disagree, the specs should become more unique as opposed to more homogenised.

    Giving each spec the same perks is not the answer to the current hunter problem.

    The answer is making MM and Surv cool enough that you want to play them. The way to do this is to overhaul them and make them unique.

    For example, remove pets completely (or make them uncontrollable) from MM and make them an actual marksman based solely on his own gun/bow, Survival make it more about actually surviving, make it a guerrilla class focused on slowing/poisoning the enemy and self healing with a range of jungle medicines created by the hunter, improve the stealth ability of the class and have them play from the shadows.

    That would IMO be a much better idea than just throwing spirit beasts at every spec
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    I'd love to be able to battle ress and give heroism without having to be BM for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delaios View Post
    I'd love to be able to battle ress and give heroism without having to be BM for it.
    This. I was a bit annoyed when my team forced me to go BM due Ancient Hysteria.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradoxic View Post
    I can clearly see a lot of people here read what they want to read..
    As I stated in my OP, I think they should give BM's something else for their pets to compensate as a BM and allow the pet's to be used by any Hunter.

    That means, id like to see BM Hunter Pet's getting a special ability instead of only being able to be tamed by a BM :-).
    I don't think so. Most people do not want a replaced ability, they feel fine with the way that exotic beasts can only be handled by BM. And the exotic pets DO have special abilities, like mini heroism, battle res or healing...

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    I play a Survival hunter as main, and i honestly don't mind not being able to use exotic pets. I think it should remain unique to BM hunters.

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    So you want to take a unique aspect of the spec and make it baseline?

    Let's further homogenize the game!

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    Only BM should get exotic pets. they r beast masters and they command on these awesome beasts. I want this ability to be specific for them only. I play SV mainly. But i have BM off spec. so i swing between them freely in raids as i feel like it. But BM should hold the exotic pets.

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    Arent there Spirit beast-like pets that non BM hunters can tame?

    Like Olm the Wise in Felwood, the Thundermaws in the Vale...
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    Give MM dual-wield guns and everyone will forget about any of those pets.

    Anyway, exotic pets are BM's perk... There was enough pet homogenization with their new talent trees.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amaraim View Post
    Well, as of right now I approve it and I play hunter.

    But the easiest way to solve this is to just implement more pets that are interesting-looking that doesn't require you to be BM. Such as the thundermaw wolves that looks like Skoll, except for another colour.
    Amen to this post entirely.

    I play a hunter, and the special pets are the entire point of BM. It's called BEAST Mastery for a reason. If you take that away, then what do you give BM to compensate for taking away their one key point of uniqueness? (I dual-spec Marks/BM on my hunter.)

    But yeah, I'd be OK with creating more neat-looking pets that aren't exotic and don't have the exotic pet abilities, for the people out there who don't play BM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradoxic View Post
    ...a girl in my guild is forced by the guild to play Survival because of it's DPS...
    BM is currently the higher DPS between the three specs. Your guild may want to rethink that. Personally a guild should not be allowed to force their members to play a certain spec.

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