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    Full Grievous Frost meta gem choice

    Hi, I'm a full Grievous geared Frost mage, and I'm having trouble figuring out which meta gem to choose - I'm currently torn between Burning Primal Diamond and Tyrannical Primal Diamond.

    On one side, frost mages are so terribly centered around crits, that Burning seems to be the way to go (plus the int!), but on the other side, that's extra +665 PvPpower and +775 Resi that I'm missing out on.

    So is there a certain "best way" to go about this issue or does it ultimately come down to personal preference? What would you suggest me to pick?

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    I just recently started pvping as frost so my personal experience with this won't be of too much help, but after taking a look through the top 10 ranked frost mages, all of them are using burning primal.

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    i myself am a pvp frost mage, and when i use my opener i tend to make good use of 'shatter' crits.

    so in conclusion, Burning primal for that Shatter burst. in my opinion anyway.

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    burning cuz the crit damage bonus.

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