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    Some of your most nostalgic memories?

    What are some of yours?

    I remember when I first started, I was wandering around the Blood Elf starting area. It seems pretty nostalgic at times. That was April 2010 but I remember there was a heat wave or something that week which was also nostalgic.

    I often feel really nostalgic about 2011, when I really got a good grip on the game. So much Cataclysm nostalgia, it reminds me of Spring weather as well because I always had my bedroom window open.

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    Summer a few years ago during ICC. My 2 best friends and I would sit in a small room and play wow together. Raid, pvp, troll rp servers... It was in the south of Florida during a hot summer and my AC was out. We would open the window for "cool air" when it was 100 degrees (F) out! Probs had several minor heat strokes, especially during arena losses.

    But yeah, we all look back and remember it very fondly.

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    My most nostalgic memories would be my early days in Vanilla WoW back in Dec 2005-early 2006. It took me like a month to get lvl 60, but the journey from 1 to 60 was epic. The massive PvP and ganking going on in Duskwood and STV was day and night fun. I remember having to lie on the ground and shadow meld to hide from lvl 60 gankers every where. It was like playing MGS, but WoW in some zones. You really had to be on your toes.

    In Vanilla Some nights I use to stay up to 4am with my friends just going around ganking Chinese farmers and starting epic PvP battles over in Plaguelands and in front of Undercity. This was when we were in full BWL gear and there was no new dungeons and we could 3v10 people left and right.
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    Questing in Darkshore with my firs toon.. The feel of the forest was amazing.
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    Questing in Dun Morogh on my first Dwarf with ambience, music, and game sounds enabled. I will probably never forget that. Same feeling with Mulgore, because my first Horde character was a Tauren.

    Also, Darkshore. I was playing a Dwarf and level 30 or so, which meant I really had no business questing in Darkshore. But I accidentally found it by taking the boat there and was just blown away by how cool the whole area was, so I did all the quests, even though I got no real benefit out of them. Ended up going all the way through those quests, into Ashenvale, etc. I spent hours and maybe gained 1/4 of a level with what little XP I got. Received a lot of "WTF you doing in Darkshore/Ashenvale" whispers from friends.
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    despite starting late vanilla, it would have to be one of two for the most

    Being the dance buff in SSC. My guild needed one more person for Lady Vashj but I just joined and was very undergeared. Luckily my group was strong enough that they thought 24 was enough, but wanted a bit of a lul. They took me in as a Boomkin (my second time raiding for real) and my guild leaders except for one were all spell casters. My job was to Boomkin dance in the background while they enjoyed my crit buff. We one shotted Vashj.

    In WOTLK I had my own guild with a lot of upstarts. We did Naxx very easily (no shit) but everyone except for me and the raid leader were new to raiding. So we considered it a good team. We then tried Malygos and kept failing. We gave it a few tries a week for about two weeks before our newbie group finally downed him! Didnt hear screams of joy over chat like that for a long time. We eventually did half of Ulduar and even got ahead of the servers top guild by a boss before internal issues made us disband. (We had Razorscale before anyone else on our server, and yes these were the same upstarts)

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    The first time I entered Stormwind. I always played Alliance in Warcraft (until WC3 when I went undead!) and it was so amazing to walk through those gates for the first time. And so many people! Since you couldn't fly there was just piles of people walking or on mounts everywhere (Proudmoore has always been a Full server). It was hard to navigate at first; the bank was a big room and the auction house was an after-thought in the back on a building.

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    Questing in most of the early zones back in 2005-2006. I have particularly fond memories of Elwynn, Westfall, Darkshire, STV, Teldrassil, Darkshore, Ashenvale and Durotar.

    I've also gotten a bit nostalgic about Burning Crusade lately, with which I have a love/hate relationship. I was not a big fan of this expansion overall (heresy I know), but it marks the time when I had the most real-life friends playing the game so I still have great memories from that period.

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    We were going against a Horde guild for server first Kil'Jaeden, and had been progressing steadily on him for about 2 weeks. During this time, the raid leader of the Horde guild would come into our vent and generally be an asshat.

    One night, we just couldn't seem to tell our feet from our hands, and had a good 2 hours of wipes at above 60%. Our raid leader says "Okay, one more attempt and we'll call it."

    And we just clicked. I can only think of it as being "in the zone". Everything went well, everyone did what they needed to and when they needed to do it. And finally we did it, Kil'Jaeden was dead. Vent exploded, and then guild chat and then general chat, everyone was congratulating us. As we're going through the loot table the Horde guild leader comes into vent. I can still remember the words.

    "Hey guys. Just letting you know KJ is at 5% and we're all up, soo uhhh... get your congratulations ready baddies."
    I wish I could have seen his face when we told him we had killed it just 5 minutes before him.

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    lost... so not sure
    the time around ulduar is my no1!

    but i feel nostalgica around the old zones... elwyn, arathi etc.
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    Finding out that there were boats that were not just for looks but actually moved and would take me somewhere new! Same with the Deeprun Tram. And first taxi flights. And seeing the two horses waiting out front of a building in Goldshire and wondering when I can have one?? And all the exploring and mountain climbing I did as a new player. Trying to find an alternate way into zones a friend and I wanted to explore...I once swam half way around the Eastern Kingdoms trying to find another way into one. >.> From Westfall, following the river down to Stanglethorn way before we could handle that area, laughing our asses off while trying to make it through that area while getting attacked by tigers and junk the whole way...

    I don't think the frenzy fish tend to come out of the water much? Or aren't supposed to? They don't seem to anymore on the small private we play on, but back then, almost four years ago, they did. First time we crossed the river in Stranglethorn, only to see some fish after my friend and chased her right up out of the water and kept attacking... I laughed so hard.
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    Eveytime a tank drops dead I get a tingle to pick up the adds or boss, like I always did in BWL Vanilla, even though I was MS trough and trough with little gear to speak of. Even in other games I always want to pick up the pieces. Killed Nefarian once as "pickup" after the MT died on the first warrior call, with Alterac shield and dagger for tanking items. I Miss the days you could shine without perfect gear and everyone realized how awesome it was. *holdbackatear* Those moments were more epic than anything "epic" came after.

    PS. The chicken dance for the crit buff is kinda epic, too.

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    Questing @ Tanaris in vanilla. That dark sky, burning sands and eerie music. I will never forget it.

    Another must be when i grinded nagas in that Feralas cave, again in vanilla. I just run around that small cave, killing everything like a robot. It was fun then, relaxing even.

    Of course i have very fond memories of Elwynn/Westfall/first time in Stormwind etc. with my first character but they are kinda "default choices" in threads like these, no offense. It was also vanilla soundtrack that i really remember, everything after that is just boring "wannabe-epic movie cliche music".
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    Hearing the first time the ambience music of ashenvale ingame (the first time was a demo song from the wow site long before the release) and chatting & playing with my friends back then in vanilla.

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    One of my most fondest memories is when I stepped into Black Temple for my very first time. I was off-tanking as a druid. When I saw the 2nd boss for my first time... I thought to myself: "Yup, we're all dead!". In the end, that wasn't the case. :P

    I also remember making my warrior for my very first time back in Vanilla. Didn't know jack squat about the game. Didn't know what a tank was.. dps.. yada yada yada. Didn't even know what a interrupt was. This was me freshly wandering into the world of MMOs. Never played Dungeons and Dragons, Everquest, and other games similar. Anyways, I was wandering around Goldshire for a little bit (yes I was alliance back in the day), I kept running across these people that had really good gear and was just in awe. My friend and I always liked to come up with silly names for those signiture weapons people were holding. Like the Thunderfury, we called that one "The [email protected]#$ sword". A little more down the road, I got together with a RL friend of mine I was leveling with at the time and we decided to 2 man deadmines as it was back in the day. We killed a mob in the first room and that felt like a hell of a accomplishment. We already knew we were in way over our heads though lol.

    Another memory of mine was the adventure the game offered to me. When I first flew over Searing Gorge on a gryphon, I never wanted to go there. It seemed like a place that would tear you up and spit you out. Didn't turn out that way once I got high enough to venture into there. I still died though.

    Running through STV without a mount made me feel super vulnerable. I wasn't in the slightest familiar with the area so I had no clue what would jump out at me. Needless to say, I took many deaths. So I just decided to use my hearthstone, hunker down, and try again another day.

    Years have gone by now. I've been done heroic raiding, high end PvP (2k+ bracket), RBGs, looking up the best strategies for about every possible scenario and mastering them. A lot of time has gone by in a blink of an eye. These memories should never be forgotten. No matter how epic, boring, or silly they may be.
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    watching a player on the 100% epic mount pass by elwyn forest (i was around lvl 10 give or take). i can never forget that epic feeling. i tried to chase him and run after him to get a clear view of what i just witnessed (i didnt even know u could have mounts. my first mmo)

    that feeling so epic so memorable

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    I have fond memories of WPVP soon after I started in BC. Quel'Danas gank raids, holding Scarlet Monastery on Halloween, etc. Good times.

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    Farming Timbermaw rep on my ancient laptop that wasn't really suitable for playing games - NEVER AGAIN!! /shudders...

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    Treking all the way to Scarlet Monestary as a lvl 35ish Alliance player, back when leveling wasn't about rushing to max level to play the game, it was an experience.

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    * Clearing scarlet monastery with a party of lv 40ish without a wipe, if you played vanilla you know what i mean
    * Taking the FP from SW to IF and flying over burning steppes just to see skull level drakes and "amg!!"
    * First onyxia raid
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