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    Enhancement shaman

    Pro: very high burst and decent mobility with the right talents.

    Con: very squishy and lack of defense, so usually an easy kill target.

    Fix: lower dmg in asendance a bit and also lower ele blast dmg a little bit. Add some sort of defensive cd or make sham rage a bit better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by inboundpaper View Post
    The only think I can think of for Warriors is redoing the healing tier, make something worthwhile. I would't mind throwdown coming back as baseline for arms, with shockwave replacing it if you choose it, but I could see that being op.
    No, I think all DPS should lose their healing abilities entirely (which were only added to ease levelling) unless they're hybrids and even then in a DPS spec it should be pretty weak or at the cost of DPS. Do you know that it is impossible for healers to kill a warrior because Second Wind out heals their DPS? Seriously, not kidding at all.

    There is too much CC and too many classes have tools that have proliferated through some sort of arms war in PvP, where everyone wants everyone else's toys. It's time Blizzard put their foot down.
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    -Make Assassination/Combat fun.
    -Leave Subtlety alone. It's fine.
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    Balance druid + priest

    Pro: offheals
    Nerf: Off heals. How?
    Make Nature's Swiftness work with all spells except Healing touch of course, all offensive work(balance version only).

    Con: Terrible glyph.
    Glyph of solar beam: solar beam also disarm for the duration.
    Why? mookin have hard time getting trained.

    Con: Mookin form & Shadow form
    Buff: Make moonkin form a passive since there no use anymore, back in the days with the 15%DR its was useful to stay in the form same for shadow priest make it a passive.
    Note: Make a minor glyph if you still want the visual effect of mookin form and shadow form.

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    Here is where I beg for spriest buffs...

    Any of these would be nice changes.

    Remove orb cost from horror.
    Put dispersion on a 1min cd.
    Give shadow a stronger pw shield. Maybe instead of more hp it can be a beefier reflective shield (mini touch of karma).
    Tone down the mind flay buff from insanity and make it an automatic buff from devouring plague.
    Buff dot damage.

    They could take away the ability to cast renew and pom from shadow form and give it a short cd to swap between forms. Possibly have heals (out of shadowform) be stronger than they currently are now (while in shadowform). Maybe remove the ability to use certain shadow spells while not in SF. That way you would have to choose between shadow damage/utility spells or healing.

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    unholy dk

    problem: too much damage, not enough skill involved, gets oneshot by physical damage

    fix: remove desecrated ground, nerf necrotic damage but buff healing absorption (this way the healing absorb remains the same after changes, but damage decreases), make dark simulacrum glyph baseline, no longer have AMS be effected by healing reductions, buff IBF to 30-40% damage reduction rather than 20%, slightly nerf blood presence, make bone shield a talent that absorbs physical dps (similar to AMS) for frost / unholy, but is the same old thing as blood.

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    i absolutely have no problems with the way my holy/disc priest is right now
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    Quote Originally Posted by Borfl View Post
    WW Monk

    Remove Energizing Brew
    Fist of Fury can be used while moving
    When Fist of Fury stuns a target(s) it can no longer stun additional targets that are hit by FoF.
    WW Monk gain a new ability (brew) with a 3 chi cost that makes the next ability toward the monk miss. 20 second cooldown
    Tiger Power buff lasts 1 minute
    Tigereye Brew stacks last indefinitely(don't wear off after 2 minutes)
    Please no: Keep energizing, keep fof as it is but dont make the damage spread over more enemies. Damned pets... keep the aoe stun. The new brew ability is stupid. Tiger power and TeB would be nice tho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sengura View Post
    Fix Arms War: Return ability to break from immobilizing effects from Intervene and add ability to break immobilizing effects to Heroic Leap and Charge.
    I truly hope you are trolling.

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