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    Guys stop slacking and write a bit constructivly. A single sentence looks kind of ridiculous seeing as every class has quite a lot of issues.

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    Here be dragons

    Pro: works well with classes with good control, has insane burst, also has lot of spells to support teammates.
    Cons: Lack of sustained dmg, healers will laugh in your face when your CD`s are gone, easily kiteable, horrible defenesives, easily trained.
    Fix: Better sustained damage at the cost of burst, better defensives, gap closer.

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    Feral Druid:

    Delete savage roar, make all our physical attacks/bleeds attacks deal 40% more damage.
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    Ret Paladin

    - Buff Templar's Verdict by 25%. (so it actually hits somewhat like a finisher move)

    - Add a 15% damage reduction and a 20% damage reflect when hit with a crit (like Eye for an Eye use to do) to the Righteous Fury buff.

    - Make Sacred Shield and Eternal Flame viable talent choices by increasing both of their effects by 30% and allowing Sacred Shield to be placed on 2 targets at once.

    I feel like these changes would put Ret in a perfect place without changing much or causing them to be OP.

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    You lot are acting as if your classes are perfect in all departments and only require buffs. Such people just ruin the game.

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    > Rogues balanced carefully to have similar EP weights for all secondary stats.
    > Mastery helps aoe very well for all specs (aka, combat's mastery becomes something besides white damage)
    > Roles defined- combat does aoe better than the rest, mutilate does execute range damage better than the rest, sub does burst damage better than the rest.
    > Sub can pool cooldowns for damage. Ex: sub has two charges of shadow blades, two charges of shadow dance. This prevents sub from having to use them on cooldown.
    > Combat has a builder off global with a cooldown. The builder is not efficient to use, but can be used during killing spree.
    > Mutilate can throw a poison bottle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Senathor View Post
    You lot are acting as if your classes are perfect in all departments and only require buffs. Such people just ruin the game.
    I'm not sure if you a referring to my post at all, but incase you are. For the most part Ret is in a decent place mechanically. If we are being asked to "fix" our class / spec without changing play style too much than all that is really needed are some buffs in specific area's.

    Templar's Verdict hits for way too little the way it is now. It is almost no threat at all, especially outside of major cd's. A 25% buff is the minimum amount it would need to feel like it was actually capable of being a threat. (As of right now Templar's Verdict hits for 275% weapon damage, DK's Obliterate hits for 470%+ weapon damage and has a proc to make it auto crit)

    A major issue with Ret in PvP is the serious lack of defensives outside of bubble which is honestly not a very good cd anymore. That is why my suggestion is "add a 15% damage reduction and a 20% damage reflect when hit with a crit (like Eye for an Eye use to do) to the Righteous Fury buff." This would give Ret a Defensive stance / Blood Presence type ability and it would discourage just training the Ret until he bubbles due to the damage reflect.

    Talents for Ret have been extremely cookie cutter this expansion. The most noticeable is the tier with Selfless healer, Eternal Flame and Sacred Shield. For the entirety of MoP Selfless Healer has been the go to talent of choice in PvP. Blizzard has done essentially nothing to make Sacred Shield or Eternal Flame viable choices. If they were to buff both of them by about 30% and allow Sacred Shield to be placed on at least two targets at once they would be worth taking.

    Sure, there are other things that could be done to Ret but that would require somewhat of an overhaul in terms of play style. At the moment I don't feel that is something that is necessary for Ret.

    I guess if I was to change one other thing it would be adding a DoT effect to all the targets Divine Storm hits (And bring back its ability to heal others like it did in Wotlk). This would be useful in Rbg's (and Pve) because at the moment Ret has very weak / non existent cleave damage unlike Warriors and Dk's who can easily spread Bleeds and Disease DoT's.

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    WW Monk

    Remove Energizing Brew
    Fist of Fury can be used while moving
    When Fist of Fury stuns a target(s) it can no longer stun additional targets that are hit by FoF.
    WW Monk gain a new ability (brew) with a 3 chi cost that makes the next ability toward the monk miss. 20 second cooldown
    Tiger Power buff lasts 1 minute
    Tigereye Brew stacks last indefinitely(don't wear off after 2 minutes)

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    - Remove the Orb cost from Psychic Horror
    - Reduce the cooldown of Dispersion to 60 seconds
    - Remove all healing effects except Devouring Plague, Power Word: Shield, and Vampiric Embrace
    - Buff Shadow's Power Word: Shield by 50% (Shadow's shield sucks right now, and it's still dispellable of course)
    - Give Shadow defensive dispel magic again (now called Purify)
    - Shadowform is now a permanent effect upon speccing Shadow (meaning no dropping form for Flash Heal, etc)
    - Ethereal - new passive - upon speccing Shadow, you regenerate 1% of max mana per second

    This shifts our utility to dispels and shields, rather than healing - it reduces our self-healing/survivability, but increases our defensive cooldowns via dispersion and horror. It makes horror usable for the first time in this entire expansion (I literally don't even put it on my bars anymore). The mana return thing should solve the constant OOM-ness of Shadow in PvP, particularly when VT is being spam-dispelled - and since Flash Heal is no longer accessible, this doesn't present a risk of spamming Flash Heal.

    For WoD: Give us a teleport of some kind - even with all the above, we're still soooo prone to being sat on by melee - we need some way to escape some of the time (or we need to be tanky enough to survive being sat on all the time, but it has to be one or the other). I have ideas about what that could be, but we're the only caster without some way to gain distance from melee some of the time, and it shows.
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    Fix Arms War: Return ability to break from immobilizing effects from Intervene and add ability to break immobilizing effects to Heroic Leap and Charge.
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    Get back to wotlk style.

    The mechanics of mop are such poop its making affly op or up depending on a set of changes. Thats what you get when PvE guys cannot be arsed to push buttons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sengura View Post
    Fix Arms War: Return ability to break from immobilizing effects from Intervene and add ability to break immobilizing effects to Heroic Leap and Charge.
    lol no.

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    Cool thread idea.

    Feral Druid

    Pro: Amazing mobility and up-time

    Fix: A lot of people complain about Feral Druid powershifting, I propose a reasonable mana cost to shifting forms, so it isn't simply 'spammable'. You could then peel a Feral Druid, but the Feral would still have the option of shifting (but at the risk of ooming himself). A counter-balance to this would be a passive that increases the mana regeneration of Innervate when used on yourself (Feral only) -- or an increase to the mana gained from attacking in cat form.

    Con: Awful Healer crowd control capabilities

    Fix: Since the removal of instant clone, treant roots and NS, Feral has been severely lacking in the Healer CC area. Cyclone, Roar, Roots and Infected Wounds are really good for peeling and annoying DPS classes, but when it comes to scoring kills a Feral brings almost nothing to the table in terms of healer CC.

    Any ONE of the following changes could help Feral:
    • Cyclone castable in Cat form. Meaning if a Druid got interupted, it wouldn't waste another global going back into form.
    • Nature's Swiftness brought back. (A 1-minute NS clone would really help Ferals synergy with a lot of other classes. Feral lacks a reliable CC, which this would fix).
    • Bring back Predator's Swiftness without the CD on Clone.
    • Treant stun brought back (My least favourite idea - but would help Feral land clones)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sengura View Post
    Fix Arms War: Return ability to break from immobilizing effects from Intervene and add ability to break immobilizing effects to Heroic Leap and Charge.
    I think the point of this thread is to fix classes, not to make them even more overpowered :/

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    Enhancement Shaman

    I really enjoy playing an Enhancement-specced Shaman. The only flaw - gameplay-wise - would be the button-smashing. Maybe there should be more focus on Flurry and Windfury and a longer cooldown on some of the shocks and other spells, to make it more fluid and not a competition on what comes off cooldown first. Just a thought.

    Good topic, OP! ))

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    Holy Priest

    - Chakra needs to die. This however is a topic that could be written a doctorate thesis about.
    - The tree-state heals scheme should be undone; Heal is a horrid spell.
    - Flash Heal needs to be far cheaper for Serendipity to be a good mechanic. Could be weaker as an offset if needed.
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    Feral Druid

    High mobility due to powershifting.

    Make shapeshift a X sec cd. You have to stay in your form for X sec before changing.

    Hard rotation in PvE.

    Add Glyph of Primal Fury.
    Text: Primal Fury no longer grant extra combo points, instead when one of your attacks generates a combo point on a target that already has 5 combo points, you gain an Anticipation charge, up to a maximum of 5.

    When you perform a finishing move on an enemy, any Anticipation charges are consumed to grant you an equal number of combo points on that target.

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    - Con1: Savage Roar is one the most annoying things in this game. It has nothing to do with skill, it's an ability we're forced to use and keep 100% of the time in order to be able to deal the same damage as anybody else with the same ilvl.
    - Con2: Pounce bleeding only happen once in combat (more if you use Incarnation) and its damage doesn't scale properly with mastery.
    - Con3: Maim is hardly ever used, even in PvP, because you need to keep Rip and Savage Roar up all the time, which, is basicly impossible to do in World of CCcraft.
    - Fix: To keep the feeling of challenging spec that Blizzard wants without relying so much in such buff, Savage Roar damage boost is baked into cat form abilities and now Pounce and Maim are merged into Pounce. Pounce would deal some initial damage (from Maim) and apply its bleeding (Pounce bleeding). Pounce doesn't requires combo points when used while prowling using a 1 combo point damage and stun, but it does requires them when unstealthed, (much like current Savage Roar glyph). So, since our mastery is all about bleeding, I think it's a very good addition and change, without hurting the stun-opening component. The damage, of course, would be weaker than Rip, because 1. it stuns, and 2. it deals initial damage, but still strong enough to not being ignored. Plus, we would get Pounce animation (which I find funny) to a cat form that barely has any animation. In PvP if you use it just because of the damage you'd be losing some potential chain-cc by not using it correctly, so I think it's ok.

    - Con: Nurturing Instinct vs Killer Instinct: Balance and Restoration get a straight Intellect to Agility conversion when they shapeshift into Bear of Cat form, while Feral and Guardian get a conversion to Nature Spell power, losing the extra crit from intellect and totally nullifying the damage of Moonfire. They don't want us to use Moonfire in our rotation, which... well, ok, but it's very disappoiting that as a lvl 90 my Moonfire dot barely can hit for 300... which is weird when they've stated they want us to feel hybrid afterall and I would like to see a Lion calling force from the night, but anyway, a Feral would lose a lot of damage by shifting out to Moonfire and then shifting back to cat form because the 2-3 autoattacks that would happen in that GCD are stronger than the whole damage of a single non-balance-spec'ed Moonfire.
    - Fix: Nurturing Instinct now converts Agility into Intellect at all times.

    - Con: Healing Touch. Compared to the other hybrids, non-Resto druids get the big cast spell (Healing Touch) instead of the fast-expensive one (Regrowth), (Paladins and Shaman get Flash of Light and Healing Surge respectively). Don't get me wrong, when it crits it's really strong, but when I need to heal others, by the time I finish my cast it's too late, not to mention I can only cast 2 of them because of my mana pool. If I wanna cast it, I'd rather cast two faster and weaker Regrowths than a single or none big Healing Touch. In addition, Regrowth has a really interesting HoT mechanic that fits the class better and that would help the self-survival of Guardians and that would make dps druids help better than Healing Touch does. *I know feral have Predatory Swiftness, but trust me, I'd still prefer Regrowth over HT*.
    - Fix: Regrowth as class casted healing spell and Healing Touch as Resto spell.

    - Con: Leader of the pack. I hate how it works, not only you have to hit, but you have to crit, and it only happens every 6 sec, so realistically it actually happens every 7-8 sec. Yes, guardians and feral have really high crit chance, I'm aware of that, but when you can't just hit, it won't happen.
    - Fix: Turn Leader of the pack into "You generate 1% health and 1% mana every sec". Sounds fair to me.

    - Pro: to be honest, the only thing I find feral strong is powershifting, (maybe I'm biased towards feral here, but I really don't find any other thing strong about us).
    - Fix: like someone said above me, increase the mana cost of shifting, or add a debuff like Kassadin or Kog'maw' from LoL that increases the shifting cost by a % every time we shapeshift. That would force us to shapeshift carefully to avoid going oom or take the Master Shapeshifter glyph, which is a good thing to stop us.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    Low damage, survivability and mobility. Need more damage off target so buff deep wounds by 50%. I also die too much so bake D-stance into battle stance. Bladestorm baseline.

    And yes that was sarcasm.

    Holy Pally

    Pro: Casted cc everywhere, shifting away from support role.

    Fix: Remove the fear talent, revert turn evil to previous state, replace with short duration silence/disarm. Remove blinding light for holy and instead shift more to buffing type stuff. Make hand of salvation pvp useful (maybe prevents target from being cc'd for 5 seconds).

    Con: Too easy to cc due to no baseline hots or shields or cc-break.

    Fix: Make hand of sacrifice unpurgeable, sacred shield baseline.
    Well, would like to add a note under the Turn Evil ability - Don't revert it to previous, but the setting before that. So we can use them on Warlocks in Demon Form, and DK's popping their Lich Born. Make it work on 5 targets? Nothing worse than suddenly 3 army of the dead on the battleground. Though for arena, make 2 reverts - then I do not mind. But previous turn evil was dumb, but loving your hand of salvation idea.
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    Disc Priests:

    Pro's: Pretty good at surviving burst but given the lack of CC or escape mechanics, I think it's about right.

    Con's: Hands down the worst CC in the game:

    Dominate Mind: causes you to be unable to do anything except run the enemy player about. Handy if there is a cliff nearby or in 2s where you want to prevent the enemy healer/dps from rescuing their team mate, but the loss of your own abilities is a real negative that mostly outweighs the positives.

    Psychic Scream: the most easily broken and escapable mechanic in the game - fear. Cooldown is pretty long at 27-30s and we have to be in melee range. It's meant to let us escape, but given that we are usually rooted or slowed and cannot physically get far enough away most of the time, and it's so easy to get out of, it's really just luck whether anyone hit by it is inconvenienced at all.

    Psyfiend: Again, fear so all of the above - with the added bonus of diminishing returns that stack with Psychic Scream and a health pool that I can one shot as a healer.

    Void Tendrils: Once again we have to be in melee range to cast, any DPS with half a brain can kill them in 1-2 shots. Meant to be an escape, but we don't have time (even if not rooted or slowed) to escape.


    Priests biggest weakness is CC/escapes. This really shows in arenas. The CC we do have is incredibly weak, stacks DR with itself, and requires us to be in melee range which mitigates it's usefulness even more.

    That said, our healing is strong enough that I don't feel it needs boosting, our cooldowns are effective and game changing.

    These are the changes I would make:

    Psyfiend: Make it a dispellable horror effect, so that it doesn't stack DR with our own fear. Boost the HP of the psyfiend to be equivalent to the priests.

    Void Tendrils: Make it a ranged ability similar to how Mass Dispel works, everyone in the targeting reticule is rooted for 4s, roots cannot be DPS'd but can be dispelled. I understand that this is the same as other class mechanics, but the priest version is just too useless requiring melee range and having low HP.

    Alternatively either remove all roots and slows when it is cast, or allow priests to teleport a short distance away when it is cast (I actually like this, a nice shadowy poof and the priest slips away and the enemy is rooted).

    Angelic Feather: Allow this to be cast on players rather than placing feathers. Nothing is more annoying that someone accidentally (or deliberately) using your feathers at key moments and it can be so random. You think you're the closest player but somehow someone five yards away gets your speed boost. Great.

    So we sacrifice the ability to have 3 down and 3 stored, but in exchange it is cast on a player, removing some of the randomness.
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