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  • Mage

    5 4.42%
  • Death Knight

    9 7.96%
  • Warlock

    5 4.42%
  • Paladin

    37 32.74%
  • Demon Hunter

    6 5.31%
  • Priest

    0 0%
  • Hunter/Ranger

    0 0%
  • Warrior

    12 10.62%
  • Druid/Arch Druid

    15 13.27%
  • Shaman/Farseer

    19 16.81%
  • Rogue/Assassin

    3 2.65%
  • Monk

    1 0.88%
  • Tinkerer

    1 0.88%
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    demon hunter here, fire eyeballs, no armor, dual-wielding double bladed swords of fel magic? no competition

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    druid by far so much lore and druids make me think of wow every time, second place goes to orc blademaster.

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    Idk how people can say deathknight when the class didn't even come out until two expansions later. Vanilla had naxx as its last raid (killing undead), BC was killing Demons, and Wrath was about undead aswell. And thats without Uther, Arthas, Tirion Fordring, etc coming into the picture

    Paladin 100%.

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    I think it's fair to say that Warcraft and WoW classes have changed their roles a bit, but the class with the most consistent representation over the entire franchise has been Blizzard's use of paladins without a doubt.

    Uther the Lightbringer
    Arthas Menethil
    Bolvar whooping dragon ass at the end of the Marshal Windsor's attunement chain in classic
    Dranei's connection to the Light via Naaru as paladins outshines their other class roles by far
    Blood elf storylines in BC also involving Naaru, and was the most important new sub-plot development for their race with M'uru
    Tirion Fordring
    Tauren also apparently getting lore reasons for becoming paladins as Sunwalkers (IMO that was the one class addition to old races that got the most development)
    Sunwalker Dezco being possibly the most important friendly non-faction leader in Mists?
    Upcoming heroes like Vindicator Maraad featuring as main characters on the Warlords preview page
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